Sunday, June 25, 2017

Free Baby Holm Part 8

(This is baby Holm who was ripped from his mother's breast while she was nursing him on Oct 11th, 2016.  He was just 33 hours old and was still in the hospital.)

Update: 02/11/18  As of this date, this young boy has not been returned to his mother and father.  There is no reason for anyone--anywhere-- to have any respect for the government.  This has proven to me that they are completely useless bastards from hell. No one has been arrested on the Pizzagate issue and the children of all mothers and fathers are in danger.  If these evil thugs can do this to helpless children, just think what they will do to you.

     If any of you think that government is a necessary evil, then you are wrong.  Evil is never necessary and the evil that comes upon us is caused by the government and the religions. And I suggest that if you are in either one, just quit, because there won't be a good outcome for people who work for the government and the religions.  They are of the occult and the Devil and they don't get good results. Even though I do believe in the God who created the heavens and the earth, the governments and the religions should be flushed down the toilet of a very dark period of history.

How it all started
     The following information is going to be from my memory and notes that came from conversations and text exchanges that I have from Christian and Danielle Holm.  I am going to focus more on the facts and expose those who did the evil deed of kidnapping the baby.  This baby has essentially been put in a foster home jail because he belongs to his mother and father.
     This isn't the first case that I've seen that when someone takes a child to the doctor, say for a broken ankle, that the mother or father is reported as a possible abuser.  The child is then taken from the hospital and put into foster care.  If this happens, it can be years later that they get the child back, destroying the lives of the families.  And in the Holm case, there was no abuse of the baby  Danielle had simply gone to the hospital to deliver her baby.  However, a series of events followed that are unbelievable.

Hospital worker starts the problem

    This is Cheri Gay, who is the "social worker" at Regional Medical Center in Calhoun County, Alabama near the small town of Heflin.  When Christian asked a worker at the hospital something to the effect: "How do I keep the State out of my business?", that set off an alarm.  They did a Google search "Christian Holm....Arizona.  Here is the result:

2 arrested in drug smuggling attempt at border - Arizona Daily Star

Mar 3, 2015 - Richard Christian Holm, 36, of Nogales, Arizona was taken into custody Feb. 24, 2015 after federal officers said they found heroin taped to hi..  <<< The social worker conflated Christian Holm with Richard Christian Holm and they are not the same people.  Christian Holm has a private PO Box in Arizona.  It was obvious that Danielle and Christian were not the drug dealers listed on Google.  But they kept the baby. The DHR in Alabama then decided to steal the child after just 33 hours after he was born.  

Social workers who kidnap the baby
(Stacy Jackson)
According to Danielle Holm, these two people, Tracy Jackson and Rachael Israel, allegedly stole the baby when there was no signed court order.  This all happened without any probable cause or any facts that show that their laws applied to the Holm family.  There was no physical abuse and no other reason why this child should be stolen.  We are all speculating that some of the reasons that baby Holm is a white baby and the Holm family was living off the grid to a certain extent.  The Holm family did not want a Social Security number for the child nor did they want any vaccines.  Our opinion is
that because of these issues, it made them a perfect target for the kidnap.  Eventually, there was some kind of court order with no hearing and no ability for the Holms to put forth a defense.  In addition, a few weeks after this occurred, someone came out of nowhere and filed useless documents in the Holms behalf which were not helpful.  The Holms eventually withdrew these documents.  They were new to the legal system and didn't know any better.
     They came into the hospital room while the baby was nursing and held back Danielle's arms and then kidnapped the baby who she could hear crying all the way down the hall.  Remember, this is supposedly the government for the people.  Nothing can be farther from the truth.  They are just a group of psychopaths to prey on innocent people.  This is like something that came from a horror film, yet, it is true and it brings unbelievable pain on the mother, father, and the baby.
     Now, can you all see why these court proceedings are private?  The remedy is only in their secret court system which is nothing more than a private company who is in the business of trafficking of men, woman, and children.  They use the lame excuse of "in the interest of the children."  No, it is in the interest for those who collect the money and then supply the perverse markets of Satanic Ritual Abuse, pedophiles, collection of body parts, cannibalism, and every other disgusting thing.  This is a perfect example as to why these government agencies should be shut down.  They are good for nothing and they have no place within a peaceful society.  Anyone who works for the government should quit before they die and go to hell.  And, while all of this was going on, this lady on the right, Neikea Holt, stood by and watched the whole thing unfold.  I find this hard to believe myself as I write this article, but this has happened to many women.

