Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Pseudo-Science Psychos

Update: 12-18-21 

I noticed in my article that I said that the earth is a sphere.  I no longer think that any more so I wanted to update my article.  However, I’m leaving it as I wrote it just in case I’m wrong again.  In addition, the nonsense of the scientific people who are pushing the COVID 19 garbage is a perfect example as to why we all must search for the facts regardless of what anyone tells us.  We have to have other ways and examine all of the facts to come up with any intelligent conclusions. [WAT]


    When I was on my federally funded sabbatical in a gated community, I had run across a scientific article called A Geocentricity Primer written by Gerard Bouw Ph.D. in Astronomy who takes the "old-fashioned" view that: "the ancient doctrine that the earth is fixed motionless at the center of the universe."  I have had the pleasure to communicating with Dr. Bouw by email, and he recently told me that: "The first thrust is that 'every experiment ever devised to detect the motion of the earth through space has yielded a speed of zero.' "  In other words, there is no scientific proof that the earth moves, let alone rotates at a speed of over 1000MPG and orbits the sun.  You have to remember that the idea of heliocentricity (earth rotating and orbiting the sun) was an idea of scientists such as Kepler, Copernicus, and Galileo.  It was and still is my position that I don't really care which conclusion is true, I just want truthful information in order to draw accurate conclusions.  However, after attempting to study what is passed off as science, I find that scientists can be just as dishonest as your common run of the mill government politician or religious leader.
     After reading Dr. Bouw's 160-page book, I realize that he made some extremely interesting points, especially the fact that there has been no scientific proof that can detect the earth's motion.  This reminded me of when I first went to college and I had to sit through a geology class learning about scientific things that made no sense and couldn't possibly be true.  At that time, evolution was being taught as if it were fact, but as a lot of people know, it is nothing more than utter nonsense; the same thing with global warming.  Bad science has been used as a political tool to promote a satanic agenda, and at the center of that is the lie.  I never believed a word of the professor and nothing from evolution.  I was only 19 or 20 at the time, but I remember walking off campus--never to return again--because between having to learn evolution and communism were just not something that was going to be important in my life; mostly because none of it was true.  Now, in my later years, I read an article by a Ph.D. in Astronomy who is saying that the earth is at the center of the universe and that it is stationary.
     In his book, Dr. Bouw explains in great detail, in scientific terms, exactly why he thinks that the earth is stationary.  I won't repeat any of them here because I am not competent in this area and I haven't read them for awhile.  But after reading his book, I came away with the fact that the "powers" intentionally distorted science in order to promote their agenda.  That satanic agenda would be to control the minds of the people by putting out a bunch of crap, and then passing it off as science.  Supposedly, the "powers" want the scientists to have the last say about with something is or it isn't.  The problem is that scientists are usually paid by the state, and they will come up with conclusions that will support the state's agenda.  In other words, scientists can be just as crooked as politicians and religious leaders.
     The other reason may be to discredit the Bible in some way.  The Bible is clearly geocentric and if the heliocentric theory was true, then one could quickly dispose of the scriptures as being entirely bogus.  So if it was the intention to minimize the Bible they may have been successful, but liars are always a failure.  Liars are always the losers.  Because no matter what they do, no matter what they say, and no matter how much wealth they have, they lose because what they have was received in evil.  Evil is a failure.  However, it is my conclusion that the writings in the Bible that refer to the geocentric position seem to be more truthful.
     When I study an issue, I look at it closely and I listen to all of the arguments.  I always listen to the opposing points of view then I make up my own mind.  The fact that there are no experiments that can detect the movement of the earth shows me that Dr. Bouw is correct.  But in addition to that, I can see the sun "rise" in the east and "set" in the west.  This has happened since the day of creation.  And I don't think it's going to change anytime soon.  And since the earth is a sphere, it seems to me that it is a no-brainer that the sun is orbiting the earth or in some kind of circular motion.  I don't need a Ph.D. to know that I can see it for myself. If Dr. Bouw's data is correct, and I can see it with my own eyes, then I think I can be secure in the knowledge that the data is consistent with my own observations.
     Now, the idea of the earth spinning on its axis at 1000mph and then revolving around the sun just doesn't seem plausible.  The surface winds alone on a spinning earth is just ridiculous.  The turbulence from the mountains would be too much for anyone to survive.  I know, I've heard the argument that if one is in a car, he doesn't feel the movement because he is enclosed in the car.  But the earth isn't enclosed, and there is no scientific proof of any motion of the earth.
    All science that is not true or theories that have no basis in facts is junk science and those who promote such nonsense are pseudo-science psychos.  They have no desire for the truth, but their evil plans are evident by the misinformation they produce.  For instance: heliocentricism establishes a grand lie into the minds of men.  Then, if that wasn't enough, the theory of evolution comes in and makes those who believe it think they are animals.  If one reads the US Codes carefully, they will see that the codes apply to animals and artificial entities, but never on men, women, and children.  So we can see a pattern of deceit that is clearly satanic.  Of course, global warming is proffered as modern science, but it is just another scam to steal money from the people who do things to earn it.
     But I think the main issue with the heliocentric theory is that it distorts a man's mind.  It makes him think that one thing is true when in fact it is the opposite.
     Finally, I think that A Geocentricity Primer is worth your time to understand that the "powers" continually lie to us.  I personally don't care whether the sun circles the earth or not, but I completely resent so-called scientists who intentionally distort the truth to serve their own agenda.  That kind of person is a pseudo-science psycho.

