Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Focus on the Natural Law


One of the most frustrating things I have experienced in doing research on government and religion is the fact that discovering the truth on an issue has little to no effect on most people.  And I have found that spending endless hours of studying has no benefit unless things are corrected by the discovered information.  I can argue some good points over and over again but most of the people don’t think much about something with which they don’t agree.  I’ve spent too much time doing research rather than reaping the benefits of truthful discovery.  I have found that discussing government and religious issues is simply a big waste of my time because there is so much institutional corruption, it would take a million years to discover all of it.  Rather than study “stupid," I have decided to focus on attempting to stay within the natural law.  If I can successfully do this, I’m thinking there is a lot of trouble that I can avoid.  The natural law—natural order—was created by the real God to benefit mankind.  The corrupters have no love or care about mankind.  What they care about is serving Lucifer and/or Satan.  As a result, everything is corrupted and any solution is usually out of context and will fail.  The evil doers will do what they want to the whole society because they think they have some kind of authority over other people which should not exist.  Rather than focusing on the problems, I’m thinking that it will be much more effective to suggest some courses of action that is focused on staying within the natural order.  Disobey all orders from anyone who is evil because they don't have the authority.  That is what I think is going to produce good results and a more peaceful life.

Good versus Evil
The ability to stay within the natural order is to be able to discern the difference between good and evil, truth and lies, and right from wrong.  The natural order works perfectly and when we take more time to discover the natural order, our lives can be so much better because we start to make better decisions.  While there is a place for research of all that is wrong, that can also have a damaging effect on people because of the intake of evil thoughts and material.  However, when the focus is on staying within the natural order or natural law, more good thoughts enter the mind, giving mankind the ability to abide in the natural order which the real God created.

Which God?
There are thousands of different religions and sects all claiming that the God they worship is the true god and that other religions are deficient.  However, no religion has any factual proof that their god is the correct one.  If I ask someone: “What facts do you have that your god is the one true god?” I never get a coherent response.  In my case, I studied the Bible for over 25 years and I realized that there is no possible way for me to discover the answer by any writing.  Knowledge of the real God is in the natural order itself without any pomp, ceremony, or scribble.  Whatever the real God wants us to know is present in the natural order and that should be good enough.  The religions appear to be completely corrupted and stupid; you can’t fix stupid.  I simply look to the natural law in order to form my view about the real God.  It is the natural law that is the evidence for truthful knowledge because it is based on reality.  This is acquired by right reason and common sense.  We don’t need to have books for that.  In fact, writings are only as good as the truth they reflect.

Members of religions have the unfortunate circumstance of being in a form of idolatry.  With all of the variations of the real God, people are lead into idolatry by believing in a version of God that may or may not exist.  Rather than arguing about theological doctrines, I think it is better to accept the fact that a real God exists but none of us seems to know exactly who the real God is or from where he came.  But we can see in the beauty of nature that it didn’t happen on its own; it was created.  Evolution is a very special form of bullshit that cannot be proven on any level because it doesn't exist.  I am content to know what is true and to avoid falsehoods.  

Idolatry always gets bad results. With all of the religions available throughout the world, they are unable or unwilling to stop the progress of the so-called "New World Order."  All of the religions seem to be built on the weakness of Satanism. Their doctrines always seem to contradict each other and there is very little truth in the texts of their teachings.  Anytime they speak the truth, they do so to cover up the lie. Truth that is mixed with lies is not going to be a reliable source of knowledge.  Without a reliable source of knowledge, actions that are taken on such information are going to be deficient and get bad results.

Swearing Oaths
I have written extensively about swearing oaths on this blog.  But I can't repeat this too many times: Do not swear oaths or sign any document under the penalties of perjury.  If you need the product of service under the penalties of perjury, then simply cross off the "penalties of perjury" and state that you morally object to it.  Remember, swearing oaths is a form of lying and perjury is lying under oath.  It is a legal trap that people are put into and they don't realize it until it is too late.  Whenever you ignore this and do it anyway, the result will be much worse than the little inconvenience you may encounter by refusing the oath nonsense.  Oath takers are lying because they have no idea whether they will even live long enough to keep the oath they are considering taking.  Again, swearing oaths is a form of lying.  Just look at your politicians.  They swear to uphold whatever laws they pass but they aren't consistent within their own system.  Swearing oaths is the ticket to death and endless evil and it violates the natural order because it is a form of lying.  They swore to uphold the Constitution of the United States which includes the Bill of Rights.  The Bill of Rights is nothing more than twaddle and poppycock because the government only uses them for its own benefit.  If you don't believe me, try using them in a legal situation.  I don't think anyone would be happy with the results.  Natural law doesn't need a bill of rights, as all rights are present in it.  It's better to claim your rights or standing with the natural law--natural rights.  

My experience with natural law

Every time I paid attention to natural law I always got a very good result.  If I ignored my instincts against something, I got a horrible result.  For instance, I didn't like school because I wasn't learning the right things.  Oh sure, we got English and math courses, but most of the subject matter was incorrect and directed toward the authority of the church and state.  One day in grammar school, I asked the "reverend mother" what gave her authority to rule over me?  Boy, did I get in trouble for that one.  They called my mom down to the school and it was a big scene.  They wanted to kick me out of school and my mom was shocked that they would get so upset over a kid's question.  My mom managed to keep me in school.  Probably because they wanted to shut her up as she was yelling at them in the empty school room and could be heard a block away.  Never piss off an Italian mom as that can get quite ugly.  But my question struck a nerve and I never forgot the incident. 

My take-away from the situation is that they must be protecting a sensitive area of authority that they didn't want to lose.  But I didn't understand the implications until many years later.   In today's world it was like going to court and then asking: "What facts do you have that show that your laws apply to me?"  Under natural law the facts show that the natural law applies to everyone; but in legalize, there is no proof that a law in the legal system applies to anyone.  Proof is equal to truth and they don't have it.  The satanic organization has no authority over anyone because they operate on an evil foundation i.e. the oath.  When that is challenged, they can't provide the evidence and of course they don't have jurisdiction.  This planted a severe distrust in the religious system which has stayed with me to this day.  But when I make it a point to follow the natural law which the real God created, then everything seems to go a lot better.

Determining what fits in with natural law

This is a very easy process and this is what I do to determine whether something falls in the proper category called natural law:

  • Is it good or is it evil?
  • Is it true or is it false?
  • Is it right or is it wrong?
  • What are the facts that support my conclusion?
  • If I act on specific information, will I stay within the natural order?
I wish I had known this information earlier in my life.  I'm 74 as of this writing and I realize that I made many mistakes ignoring the latent knowledge of the natural law.  When I felt that something was wrong, I did it anyway because I didn't know enough to pay more attention to instinctive feelings.  In upcoming articles I'll be more specific with various subject matter regarding the natural law.  The next article will be on the subjects of sex, marriage, feminism, and fornication.  By using the natural law, it is easy to come up with the proper course of action on anything by using these five simple principles.  The idea here is to check our own actions with the natural law and then use it to our own benefit.

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