Saturday, February 11, 2012

How To Reclaim Your Brain: Part 2

     In the first installment, I covered my general experiences about being a brain-washed drone to being able to utilize more common sense.  The problem most of us have is either a government weenie tells us to do this or to do that, or some wack-job religious teacher scares us with various teachings of the Bible which may or may not be true.  The religious teachers are the most dangerous people on the planet because a man's religious fervor is stronger than his political proclivities.  Once he is thoroughly ensconced in his religion, it becomes very difficult for him to believe in any other religion or in any other idea.  He can then be manipulated into giving up his own life for a belief that may or may not be true.  I've been through most types of Christian beliefs, and I can confidently say that everything today that is passed off as Christian is not.  So how do we separate ourselves from those things that are questionable?  How do we reclaim our brains and start thinking for ourselves?
     We have to understand that there are two major areas of operation in the physical and the spiritual realm:  God the creator and His goodness; Satan, Lucifer, and his evil.  Since man has a free will, he has the choice between good and evil.  Here is where you reclaim your brain.  I'm going to assume that most of the readers know the commandments and have a good idea what is natural law.
     With all the religions in the world, how we know God?  That's easy.  He would be the one who created everything we see and don't see.  That is the God we are responsible to and of course, His commandments are important.  How do we know what commandments we are supposed to keep?
Most of them are obvious and can be rationally thought out through the use of reason.  Because the commandments are always present within the natural law and they can be confirmed without the use of a book.
     Let's look at the commandment of not having any false gods before Him and not to make any graven images.  It's obvious that mankind is to worship God the creator only, and it would be stupid to worship something that is created.  Remember, the created cannot be worshiped.  So then any false religious doctrine should be ignored because it will draw us over to the dark side.  We don't want to worship a satanic delusion.  In my experience in "Christian" churches, I have seen so many false doctrines that I couldn't keep track of them all and I saw it in every church.  In fact, I can safely say that I have never seen a Christian church.  If it wasn't for some of the earlier Christian writings, I would have given up on it long ago.   If there is false doctrine, then there is idolatry.  In order for me to preserve my own well-being and not offend God, I no longer go to any church.  If a doctrine is false then the whole organization is on the dark side.  If you go into various churches you will see statues.  Are they not graven images?  If they were true to their own Bible they wouldn't have them in the churches.  So when you see them, you know that you are in a church that is evil.
     Of course, this is hypocritical to say one thing and do another, but it is useful for us to recognize them for what they are and then just stay away from them.  And that is our immediate solution.  It is better to simply separate oneself from the spiritual nonsense.  We will always be tempted to offend God and this is the spiritual battle with which we are all involved.
     Your best evidence is in the natural law.  Anyone can write a book, but a book has too many opportunities for someone to lie or to make gross errors.  The Bible isn't any different.  The Bible has many conflicts in "moral character."  While I believe that there is a lot of truth in the Bible, even that has to be double-checked to make sure what I am reading is true.  In these two examples, it is easy to understand that we are not to worship that which is created.  Why worship a statue that was made with a man's hands.  Why worship a god who is a lie?  Just because some preacher holds the Bible and says that it is the word of God, doesn't mean that it is true.  Every writing has to be checked with reason and common sense.  God didn't put in a bunch of secret codes that only the chosen few would understand.  I believe that God put the commandments in nature and in us, and he made them simple to obey.  If we go outside of them, then we waste our lives.
     When we choose well then our lives become enjoyable.  When we worship God we need to do it in truth, then we will benefit from the life that He gave us.
     Now, the Bible claims that Jesus Christ is God in the flesh.  How do I know that is true?  Well, it may be, but it doesn't make any difference because Christ told people to keep the commandments and the gospel said he is God.  So if I worship the God who created me, and Jesus Christ was a true historical figure and was indeed the Messiah, then I am essentially worshiping the same person.  But if Jesus Christ is false, and some jerk made up the stories, then that could draw me into idolatry.  I'm not willing to take that chance.  I do believe there is a hell because all of the evil people have to go somewhere.  I believe the soul of a man is immortal and it makes sense to do things the right way so as not to offend my creator.
     What this does for me is to stop all the religious arguments.  I don't have to go from one chapter and verse to another to make a point. And I am or was very accomplished at that, but then I realized that if it wasn't true, I would be spreading some liar's  nonsense to innocent hearers.  All I am expected to do is to fear God and keep His commandments because I was created that way.  All men and women are subject to the same God because in nature we all live on the same planet.  If we flushed all of the religious groups down the toilet (symbolically speaking), then most of the commandments would be kept and mankind's troubles would be greatly diminished.  That would be a very advanced society.  I know this works because I can see the benefit from it when I behave myself.

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