The Lie Doesn't Work for For Good

Walter Allen Thompson has a new book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land



  1. I'm pretty sure the phases of Venus were the death nail for the geocentric model of the universe...since only planets closer to the sun than our own (Venus and Mercury), have phases like the moon....which Galileo's telescope came to reveal. That kinda undermined the whole Aristotelian philosophy that underpinned the Catholic Church's metaphysical assumptions at that time...and the Roman Catholic Church is not one that takes kindly to being undermined. All very political!

    If you want some pseudo-science of actual relevance, look into the AIDS/HIV hypothesis. They've failed to isolate HIV according to their own rules in virology, and declare it to exist based on suspect and ambiguous interpretations from electron-microscope images.

    Then there's the fact that there's absolutely NO consistency in the tests (according to the "marker" antibodies, you can be negative in one country, and positive in another), nor is there agreement about what constitutes "AIDS defining illnesses" between countries.

    You go to Africa, "AIDS defining illnesses" are the same old illnesses that come along with poverty, starvation and lack of sanitation/clean drinking water. In the first world, it's associated with your usual immune-suppressive activities, like IV drug use, use of amyl nitrate (also known as "poppers"...which were big in the gay scene), and genetic disorders like hemophilia.

    When it comes to mortality, there's a stronger causative link to the above mentioned factors, and drugs deemed too dangerous for use on cancer patients like AZT, (which came to be used to "treat" AIDS patients), than one's HIV status.

    Makes you wonder where all this money for "AIDS" research is going, if clearly you could just deal with the situation in Africa by ending western exploitation of their resources and diverting that money to undo some of the damage we've done to their society...and on the home-front, for drug education and rehabilitation...and general education and research on supporting our immune systems.

    At first I thought the "AIDS denialists" were a bunch of kooks...but they have so much compelling evidence, and many are/were highly respected people from medical/virology backgrounds. Whatever view you come to take, I very much recommend you research this further.

  2. To the comment posted above on AIDS, it appears a lot Jon Rappoport's work and revealing research is being summarized. Great stuff. This article on poppers was informative:


    Also, I would like to read the book on geocentrism, but I lean to towards support for the heliocentric model as being more definitively provable and proven with telescopic observations. However, a switch for political or counterproductive reasons would make sense in the context of the pagan sun worship, or Luciferianism as being promoted over the natural law of the time (Lucy=light bearer, even though we will be taught to associate that with Venus, as a celestial object bearing light visible sometimes in day sky).