Sunday, February 26, 2012

Bad Government and Bad Religion


      It is my opinion that government and religion are the two most destructive forces on earth.  If I read the news there is always some war somewhere and the various religions are at each others throats.  I doubt there have been very many days of peace since the beginning of time.  Some people say that government is a necessary evil.  I say that evil is never necessary and it will always produce bad results.  Every time a man breaks one of God's commandments, which are evident in the natural law, nothing but trouble comes from it.  But it is the satanic influences that try to influence us to break the commandments. 
     Bad religion tells stories about God that are not true.  With our minds being distorted, we make the wrong decisions based upon flawed information.  Most of my experience with this has been mostly through "Christian" groups, but I have had a few contacts with Buddhism and TM.  Most of what we see in any religion today is utter nonsense because they never, ever, can past the test of common sense and reason based upon scriptures. 
     In my view, bad government and bad religion are the same things; and here's why:
Most governments, if not all, demand some kind of loyalty oath.  The same is true with most religions. At some part of their teachings, they will demand an oath of allegiance of some kind.  The problem is that oath swearing is forbidden by the true scriptures and by the commandments.  "Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain."  When a man swears an oath, that means he is a deceiver and a liar.  Once the oath is in place, the lives of men who take them are destroyed and nothing really works out well.  Jesus Christ taught not to swear any oaths, yet most governments and religions use the oath because they are satanic organizations.  It is my opinion, that the breaking of any of the commandments will ruin the lives that God had intended for us.  And it is because our so-called leaders don't teach the commandments much anymore.  The scriptures have been distorted so badly that one has to be very careful in using them.  Every writing has to be confirmed with reason and common sense.  If a man doesn't have the commandments in the forefront of his mind, then he has no defense against the evil inclinations that arise in his mind through temptations.  Temptations are not the sins, the actions are so we should be constantly aware of right and wrong.
     For example: we are not supposed to worship anything that is created.  We can only worship the creator as He is the only one with the power and intelligence to put the whole universe together.  There's always air to breath, water to drink, food to eat, and He provides all of the other necessities for life.  He provides the sun for warmth and light, and the moon which reflects the light of the Sun.
Both have their courses, purpose in nature, and they comply with God's natural law every second of their existence.  Their courses are dependable and reliable.  However, the sun is not to be worshiped, because it is created.  The moon is not to be worshiped, because it too was created.  Man can never become a god because he is a created being.  We cannot entwine ourselves in a "consciousness" and then become a god.  There is nothing in the universe that can become a god itself.  Obviously, this kind of thing is stupid, but most religious organizations teach this nonsense in some form or fashion.
The source for all of the misery of mankind is Satan, Azazel, Lucifer, or whatever you want to call him.  We are always given a choice between good and evil, and the best way to live is on the good side.  However, most of us never learned how to get rid of the evil.
     Let's use an example for government.  If you want to have a constitution, then it would have to be written in a way that is not offensive to God's law.  The big offense in most constitutions that I have read is the oath.  The oath takes the whole document down to luciferianism and it is feudal in nature.
Nothing good will come from it.  It is the oath that establishes a world system of slavery and bondage.  And this is the reason why most of the world's governments revolve around communism, socialism, fascism, and liberalism.  These systems are satanic and evil because they produce bondage.  Oh sure, there is a small amount given to the free market, but the rest is simply a slave operation.  If it is communist China, Russia, or the United States--they all reek with communism.  And think about this, a man cannot be responsible for any laws that do not comply with God's commandments.
     Another important example is the use of interest or usury in the banking system.  This is considered to be theft.  Again, it is another satanic doctrine.  Instead of the money going back out into the economy, the interest payments go to the banks and that is paid for by the income tax.  Income tax is essentially interest payments on debts that will never get paid.  If people could keep their money, then the economy would always be solid.  But with the luciferian type economic system we have now, the only end result will be bad.
     When was the last time you ever heard a pastor or other religious teacher tell their congregations to stop swearing oaths?  Or did they every tell their congregations to stop taking out loans with usury?  They don't because they are a part of the same evil system. Remember how Christ said that the Devil or his kingdom would not divide against itself?  The system that is in place is satanic and government and religion combine to contribute to the delusion.   I haven't found one "Christian" church yet that didn't corrupt the scriptures; not one.  Bad religion feeds bad government.  Bad religion disables a believer by minimizing the importance of the commandments.  Once a person loses their moral compass, then they become slaves to satanic bondage.
     If the churches don't teach against usury as it is written in the scriptures, then the bankers have a free reign to make slaves out of the people.  Income tax pays the interest on the national debt without paying on the principle.  Bankers essentially control the money supply and tells the government how to run everything.  Of course, since people have to pay over 50% of their income to some form of income tax, the banks have a ready market for loans, by which they charge even more usury to get the rest of the money out of the public.  I think what is remarkable is that the economy hasn't collapsed yet.
     So then the oath is the biggest problem in my opinion, and then the use of usury would come in second.  The oath puts the whole operation on the darkside, and the usury steals the financial resources from the people.  Most governments are satanic and they are under some form of communism.
     Every bad religion uses the oath or refuses to teach against it.  That would include: Christians, Jews, Muslims, Hindus, and Buddhists.  Take your pick, most of them are corrupted and they are not usable for building spiritual strength.  Because they work with the bad government as a form of mind control to screw the people out of their hard earned money.  All people are being manipulated by bad religion and they are getting bad results.  Just look at it yourself and you can see it.  You don't need anyone to interpret it for you, just look at it.  Once you recognize it for what it is then simply do the best you can to separate from it.

Walter Allen Thompson is the author of The Grace of Repentance: Keeping God's Commandments.


  1. I have been really enjoying reading these pieces - genuine original thinking that at the same time and necessarily also restates the Old Wisdom we have chosen to forget.The Truth doesn't change to fit our contemporary mores.

  2. Al,
    I'd like to thank you very much
    for inspiring me to think 'out of the box'..