Lying DHR supervisor

Here is what the Holm family says about her: "This is Leslie Smith. The supervisor of all the social workers. Another liar. Creates false flags to make us not see our son anymore. Lies to attorneys. Lies to everyone and then runs to all the police officers acting like we are dangerous. All to build a case against us. She is a master manipulator. And also made the decision to allow Stacy Jackson to kidnap our son after Stacy Jackson said she had to call her to answer our question about "what is the most simple way we can live without being harassed by the state" stacy said she had to call her supervisor ^^^leslie smith and she would let us know. 30 minutes later she stacy came back with law enforcement and rachel kidnapped baby and handed to stacy.  In my view, the only reason these slugs would lie is if they are making a ton of money on these babies.  Imagine, the stealing of babies is a cash cow.  But there's no other reason for it, at least one that I can understand.

     Again, on the right is Allison Miller, the so-called attorney for the baby.  Imagine, a baby that needs an attorney.  This is what the Holm family said about her:  "Allison miller. Our sons "attorney" who continues to not give a crap about him being abused by the state and not us. She pushed for him to be away from us."  The attorneys are the worst kind of crooks money can buy.  Incidently, Christian and Danielle, went to the Attorney General's office to try to get some help, and they called him back and said that his office did not have "jurisdiction."  If the government doesn't want to help someone, they always say that they don't have jurisdiction.  Using attorneys is a complete waste of time and the court system is so trashed that it isn't good for anything.  The people need to learn how to shift the burden of proof as it is the only thing that I think works, and even then, it is hit or miss because the courts are like skin-diving in a cesspool.

Melody Brooks Walker

This was the first judge who recused herself but failed to give the child back.  When a defendant asks for the facts as to probable cause, these judges dummy-up because they know there is no probable cause. 


Tony Hamlin
Tony Hamlin.... DHR attorney who knows exactly what is going on but still goes     along with DHR lies and  covers for them."

 Jonathan Fordham

From Christian: "Jonathan Fordham juvenile probation officer at Cleburne County Courthouse who approved false accusations on a petition and signed off saying there was enough "probable cause" to steal our child. This was signed AFTER they kidnapped him."  For those of you who think all of this is a bunch of nonsense, I've seen things like "sanitizing" courtroom transcripts, withholding favorable evidence for the defendant, and using extortion techniques to get what they want.

Carrie Martin

"Carrie Martin. Petitioner who went to Jonathan Fordham and filed false hearsay information without ever meeting us after they already kidnapped our son, in order to get a pick up order from Melody Brooks Walker after it already happened.

Supposedly. Even though the pick up order was stamped and the judge was not even there at the time"

In any type of legal system, the defendant must always have the opportunity to defend himself and it is up the the accuser to provide the evidence of any wrong doing.  Obviously, they aren't impressed with their own laws.  This kind of activity is going to destroy society as we know it.  

     The Holm family has also gone to both Calhoun and Cleburne county sheriffs and they say that they cannot do anything for them.  The attorney general of Alabama says he doesn't have jurisdiction, and they even went to the governors office and he was recently arrested for child abuse.  Are you people of Alabama going to tolerate this crap?  Do you people see a pattern here?  The evil is unspeakable and the tolerance of the evil is unbearable.  The government is a predatory operation and it has nothing to do with freedom, it is a slave-trading organization that should be abolished.  Both Christian and Danielle need to have their baby returned to them.  If these people are allowed to continue this evil there will be no future for anyone.

If you want to help the Holm family financially, you may do so at  They are working night and day to get their son back.  Last night, they were walking near the White House and they met a Secret Service agent.  They were asking him how this could happen.  The Secret Service agent said: "They can't do that."  Well, they did that and we should have to live in a banana republic.  They are coming after the children; will yours be next?


  1. The liars are not the government workers. It's the Holm family and you Mr. al

    1. Which of the social workers posted above are you? Clayburn County resident…or Anonymous… Stop spreading lies, we've seen the actual documents. Still there is no proven probable cause for removal after eight months. When states and counties don't try to move towards reunification, then they're just in it for the business. Not for the child and the family unit.

    2. I've seen all of that and there is stil no evidence or facts that show that the DHR had enough evidence to steal baby Holm. Your FB group is twisted and demented just like the DHR.

