Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Suicidal Marketing: NFL Part 2

      I've written a few articles called "Suicidal Marketing" and I would like to do an update.  When it comes to stupid, nothing can match the idiocy of the NFL.  For years I have enjoyed watching football but in recent times, the organization of the NFL seems to have a communist-satanic agenda.  Apparently, the stadiums are half-full, to put it mildly, and looking at the half-empty stadiums shows how dependent the "new world order" is to us unwashed masses.  They want their cake and eat it too.
And in looking at these half-empty stadiums is actually more entertaining than the game itself.  I thought it would take longer for the NFL to implode but it looks like it is almost complete and it is a perfect example for corporations on what not to do.  No organization can stand to lose that much business and come back from it.  I used to be in sales and marketing and the NFL has broken all of the rules of sound business marketing.

Don't piss off your customers
     The NFL has destroyed their brand by angering their customers who pay the bills.  This did not just recently happen.  Going back a few years, it was the Michael Sam incident where the NFL got involved in attempting to normalize queers on the field.  Sam was even videoed kissing his boyfriend and the whole scene was gross.  This pissed off a lot of fans and I for one started to forget about football.  Especially, ESPN who lead the way for normalization of homos on football teams.  The majority of people are straight and they were offended.
     Then there was the blatant persecution of Tim Tebow who was an exciting player who would have put a lot more butts in the stadium.  Tebow took the Broncos into the playoffs but he supposedly wasn't good enough for starting the next year.  People were saying that he couldn't play quarterback when he played quarterback quite well.  The NFL destroyed his career because he has a belief in God and the demonic NFL can't have believers in God on the field.  This pissed me off and I started to lose interest in the game.
     And now comes Colin Kaepernick in his social(ist) justice mantra and made a spectacle of himself on the field by taking a knee or sitting on the bench during the national anthem.  Political views should not be a part of an entertainment package but this is what has been done in the media.  He had the right to do what he did and the people who pay the bills have the right to stop going to the games.  And this is exactly what is happening.  In sales and marketing, pissing off the customer is not an option.  And if you do it, it is almost impossible to get the customer back.  Fans simply got pissed off and many are staying away from the game.  I've never seen such stupidity but it is fun to watch.  The people who run the NFL are destroying their own brand.  I wonder if they learned this shit in university or college.

Football is entertainment
     This game is fun to watch.  It helps keep the masses entertained while Rome is crumbling.  And the "United States" is simply a bad version of the Roman Empire.  But, the NFL had a good thing going but they were too stupid to leave it alone.  Now, the NFL is a sales and marketing disaster.  The advertising rates will certainly have to be renegotiated and the NFL brand will probably never recover.  This will bring on financial problems and the players will not get those high salaries for too much longer.  In today's world of instant communications, it won't take long for the whole thing to implode.  For me, I'm having more fun watching the decline.  However, I feel bad for people who will be losing their jobs because of the stupid management of the organization.  I don't think that they can recover from this because it has been building for the last few years.

Lesson to be learned 
     It is very stupid to mix politics and religion within any business operation.  In the case of the NFL, people go to the games to forget about these subjects for a few hours.  They don't want to go to a game and be subjected to this nonsense.  But, the NFL management has a different agenda.  I believe that the communist-socialist-fascist agenda is a part of the whole operation and it is not just centered on football.  Fortunately, it does not appear to be working.

Other problems with football
     The timing of this couldn't be worse.  People now have more entertainment choices so the NFL needed to be more competitive instead of being a bloated pig.  And the Superbowl halftime show reeks of the occult.  Who wants to watch that?  And now, they are faced with a failing league and a massive job loss is in the making.  Instead of addressing the higher competitive atmosphere and marketing conditions, they have managed to piss off at least half of their customers.  We can see the photo of the empty seats, but what about those empty seats at home?  I used to watch football almost every Sunday and the Monday Night Football but I don't like it any longer.  I have better things to do with my time.
     It is very difficult to get the customer back and in this case, I believe the NFL may not survive their own stupidity.   

Suicidal Marketing: NFL

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  1. Any entertainment entity that can't keep politics, social trends, and dogmas out of their realm don't deserve to continue proliferating.
    Same should hold for television, radio, the news media, and the recording industry as well.

  2. The NFL makes soo much money they can afford these charades. People, especially drunk ones, have short attention spans and this event won't even be remembered in a few years by most of the fans.

    1. You might be right but it is difficult to get back customers once they are pissed off. We'll see what happens, but it's not looking good for business. The Michael Sam incident started the decline, then the Tim Tebow nonsense made it worse. We'll see............