Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Conservative Talk Radio Ratings Plummet

      I've just finished reading about how many of the conservative talk radio shows are showing a steep decline in ratings.  It is no surprise to me as I have completely stopped listening to these shows even for some of their entertainment value.  Conservative talk radio shows give the impression that there is something that people can do politically that will help improve the living conditions of everyone in the country.  However, we will see that conservative talk radio is just another pathetic attempt to compromise any political opposition.  This is done by putting Marxists or socialists in leadership positions and then painting "conservative" on them giving the people the perception that there really is some political opposition.  Whether you listen to Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Mark Levine, or Michael Savage, the end result will always be a failed opposition because it was designed that way.  In the United States, there is no such thing as a true political opposition.  It is all controlled by the other side and no matter how conservative or how radical one may seem to be, there is always someone in every group that will sell out their principles for whatever reason.
      One of the worse pieces of legislation to come along in a long time was NAFTA--North American Free Trade Agreement.  So-called conservatives like Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity were in favor of it.  However, this agreement could have been written by Karl Marx.  To me, Limbaugh and Hannity are socialists even though they would deny it.  The thing is that these so-called conservatives embraced these socialist ideas and as a result our economic strength collapsed and over 42,000 factories left the United States for other foreign countries with a less expensive labor base.  This was approved of by almost all of the "conservative" commentators and I finally weened myself off of listening to them because I understand that they provided a false hope of constructive change to the system.  The proof is in the failure.  Hannity and Limbaugh advocated this stupid trade agreement and now they are going to start paying the price, especially since the Republican party refuses to field a real conservative candidate; not that it would help.  And perhaps the reason is that the state as we know it today is an utter failure in terms of keeping us out of wars, producing good economies, and establishing a moral society.  The state is nothing more than a small group of people who want to steal from others so that they don't have to do real work.  The conservative talk radio hosts are facilitators in putting up a false opposition so that the fraud can continue.
     But now their ratings are going down the toilet, and deservedly so.  How many times can anyone listen to their ideas but see no meaningful change or action?  That would be like going to a football game knowing that one team is always going to win.  Over seventy five percent of Americans call themselves conservative but yet a socialist in one form or fashion always seems to get into the White House.  In my view, the political system is so corrupted that I don't believe that it ever had any value because the people who run it are almost completely insane.  But it is the conservative talk radio that helps to keep the socialists going by providing a false hope that someone is going to fix the problem.  The problem never gets solved and the next day it is business as usual.  Listening to any political shows is a waste of time and always has been a complete loss of valuable time.  Why listen to losers?  Politicians are losers even if they are winners because at the end of the day they insist on stealing the labor of working people to promote their psychotic agenda.
     I'm not surprised that their ratings are going down the dumpster.  If anything, I'm surprised that it took so long.  I would have thought that a few years after NAFTA that their whole agenda would collapse.  However, for whatever reason, their ratings continued to grow but I don't believe that these ratings slide will subside.  I believe that some of these shows are going to be cancelled because they simply don't have the trust of the American people.  I'm hoping the people are seeing through the false conservative presentation and they are seeing it for what it is: just another socialist scam masquerading as something it is not.  Controlled opposition is what really happens in American politics.  If political leaders start thinking for themselves, they either get ridiculed or assassinated.
      I have completely weened myself off of conservative talk radio.  It is all show but no go.  I used to listen to it when I had nothing else better to do as I was interested in it, but anymore, I just can't even stand the thought of a Republican, Democrat, and even the Constitution.  They are all words with no action.  Nothing from the political processes produces any benefit to the American people as it is only a scam to drain the hard work and labor from the people who are the producers.  The government is just a group of suckers who don't do anything that is useful, but they do it at the most expensive price they can get.  As a former businessman, I look at the results.  These talk show produce no meaningful results and we have the most socialistic government in world history.  So the conservative talk show pundits have promoted the socialist agenda and they certainly don't serve the American people.  Some of them are entertaining, but that's like listening to a band on the deck of the Titanic.
     The problem is that there are very few moral principles that are associated with government.  Without strong moral principles, no society can survive let alone have a peaceful existence.  Listening to anything political is a complete waste of time and it can even have the unwanted effect of lowering the intelligence of the hearer.  Maybe some "conservative" people are beginning to figure it out.

Walter Allen Thompson is the author of The Grace of Repentance: Keeping God's Commandments


  1. If you want REAL political answers watch the videos put out by the much maligned Lyndon LaRouche. He warned that adopting NAFTA would bankrupt the USA before it even became discussed by the main media. He forecast the fall of the USSR one year in advance. He forecast 9/11 6 months before the event. He forecast the housing bubble popping well over 5 years in advance. He refutes the lying ad-lib historians on Lincoln, Hamilton and the National Bank with sound research.

