Tuesday, July 24, 2012

It Starts with Fornication

     Have you ever wondered why there's so much child abuse, homosexual activity, and sexual promiscuity?  Given the recent disclosure of child abuse in Penn State's football program, and the rabid promotion of the homosexual agenda within our school systems as normal behavior, it is obvious to me that we have some severe sexual problems that are purposefully brought upon our young people in order to destroy our way of life.  Government, religion, media,  and education are the main culprits in promoting this sickening way of life.  It is destroying our children and if it is not arrested, I don't even want to think about what is going to happen in the future.
     I'm not going to write about all of the evil things that are going on because other people are doing a good job in bringing the problem to the attention of the public.  What I'm going to try to do, is to give people a way of defeating the evil of sexual sin in such a simple way, that if learned, I think will go a long way in helping  people to withdraw from unlawful sex and wait for marriage.  We know the problem, but we need a solution.
     The solution to fornication is as simple as the articles that I have written about solving the problem of anger.  Anger creates jealousy, strife, evil, hatred, and other bad things that can ruin a man's life.  Fornication does the same thing.  Fornication is just like anger in that the temptation starts and if it is not arrested, it will take a man down to the dark path of spiritual death.  A man or woman loses his virtue with fornication.  This is the same spiritual problem as anger.  Having sex with someone that one isn't married to is a very bad thing to do.  However, those in "authority" seem to almost promote that which is evil.  The reason they do that is because they want to make a slave out of everyone they encounter.  If the government, religion, media, and society promote sexual promiscuity they are doing it because they need more slaves.  A fornicator is a slave.  A fornicator is as the people who were taken from their homes on slave ships from Africa.  Fornication is the chain that insures a man or a woman's bondage.
     So how do we defeat it?  It has been my experience that it is relatively easy to stay away from things that can get a person into trouble.  Most people don't know how to control the urge because many of them like the idea of having sex on a regular basis; sometimes with people they don't even know.  Just the physical danger should be a good warning, but the spiritual and mental danger can be much worse.  The first thing to do in order to defeat the urge is to decide that from this point onward,
you will not entertain fornication ever again.  Once you've made up your mind not to fornicate, then there needs to be something else that may help.
     I'm kind of like a one trick pony in defeating sins.  The reason for this is that no matter what the sin may be, reciting the commandments seems to get rid of the evil.  Whether the evil is a demon, spirit, or whatever, all I know that repeating the commandments moves the evil away in seconds.  Once that is accomplished, there is no more problem.  I know it sounds simplistic, but it works for me and other people are writing to me saying that this works.  The evil cannot stand to hear the commandments.  This is where the rubber meets the road.  I've written about my experiences with this, and all I can tell everyone is that it works.
     What this does is to give people a quick and easy way to avoid this temptation.  It seems that the temptation to fornicate seems to feel like some kind of stupor.  It creates nothing but trouble and it does no good for anyone.  But the stupor can be difficult to break through because it feels so pervasive.  If this kind of thing happens to me, I simply repeat the commandments and the whole thing blows over almost instantly.
     If this urge could be arrested by everyone involved in fornication, there would be little to no child abuse or homosexuality.  Fornication breeds the worse in mankind and with a whole nation doing it, it becomes the same as a self-inflicted nuclear explosion.  Fornication is as drinking the Kool Aid.  And the people who will eventually suffer the most are the little children.
     Many men have lost their moral compass, and to some of them, it is no big deal to abuse a child.  However, it is the worst of the worst.  And it all starts with fornication.  If you really want to stop child abuse, get control over your sexual urges so that when a temptation comes along, you'll know how to defeat it.
    This works on every other evil.  I've never seen it fail.  I don't wish to document anymore evil more than I need to, but it is my goal in continuing this blog is to provide solutions to spiritual problems that none of the religions can address.  If these religions were so effective, then why do we have such problems?