    3. Bullshit is the government the family court ,social workers and the lawyers cuz it's kid for cash $$$$$$$$$$$

    4. Al, ignore the imbeciles who are closed-minded. The evil is indeed going on.

  2. AnonymousJune 25, 2017

    I would like to know the doctor who delivered the baby and the pediatrician on record for him while he was in the hospital. This hospital and its staff gave me PTSD during and after the delivery of my son and I was lucky to have left with him and I am curious if it is the same people involved.

    1. Here is the response on the question you asked: "DR. johannsen delivered the baby. DR. Doggett is pediatrician. He said on babys records, falsely "parents have past legal issues". And he also ordered donor breast milk FOR NO REASON."

  3. AnonymousJune 25, 2017

    Sorry but these are all lies!! And you should be arrested and charged!! You do need Jesus Al

    1. And you know these are lies how? What information are you privy to that we aren't?

    2. Anonymous... is always a shill for the government.

  4. It is not a lie that Christian and Danielle have done absolutely nothing in the first place to have their child removed from their custody. The child should have never been removed in the first place. No neglect no abuse. Only love and nourishment.

  5. If you think that we are lying, then bring forth the evidence and I'll post it in the comment section or I may even write another article about it. Now is the time to put up or shut up.

    1. Proposition for Discussion

      There were no reasons justifying the State
      of Alabama's taking of Baby Holm.

      - Al Thompson: Affirm
      - Robert Baty: Deny

      Let me know if you want to advance that claim you seem to be making in your article and we can look for a neutral venue to negotiate how best to produce that discussion, or perhaps a couple of venues, one of each of our own choosing, to mirror the discussion.

      Or, you might just submit your own first affirmative effort to justify your proposition and I will consider accepting it or explaining why your effort failed.

    2. We can do it here but I'm not affirming anything. I'm not an oath taker. You can start it by producing some facts that show the Alabama codes apply to the Holm family.

    3. @ Al Thompson,

      Thanks for the response.

      I'll take your response as meaning that, for all you know, the State of Alabama did have legal, constitutional reasons for taking custody of Baby Holm.

      If, after what you said in your challenge, you are not going to "affirm" anything (which is not "oath-taking" by the way), there is no discussion to advance here.

      If you want to take up the negative in response to my fundamental affirmatives in the Baby Holm case, you can come to my place and we can try to get it going; and you would be welcome to mirror it whereever you want.

      Thanks for the consideration.

    4. Well singing Susan, you have no idea who I am or exactly who or what I know or how I know it. You claim to KNOW based on one side of the story, which has just enough of the truth weaved throughout, it can be twisted to match other accounts of the story. The problem comes in when compared side by side all the different stories they told and how many times the story has change to fit the audience it is being told to.

      I have absolutely no reason to lie. Case in Point: You show up at a hospital demanding and threatening people and their families you, send up red flags. You REFUSE to show ids until law enforcement shows up and then cry foul when they demand fingerprints. You compound your problems further by refusing to complete the fingerprints until the judge orders you.

      Who has motive to lie, who's attempting to make money of the shoulders of unsuspecting followers, (again), and who would rather walk or drive (depending on which version of the story you read) from their baby than to stay and comply? Christian and Danielle Holms, that's who.

      Look who attempted to gain sympathy for gain on the backs of foster children, mentally handicapped, and elderly people.

  6. You are one of the accused so I understand why you would think this. Lol!!! Rot in hell

  7. Anyone who claims that these are lies is part of the problem and is most likely one of the accused mentioned above.

  8. Al, you've been told repeatedly, but refuse to acknowledge even the most basic commonly accepted truths. There are laws of this land and as citizens of this land, we are responsible to acknowledge them. This is NOT a criminal case. No warrant or probable cause is even possible. There were issues at the hospital. The Holm's have lied about the manner they behaved while there. Their story changes every time they air anyone else tell it. The Holm's allow these false stories to perpetuate and therefore acknowledge their accuracy.

    The Holm's cry foul every time someone disagrees with them, and claim they only love. I've seen absolutely no evidence of their love. Who have they helped, who haves the blessed with their love.

    Only one example of their 100s of lies. Go back to the beginning and look at their page. They claim to comply would be a denying of their Creator, and they will NEVER defy him, but in TODAY'S post Daniele claims , they did everything that was asked of them. They provided everything asked for. In other words they complied. Which one is the truth? Who knows because they lie about everything. It's a matter of which ever story gets them the most press, and therefore the more attention and donations.