    Many plagiarize his work, including the infamous Pat Robertson, Tarply, Celente and others. He is much hated by the mainstream; Bush even tried to have him killed, but couldn't and imprisoned him instead. Why is it that intelligent people run in panic at his name? Why is he called an anti-semite, yet many Jews gladly volunteer working for him?

    He was the first to "out" Aquino as a Satanist and how they have become a rouge element within our own universities, military and courts. If you really want to understand economics, DO NOT go to Harvard or listen to TV, you can get a better understanding than most Ph.Ds on the subject studying a few short books by Lyndon.

    What is Lyndon forecasting now? (He has always been right, though his timing can be off by months or years)

  2. it is time for "extreme". forget the baloney democracy which is a basis of evil. the "people" are the fourth branch of the "government". if you don't have TV, then you know what i am talking about....if you watch TV everyday, then you are a brainwashed dumb downed idiot. i had a "mentor" who told me....."i would rather be smacked in the face with the truth....than a lie...."

  3. Excellent article Walter.

    I would only add that one should be suspicious of any claim about "ratings" that come from an "Establishment" source, similar to how one should view with extreme suspicion any so-called "poll" put out by the "mainstream" media. It may just be that the Establishment is signalling that they are in the process of transforming the Republican party into something even more socialistic/liberal. I suspect their plan is to make it seem that the Democrats have a growing and "high" support among Americans, and to transform the Republican party into a more (openly) "liberal" and socialistic party.

    Of course, I wholeheartedly agree that both parties are totally controlled by the ruling jewish "Establishment", and are merely different sides of the same coin, masquerading as "opposition parties."

    One of the biggest issues related to politics that must be rectified in order to improve our government is that REAL/HONEST elections must be restored. The so-called "elections" we currently have are completely corrupted and rigged, with the electronic voting machines "doctoring" and fabricating the "results."

    I hope it is true that conservatives are abandoning the controlled RepubliCON party in mass. I do see signs of a mass awakening to the reality of this Satanic/jewish "New World Order" agenda all around me. For instance, based on conversations with co-workers and friends as well as monitoring of online reaction, I see a lot of sekpticism to this recent Sandy Hook Psyop and black operation, as well as a groudswell of opposition to the gun control agenda.

    It appears we, as the "anti-NWO" community ARE WINNING. Let us NEVER give up fighting for the truth, or family and people, and for all that is good and beautiful.

  4. Good article. More people need to realize that these talkers are put in place to keep wannabe conservatives from becoming to conservative. They spout just enough truth to get a following. I wonder if some of them are sincere and naive.

  5. AnonymousMay 30, 2013

    Check you facts buddy. it's clear that your ceasing of listening to shows about news/politics has lead to the decline in how informed you are of facts and actual ratings. This article is pure spewage, and nobody's ratings are going down the dumpster, there was an easily predictable decline after conservative defeat in the election. It's cyclical, like 'climate change.'

  6. You know, what REALLY bothered me about NAFTA were a few things: 1) the fact that the House of Representatives was involved; 2) that the Senate wasn't solely overseeing this, since it is a treaty; 3) that it was passed with a simple majority vote, not 2/3 of the Senators present, per Art II Sec 2 of the Constitution; 4) the news media's utter FAILURE to point this out; 5) the fact that the conservative talk show hosts didn't point this out. How could ANYONE miss these things?!

    NAFTA's approval was totally UN Constitutional-totally! One, NAFTA was a treaty; since it was and is an agreement between two or more nations (USA, Canada, and Mexico), its approval was the sole purview of the Senate. Two, as such, the House of Representatives was NOT allowed to be involved at all! Three, a simple majority vote was taken in both houses, not the 2/3 of present senators as stipulated in Article II, Section 2 of the Constitution. What was really disconcerting was that NO major media personalities pointed this out, let alone tell their viewers & listeners how WRONG it all was! Oh, there were some local hosts who did so, but you didn't hear anyone on CNN or the big three networks pointing any of this out.

    Even more disconcerting was that people from all ends of the political spectrum were opposed to this; liberals, conservatives, moderates, and libertarians were all opposed to NAFTA. Even though an overwhelming majority of the American people were opposed to NAFTA, it was shoved down our throats anyway! Makes you wonder whether or not elections matter; if they did, then our purported representatives should have listened to us, the people, and respected our wishes by voting down that botched abortion.