Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Build on a Solid Foundation


Build on a Solid Foundation 

In order to get good results in our lives, we need to build our thoughts and our actions on a solid foundation.  The solid foundation is the natural law or the natural order that was created by the real God. Under the natural order a solid foundation would be built upon truth and goodness; using right reason and common sense.

Governments and religions are the most destructive forces on earth and we can see it because of the bad results they produce.  They are so bad that no one can have intelligent conversations about them.  Their foundations are built on the sand of evil.  In fact, talking about the “new world order” is a waste of the precious time we have to live.

However, the natural order solves all problems and answers all the questions in life if we are patient enough to take the time to understand and consider the facts.  

Good decisions are based on truthful facts.  Remember, writings are only as good as the truth that they reflect.  The authority of these organizations should always be in question.  We can make informed judgments by looking at the results.

One thing I try to do is to preserve my mind.  I can hardly stand to read much of anything other than some philosophy.  But even that  has to match the natural order to get my attention.  The quality of my life depends on the quality of my thoughts.  I’m trying to not let in evil  thoughts.  If they do show up, I try to push them out and concentrate on thoughts that are more productive.  I find that I am a lot happier and I am more at peace when I can keep good quality thoughts at the forefront of my mind.  I don’t think I was taught this as a young man.  Since most of the media focuses on evil, it is not hard to get these demonic thoughts.

When I try to go to sleep, I actually focus on the subject of the natural law and everything in my mind calms down and I become quite happy.  I feel like I have more control over my thoughts and myself.  This has been a great benefit to me.

Having good thoughts is a great way to help build a solid foundation.  In addition, being able to learn the truth by acquiring the facts is essential for making good decisions and taking the proper action.  All we have to do is to stand back a little and take more time to think things through.  By doing these things, we will get the good results.  Virtue and morality are necessary ingredients to have a solid foundation; along with truth, right reason, and common sense.  I think the problem is that we all don’t take enough time to consider these things before we take any action.  But with a little extra effort and patience, we can make the proper choices for ourselves and expect excellent results.

Walter Allen Thompson has a book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land


  1. You say Religion is soooo evil yet you claim to follow the natural law, which is to worship the One true Creator. Have you not studied the Qur'an? Or Islam and the role of Prophet Mohamad and his teachings. Islam is the natural law, our only true purpose is to worship the One true Creator and to do his bidding on Planet Earth, that our Creator loaned to us for a finite time. Please distinguish religions and do not clump them all together, otherwise you are just reducing yourself to that of an atheist, who just happens so to believe in God.

    1. I read parts of the Qur’an many years ago. I lost interest when I saw the words: “kill the infidels.” The Old Testament has similar sayings. Religious writings aren’t worth anyone’s time because the facts can’t be verified. In natural law, the facts are self-evident and can be seen by anyone.

    2. All religions are based on the Judaism of the Jews who control the world, they are all pure paganism, apart from idolizing statues, none come close to reflecting the true god of this world, religions are a cover for all evil, when in reality they do more damage, just look at the animals because they don't do the same stupid things we do, if they stay in their natural order

    3. jehovah = lucifer the old testament is full of blood and vengeance