Fornication is Destruction of the Soul

Walter Allen Thompson has a new book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land


  1. AnonymousJuly 31, 2012

    Mr. thompson we are so like-minded its scary! ever since is was a young girl i promised God and myself that i would not fornicate and im now almost 29 years old and still a virgin by the grace of God. God has told me that i will be married in the next few years so it wont be forever, but the thing is that it doesnt even matter to me! the few people i disclose my virginity to are shocked because they can't fathom going thru life w/out sex - they are a slave to that sin like the Apostle Paul says. since i have never fed that lust and fornication monster it doesnt bother me...only when i would have a boyfriend and they would pressure me to have sex i would momentarily think about giving up...but for what? give up my body, self-respect, virginity and make a soul connection w/ a person who obviously didnt care about me and only wanted to use me? absolutely not! im so happy i listened to my conscience and the Holy Spirit who always guided me and told me not to do it.

    contrary to what people may think, i feel great as a virgin and im not deprived because as a female its very easy to get sex. i feel that my mind is clear, i dont feel tied down to some man who wants to use me and treat me like a piece of meat; use and abuse me...no! whoever wants to be with me must MARRY me, and make that life-time commitment to me...and i also feel that im less selfish than other people who have already fallen to fornication. fornication makes a person very selfish: u want what u want when u want it! that creates a very "instant gratification" oriented society. think about it: if you "only" have sex when u fall in love...what happens when u get married and "fall in love" w/ somebody else? you will break ur marriage vows because u are now "in love" and consummating that "love" is what people THINK is love...i could go on and on but i wont because i wrote too much already....

    i truly believe that fornication is one of the roots of this selfish society, and the root of sin is selfishness also. what a better place it would be if people harldy fornicated and it made them more honest? God bless

  2. I totally agree with Anonymous. I on the other hand I took the low road through life and endulged with every bodily satisfaction I could find until I came to the point that nothing satisfies. Fornication came at 14, the pleasures of the world at 15 and from then until 50, nothing got in the way of my personal pleasures and worldly adventures.

    To get to my point and to address the evils of fornication, if we really want to change our ways and live in communion with our creator we will stop filling ourselves with the pursuit of self pleasures - masterbation, visual stimulation, perversion of our senses and all the rest of the devils slick tricks. Once we remove ourselves from the problem we open the gateway to the truth. Putting aside our evil ways causes us to examine what it is that brings us something greater than the temporary happiness of the world (all the devils gifts) and draws us deeper into exploring all the joys that God has offered to us through His Son's passion, death and resurrection.

    There is a better life for us to live if we only will be honest with ourselves. Once we can get past the lies that we have learned to live with, defend and ,support amongst one another, the sooner we will begin to crave to know the truth that sets us free

    . There we two worlds out there that we can choose to live in, the one that leads to eternal joy and the one that leads to hell. I suggest that if you are here on this blog looking for an answer, that you take the time to learn how to pray. You won't find what is good for you without digging deep into your soul and groaning for your creator to hear your plea. Since you we're made in the image and likeness of your creator, He will always be there waiting to hear your call. Noting will please Him more than to hear you crying in the desert to save your soul. I know, he answered me, freed me and showed me how much He loved me. Now I am alive, now I have something to live for, now I am free. You can be too. Just ask the Holy Spirit to come into your live and set you free,open your bible and yearn to live your life through the eyes of Christ. He will help. You just have to say "Here I am Lord, I've come to do your will

    Blessings and peace

  3. It is the prophecy of the Apocalypse. It started small in Genesis with the snake, I call it, lying for adultery. Then the snake grows into a powerful, unstoppable dragon of fire, with 7 heads: greed, sloth, gluttony, lust, wrath, envy, pride. The beast will emerge, giving the mark of the beast to the people: right hand for masturbation, forehead for pornography (instead of reading a Bible, the forehead receive image from Playboy, etc.) and then, there is a lot of money being made by that mark. The false prophet will sends frogs to the house, the bedroom, the bed, and the kitchen of people. When the frogs make people go to war, Armagueddon, they will simply remove their clothes, and fornicate.