    I'm putting this out there. I'm not going to debate your CRAZY ideas. I'm not ever even going to look at this page again. Just put your tinfold hat back on and watch for aliens. Anyone who continues to believe their lies, deserves your kind of support.

    They walked or drove, which ever lie you choose to believe, and left their baby behind. In the system you claim sells baby part to McDonald for patties. That tells in own story in my opinion.

    1. Another Cleburne County residentJune 28, 2017

      So you're just not coming back so you don't have to have any responsibility for your words then? That's definitely what a mature adult with valid points would do.

    2. Cleburne county resident-the Holms have made statements regarding the kidnapping in the hospital of their child that have basically not been refuted by the ones involved in taking him. Medical records of baby back up what they said, security guards and staff basically say how it came down. The discrepancies (which are critically important) involve details only known to the participants (and me because I typed the transcripts). Those discrepancies show collusion, perjury, and conspiracy to kidnap OR it's just miranda gone wild to protect the state's liability factor when the state realized they messed up. We call that clean up. Who can know which it was? We can't be sure of motive at this time. Only we are sure that this baby was slated for Title IVe funds and removed like so many other innocents have been. Obviously, whoever you are, you are not privvy to those transcripts and don't know what you are talking about. One day, everyone will know.

    3. Another thing, Cleburne county resident. We were with them when we all decided to go to DC. That day we all drove away. We went to get our other home (a sailboat) back in Florida and they drove to a location to store their car for walking. We both have the ability to do these things we have accomplished. We stored our RV and are now almost to DC in our boat where we will join up again with them. They were walking on their journey and encountered some difficult situations but are now in DC. There are no lies, only people who try to distract from the truth of what actually happened by calling the victims liars. That is a narcissistic behavior (or just a highly paid professional member of the team working to discredit the Holms. Not workin'out so well for you, is it now?

    4. They have blessed us with their love, to answer your question and we will do anything and everything for them, just as we would for our own kids. We are all fellow believers. Who and what are you, Cleburne county resident?

    5. There is no good reason to believe you, Susan Dunn Cobb, and good reason to believe that the State of Alabama took custody of the child under appropriate and legal circumstances and that the parents have worked day and night in pursuing a course that would guarantee what we are seeing now (i.e., that the baby would not be returned any time soon).

      That is what the parents have not, cannot refute.

      If they think they can, I stand ready to advance that conversation/debate.

      If they want to send out their Champion on their behalf I will also consider that discussion.

    6. AnonymousJune 30, 2017

      One day better come quick, so far they've shown us nothing but how justified DHR was in taking that baby and protecting him from his delusional parents.

      TPR is coming soon. Put up or shut up

    7. Your post is an insult to anyone's intelligence and is a perfect example of why some mothers eat their young.

    8. AnonymousJuly 05, 2017

      Susan, I think whoever the response about "how's that working out for you?'is actually doing pretty good I suspect you mean the Understanding the Baby Holm Case FB group. I was an all in, donate my money supporter until just recently. The story never stays the same and they avoid at all cost answering even the simplest question.

      I think its worked out pretty well for them. Danielle's backpedaling in trying to explain things on the Free page and even contradicting herself in one post. And oh yeah, is the baby back with the Holms yet????

    9. Am Thompson have you had a mental evaluation

    10. Another victim of state-induced brain lavage. How typical in this globalised country. If the parents are not abusing the child, the child belongs with the parents. The fundamental goal, here, more than the horrific kidnapping, which is illegal, is the family being destroyed. To remove popular sovereignty, which is the government's perpetual task.

  9. The basic truth in this matter is that the baby was kidnapped, and that's a capital offense. The Holm family isn't the only one. This nonsense is going on around the whole country. When people are put under pressure from the government, because of it's violent acts, they cave in and try to comply. However, it was psychological exam that really violated their religious or spiritual beliefs. In addition, there was the danger of someone lying on the report and then they would accuse him of something he didn't do. Psychology is junk science and it is practiced by idiots. "Christians" should know better than to submit an exam but like the rest of the uninformed people, they do it to their own detriment. A kidnap is not a crazy idea and the issue is as simple as it gets. There was no abuse of anyone except the State inflicting their bullshit on other people. And there are a lot of parents out there that can testify to the same things that happened to them. What laws apply to the Holm family? Even if I accepted your premise, the government violates its own codes which really mean nothing. If someone is accusing someone of anything, it is up to them to provide the evidence. My evidence is that they took the baby without any probable cause. There's no other issue other than that. I believe you are the liar that is trying to cover up this abomination. Let's face it, the government, if it is going to kidnap children, has no right to exist let alone comply with anything. You can't debate because you have no logical or reasoned point to make. It is a simple kidnapping and I guess you don't want to accept the fact that the government is involved in child trafficking. And they have been doing right in front of our collective faces.

