Sunday, June 11, 2017

Free Baby Holm Part 7

     One of the frustrations in dealing with any family court system is the utter corruption of the American legal system.  These courts are private corporations, which means that they have to make a profit.  By stealing people and putting them in prison for ludicrous violations is one way they make money.

     In the case of baby Holm, the government stole this child by ripping him off of the breast of his mother Danielle 33 hours after his birth on Oct 11th, 2017.  However, when the Holm family attempted to use the court system to get their baby back, the nonsense that they have experienced was horrific.  The courts exercise their power as if they are gods and they do not follow either God's laws or even their own legal system.  The lawyers and the judges collude with each other to make sure the system is feeding money into their demonic system.

     This happened in the "State of Alabama" when a woman called Rachael Israel and Stacy Jackson stole the baby from Danielle Holm while she was nursing.  A man called Officer Collins held Christian Holm in another room while the two women kidnapped the baby.  It should be noted that Rachael Israel is allegedly married to a Christian pastor.  So much for Christian morality.  And the judge, in this case, Bud Turner, has a degree in divinity which probably means he has mastered Satanism to the max.

     The Holm family has talked extensively to the sheriffs of both Calhoun and Cleburne counties, the district attorney, and the attorney general of the "State of Alabama."  They even went to the governor's office and a few weeks later he was convicted of some kind of child abuse.  Do you see the pattern? No one can give any resolution because none of them seem to be able to exercise their "jurisdiction."  If you have a problem with the government, they have no problem having jurisdiction when they want to get you, but if you want a problem solved, they don't have jurisdiction.  They continue to play the Holm family in order to protect their child trafficking scam.

Read this carefully and then think about it
     The Holm family had continually asked for the facts that show how the Alabama codes apply to them.  They also wanted all of the facts that would show a probable cause that would establish a valid cause of action.  No one would answer their questions in any responsive manner.  They even went to the Attorney General's office in Alabama.  When they returned home, they got a message from that office and the lady said that the AG's office had no jurisdiction to help them.  However, just recently, the AG of Alabama had contacted the AG of Georgia to ask for some medical records regarding Christian Holm.  So, you can see that when the government doesn't want to do anything, they just say that they don't have jurisdiction.  But when they want to kidnap your baby and sell him to the highest bidder, they take jurisdiction or authority and simply do what they want.  This is the worst kind of tyranny and this stinks as badly as communist China; maybe worse.
     The reality here is that these governments a communist in nature and in this case fascist.  The Department of Human Resources (DHR) of Alabama is the modern day Gestapo and no one should ever again rely on the government to help solve their problems.  They are making millions of dollars stealing children from their mothers and fathers and unfortunately few people seem to care.  This baby must be returned to his mother and father immediately.  The people who participated in the kidnapping of this little boy should be tried for kidnapping, and if found guilty, they should be hung.

The government is not your friend
     The government has no value to a productive and peaceful society.  It has had over 4000 years of written history to show that each and every government has been a proven failure.  They have brainwashed the people into thinking that they are there to protect us when the facts show they are here to screw us, over and over again until the last piece of meat has been plucked off of the dry rotting bones of the general public.  If the governments allow this kind of thing to happen to the people, then it doesn't deserve to exist.

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     I'm looking for more examples like this case and I would like people to use my comment section below and tell us your story.  Try to make it brief and on point.

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  1. AnonymousJune 11, 2017

    I have been reading your blog and want to thank you for all
    the information. So I wanted to post some information to help.Please help me get the word out on the following information.
    First of all when a child is taken by the system, the parents in particular the father but both parents must petition the court for the return of their property. The child is their property and they must gain it back by demanding it ( as their child is their property) directly. Use the word property as in "I want back my property named (whatever the child's name is)." There was information on the net about this and people explaining how it was done successfully. If you cannot find it then use Blacks Law dictionary the 16th printing of it specifically and hire a attorney that specializes in the return of personal property. Secondly I have seen post after post in regard to people making food at home and the police citing them for it, the police are acting unlawfully as there are cottage laws that protect a person when they cook and sell food from their home in small batches. Look up the cottage laws in our state, use the wording "Cottage Law" It is time to learn the law people and to use it to protect our families and our country. The structure of our American Republic still stands. It is the people working inside the structure that must be voted out. Learn the law and how the structure of a Constitutional Republic works it is an awesome thing. Look up the law of the land and make our law makers stick to it. It is not taught in school anymore you must seek it out and learn it. It is very important for everyone to study and apply what they learn to protect themselves and their families. Please get the word out today. It is hard to get all the information our alone. Please learn and teach others, if someone doesn't want to know, just go and teach someone else don't stop getting the word out ever.

  2. I had an experience with the Attorney General's office once, a long, long time ago. My boyfriend was killed execution style. I contacted their office, met with them and the FBI. I told them how, who, and explained things they would not have understood. They sent an investigator down...2 weeks later he quit and ran for public office. They sent another one down...2 weeks later he quit to go into private practice....They were sending a 3rd one down. He never made it. The murder is still unsolved today. But my boyfriend's business partners got the insurance money one year later. Then the insurance company went bankrupt. There's more to the story however, The Lord says, what is covered will be is written.

  3. Cleburne County will not allow children, they have taken away from parents , for all kinds of issues , like the father is just in trouble over and over so then they start messing with the mother who has not been in trouble, so they make her take a drug test, she had pot in her system, so they take her 2 little girls one in diapers, she was do ok with them, then because the girls family lives in Ga which is a couple miles from town they lived in,they would not let them have them even the grandparents, so first they allowed an aunt to keep them, she lived in county, then took them and put them in foster care, not even letting the aunt continue keeping them said the father might try to take them, and this was because they get paid for each child they are in charge of---always here in this county it's about the money. they can also take money ,m cars, land, homes if they want to say it might be drug related, then the person will have to prove to court otherwise which will cost them at times more then the amount takwn