Sunday, November 27, 2011

The God-State

     Idolatry today is a massive problem that needs to be dealt with or it is going to destroy everything.  There is nothing good or fun about idolatry and it ruins the life.  Idolatry comes from Satan or Lucifer and it comes with the desire of man or evil to become God.  That is a pathetic aspiration, however, this is what people do to themselves every day, and they even listen to people tell them that they can be gods.
I'm going to examine just one small part of idolatry and show how destructive it is and give some suggestions on how to avoid it.
     The first commandment says that we are not to have any false gods before our Creator.  This should be an easy commandment to keep, but most of us have been subjected to horrible religions which teach almost everything else but what we need to know that will help us enjoy our lives.  And the sad part is that every time we commit one of these sins, we bring upon ourselves the wrath of God.  He knows exactly how to pay us back for our misdeeds.  The payback is really bad and it will manifest itself in many ways.  And when we commit sins, we defile those around us in ways that we cannot imagine.  According to the Epistle of James, all sin is idolatry.
     The most glaring example of a false god is the state.  Any state that declares that it is "the supreme law of the land" has a problem.  Only the Creator has the authority and the ability to declare the supreme law of the land.  Only God can set forth the workings of nature and the universe.  However,
man thinks that he can be a god by setting forth his own rules.  For example: people think that women have a right to abortions.  However, abortions are state sanctioned murder paid for with tax dollars in many cases.  But what about the rights of the man or woman being aborted?  Oh....didn't think of that?  The commandment against killing is always broken when it comes to abortion.  But the state has no respect for God's laws.  The state attempts to usurp God's natural order and makes our lives a living hell.
     There are other ways the state attempts to overthrow God.  God set forth the universe by his own oath, yet God teaches for men not to take oaths.  All the governments I know of operate on the oath.  The oath taken by a man is idolatry and it should never be done.  Most religions operate on oaths, which means that they represent a false god.  Any man who swears an oath is acting like a pagan.  Almost every government official has taken an oath.  All operatives in the courts in the United States have sworn oaths; which means that they are all liars.  Having been on the receiving end of the federal judicial system, I can verify that the whole process is nothing but lies.  It can't be avoided because it relies on the satanic system based on the oath.
     Somehow, these states think that it is proper for them to kill people and to start wars.  They cause trouble in almost every sector of the world and then kill their sons and daughters in lands that have nothing to do with them.  The people of the world have a very small moral structure to work from because the state sets a bad example.  In God's world, the state is nothing.  If the state doesn't honor God's commandments, then society is a complete failure and eventually God will destroy it.
     The state institutes a banking system based on interest and usury.  Based on any reasonable interpretation of scripture, it is well-known that interest or usury is considered stealing.  Yet, the whole financial systems of the world are built upon it.  And having a few hundred years to look back on, I can see the futility of a financial system based upon interest.  This is why the United States and any other state that uses this system will be considered a failed state, and it will descend into chaos.
     The state builds statues and idols as monuments to their failure.  The building of statues is simply idolatry and they are completely unnecessary.  And although most people aren't that dumb to worship them, some actually do it.
     What evil does is to first provide a need.  People like stability in their lives and the government gives it to them. The government provides various functions so that there is some kind of order and that people will be able to take their issues to an impartial court if necessary.  However, once the people's trust is acquired by the government, it then turns on its own people and it steals their substance and destroys their lives.  Why?  Because the state--being satanic in nature--wants to destroy the lives of the people.  It isn't there to do any good thing or righteous deed; it is there to destroy every man, woman, and child on the face of the earth.
     When I encounter evil, I don't have to look much farther than the oath.  Once I see that I'm off to do something else.  Because when these evil people say God, who they really mean is Satan.  Unless a state can conform to God's commandments, life will be completely miserable.
     The various religions actually conform to the state in that they disregard God's commandments.  This gives the state the needed mind-control needed to lull the people into a satanic stupor.  So it is not just a political problem, it is also a religious and spiritual problem.  All men are subject to the same God, just as they are to the natural forces of life here on Earth.  But when their minds are distorted into thinking that the lie is the truth, the evil seems to take control with no end to it.
     Keeping God's commandments which comply with the natural law are necessary in order to have a properly seated government.  Some might argue that it would violate the idea of separation of church and state.  The problem is that there is no such thing as separation of church and state.  The church is the state and the state is the church which is founded upon evil.
     The best method is to avoid any of these organizations.  They reek of the occult and they seem to always disclose their beliefs by using various satanic symbols and hand gestures.  Just stay away from them as they are intent on destroying themselves.

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  1. Is it not written,

    I said ye are gods?

    Whom said such a thing?

  2. Isaiah 45:7

    I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the LORD do all these things.