  10. You are sick!!!! The fact that they didn’t want to show id or give fingerprints raise red flags as excuse to take someone’s baby!!!! Wtf who are you or anyone else to make someone Id themselves with no crime committed? This is not nazi Germany where you have to id for no reason other than quote “red flags”. You all should be locked up for your crimes. You are the one who needs to be identified and fingerprinted

    1. The state, State, or STATE has no authority over God's natural law which dictates that a baby belongs with his natural mother and father. Anything else is of the Devil. There was no evidence of any physical abuse and they were trying to enjoy their newborn. People like you are the problem. You worship the state. The facts show that the state is evil to the core; all you have to do is look at it.

    2. They did not "make" them show ID and take the baby away for that reason nor because they did not have a name yet nor because they did not want a social security number nor because they did not want a birth certificate nor because they did not want vaccines nor because they did not want any shots.

      They took the baby away because they did not have a pot to piss in and the DIAGNOSED schizophrenic father was acting like a lunatic. Handing a newborn to a man who is wandering around the hospital mumbling and dirty who also is asking about child services sets a red flag. Them refusing to show ID did not help and the hospital staff did initially think they were another couple but had that not happened it would not have changed the course of this case. When child services arrived they learned these people had only a few items necessary for a baby. They did not even have a car seat.

      To top it off, the community rallied around and helped these two to have EVERYTHING they needed. They were given two trailers, one better than the other. Someone took out a loan to get the second one, which they gave away. All they had to do was allow DHR or a GAL to see the trailer and they would have had their child a long time ago. They refused. They showed a rental receipt and expected that to work.

      They do not want this child back. This has been only about the donations and internet fame. At this point, they are required to take a psychological evaluation due to their absurd behavior and Christian's RECORDED medical history. Before he was first medicated he was going around killing small animals. They know they will not pass and instead of doing it and getting treatment they just lie, just as Thompson is doing so here, to get gullible idiots, criminals who already hate the government, and other lunatics that lost their children for being sorry parents to support them.

      Also, Armani, this is in America where there are places that require ID and people know this and are told this. If they do not like it, they can leave the country.

  11. Regardless of whether they didn't have a "pot to piss in" doesn't address the issue of kidnapping. The first people on the earth didn't need all that and they made it work without the help or the evil of the government. Not having a pot to piss in isn't sufficient probable cause of any abuse. And it is well known that the DHR of Alabama may be involved in child trafficking, which had just come to light by the pizzagate controversy. When did the state determine that poor people are not allowed to have children. There are a lot of people who are trying to "live off the grid." Under the natural law, they have the freedom to do it without any interference from the government. Christian's medical history is not an issue to decide whether or not his baby should be stolen. The people at the DHR are liars, thieves, cheats, and kidnappers with no authority to do any of it. The cops are just as guilty because they are dumbed-down order followers. People like you should grow up and realize that the government is as immature, stupid, and evil as anything can get. Some of the issues you alluded to should be worked out by friends and family.

    As far as the internet fame, Christian took down has Facebook page and I think the reason is that they were getting threatened by someone.

    I think the facts show that the DHR is involved in child trafficking of one form or another and that it is the money that is the motivation. I don't know how deep this all goes but it is extremely ugly.

    1. If you believe the first people on this earth were Adam and Eve, and that their sons were Caine and Abel, then the first people on this earth raised a murderer. Not a ringing endorsement of their parenting skills.

      While parents have rights, children have rights too. Parents' rights to their children extend only as far as how to meet the rights of their children. A child has a right to safety. If a parent is unstable to the point of dangerous, then that child's right to safety must be served, even if it means being away from a dangerous parent. So, yes, mental health history matters.

  12. There was no reason to take the Holm baby. I find it utterly disgusting and outrageous that people like you think that the state has any rights to take children away from their mothers and fathers. The people in the government are communist assholes who are involved in child trafficking.