Monday, July 10, 2017

Free Baby Holm Part 9

(July 22, 2017:    Christian Holm called me on the phone on July 17, 2017 informing me that he and Danielle were going their own way and they felt like they were making a spectacle out of themselves by demonstrating in Washington, DC.  They have shut down their Face Book page so now I am not in communication with them.  I wish nothing but the best for them.  I find it very odd that they would shut down the page that contained all of the rotten evidence against the perps that call themselves the government when the facts showed that the government is a completely Luciferian and Satanic religion.)
(This was written by Christian and Danielle Holm and I am using this article with their permission.  They have contacted the local DA, sheriffs from both Calhoun and Cleburne County, they have contacted the Attorney General of Alabama who stated that they have no jurisdiction over this agency.  The Governor Bently at the time had his own problems with sexual and financial issues so he won't going to be of any help.  He was subsequently arrested and he managed to destroy his whole family, medical business, and the relationships with his own children.  He was obviously not going to be of any help.  They have contacted both Senators who will do nothing to help.  Christian and Danielle Holm are still protesting at the White House
 hoping someone with some influence will have their child returned.)

This is an email we have just sent to DHR attorneys and DHR workers and our baby's attorney. Self-explanatory. Please feel free to email this to all officials in Alabama including the governor. Thank you.
Hi everyone,
We received a call this morning from Kristin Alexandra Martin about an ISP meeting (illegal service provider) and we are taking this time to ask each and every one of you, why? What could we possibly speak about unless it is you calling us to come pick up our CREATED baby boy who you are continuing to destroy the life of?
You all know our family has been absolutely wronged and violated in every way. We were a happy, loving couple delivering our newborn son in a hospital and Stacy Harkins Jackson bombarded our room uninvited, without our consent to completely take over and destroy our lives. Again, Why?
No warrant. No pickup order (which is not a warrant anyway), no injury, no abuse, no neglect, no emergency. No health issues, no drugs. Absolutely nothing. You all know this. You all know based on court testimony from Rachel Israel herself this is all true. You all know from Chuck Haworth himself and his testimony this is all true AND that our innocent baby was breastfeeding at the time he was ripped out of his loving mother's arms. Chuck Haworth's testimony? "you were like any other normal family up there".
You all know you have entered into a court system false hearsay medical records with a false diagnosis with no doctor to take the stand. You all know these so called "certified records" are missing at least 2 other doctors that were seen that confirm this is a false diagnosis that WE weren't even aware of that you are basing your fraudulent activity on. You all know there are no drugs, no alcohol, no abuse, no violence, no self-harm anywhere to be found, but yet you continue playing games at the expense of our loving family who does nothing but serves the Creator. The same way that you have opened up this case on hearsay "evidence" and fraud is the same way you are continuing this case.
Based on a 15-minute "assessment" by Stacy Jackson in our hospital room she determined we are not "fit?" Stacy Jackson knew we were not residents of Alabama. She knew we were passing through and she knows she never gave an answer to us when we asked her BEFORE she allowed Rachel Israel to assault us and steal our baby that we asked her before anything were to happen "what is the most simple way we can live without being harassed by this state?" In other words WHAT CAN WE DO TO COMPLY WITH YOU TO AVOID YOU STEALING OUR CHILD?? This was never answered. Instead, Stacy said she had to call Leslie, so she walked out of the room and came back 30 minutes later with armed officials. We were in compliance for the sake of our son remaining with us. Stacy Jackson and Leslie Smith did not care and didn't allow us to comply. They stole our son anyway. Nothing we could have done mattered. This is theft and kidnapping by way of force and fraud by armed men and women.
Our son was perfectly healthy laying right where he belongs, in his mother's arms. Every single visit, every single second of every visit police officers "supervised us". You know their "opinions" on both of us after spending HOURS (not 15 minutes) watching our family? That we are a normal, loving couple who are attentive, caring, nurturing, and protective of OUR created baby boy and that we were wronged and deserve to be the guides of the baby that the Creator gave to US. Those officers were not allowed to testify at the last hearing. Because you all know that was their testimony. Again. Fraud.
We do not consent to the theft of OUR created baby boy. You are not our God, unless you are trying to say that you are a false god, and that we are your property and that you can dictate our lives and eliminate our free will that our Creator gave to us. That is exactly what you are doing. There has been no harm, no injury, no abuse, nor neglect and you all know this but yet you continue playing a game that you selfishly seek to win at the expense of our lives, OUR CREATED baby boys life, and at the expense of THE CREATOR. There are truly abused babies in the world you could be truly saving, surrounded by drugs, alcohol, violence. You have destroyed the lives of an innocent family. Ask yourself why don't you care?
When you take the free will away from another, when they have done NO harm to anyone or themselves, and do not even have any vices except for some junk food occasionally, all it is, is a game to the one taking away free will to coerce them and convert them into THEIR will. This is what a false god does. We have not harmed our created baby that the Creator gave to US to guide in life. OUR created baby was stolen, ripped off his mother's breast while being given his natural immunizations from his mother's colostrum which was designed by the Creator for only him. He was assaulted and continues to be violated against HIS consent as well as HIS MOTHER AND FATHERS CONSENT. It is psychologically damaging to a newborn infant to be ripped away viciously without cause and to be kept away from his only mother and father for an extended amount of time just because someone else believes they can play god and dictate how another should live. We are not animals to be bought and sold. We have never consented. We have always been under duress, and we will never consent. Our precious baby boy is OUR miracle gift from The Creator, and it is not up to us to judge. The only true judge is the Creator.
OUR baby boy was and continues to be abused by your actions by the mere fact that he was STOLEN, and falsely imprisoned at birth and continues, 9 months later to be kept away from his loving mother and father falsely and fraudulently.
We do not wish to judge. We do not wish to condemn. We do not wish to file suit against anyone. We do not wish to fight. WE have been violated. We have been trespassed against. We have been abused. We only wish to have OUR CREATED BABY BOY back in our loving arms where NO ONE else could love him as much as we could, where he will be the most protected because he is OURS.
We have had to leave the "State of Alabama" which we do not and never have lived in. We are not abandoning our CREATED baby boy who we will NEVER give up on and will NEVER stop fighting for. A baby cannot be abandoned that was stolen and continues to be held hostage by force and fraud. As soon as we are called and told to pick him up, we will be there to pick him up.
We have filed many case laws and Supreme Court laws that prove our rights given to us by the Creator and that have proven we were wronged and continue to be as a family. We have filed into court on multiple occasions, asking how your codes and policies apply to our family who has done no harm and or injury and yet has never received an answer. We have also asked on record in open court and still, no one can answer us. This is not a game. This is our lives.
Your codes and policies are only imaginary rules to govern your false idol /false god system and if one chooses to be separate from that system, as long as they do so in love and never harm another or themselves, and everyone is taken care of (which our baby WAS),that is their right given by their CREATOR. It is called FREE WILL. We were living that right. You have trespassed against us, and therefore you have trespassed against the Creator of us all.
Christian and Danielle Holm

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