Wednesday, January 16, 2013

No Moral Component to This

     I was invited by Mike Fitzpatrick last week to come to Hope, Idaho to stay with is family and to observe his trial for income tax evasion in federal court in Idaho.  Since I had been convicted for similar issues, I was reluctantly willing to go into the courtroom and observe the proceedings.  I had a good idea of what to expect, and none of it was good.  Having been steamrolled myself by federal prosecutors and by a judge, I had a good idea of what was going to happen; unfortunately, I was correct.
     I spend a lot of time on this blog talking about moral principles, and this is what I want to focus on regarding Mike's case.  While some may want to debate the legal issues, the problem is that the government is essentially lawless in it's operations.  And the reason I say this is through my experience in dealing with them at various levels, and the underlying theme of these government and religious people is that they lie.  You know when they are lying when they are moving their lips.  Any truth that they tell is intended to be distorted into the lie.

No Moral Component

    During the voir dire (questioning of the jurors), there was a Christian lady in the jury pool who brought her bible with her.  When it was her turn to answer the questions, she made a statement to the effect that if it came down to ruling between man's law and God's law, she would have to rule using God's law as her guideline.  This warmed my heart hearing her say that.  And the Judge Larry Burns made the following statement: "....there is no moral component to this."  This was an appalling statement but he is correct, the judicial courts do not operate on any set of moral principles.  The obvious problem with this is at most people do have some kind of moral principles that they try to adhere to and understand.  Good morals always work to the benefit of mankind and a system that has no "moral component" is a system that will be chaotic, capricious, and just plain evil.  This is what I had expected; and this is exactly what happened.  The steamroll was on Mike Fitzpatrick and I don't think he was prepared for it.  What followed was the most insane proceeding I've ever seen. In fact, every time I've seen a court proceeding, it has been insane.  It is insane because the truth of a matter is hidden or not disclosed.  I've seen men in prison who got extremely long prison sentences over victimless crimes.  I thought it was just me and income tax cases.  However, almost every crime imaginable put the state as the beneficiary of any incarceration because of the need for large scale prison facilities.  To this court, Mike Fitzpatrick is just another item for inventory.  In the eyes of the state, he is livestock.

" Just the facts mam, just the facts...."

Mike had asked several IRS representatives what fact they had to show that the codes apply to him.  None of the IRS agents could find a taxing statute, code, or whatever to show that he had a liability for the tax.  But in these federal courts, facts don't mean anything because if they did the government would hardly ever get a conviction.  Without convictions, they won't have inventory for their sick prison system.  The same thing happened to me when the big question was: "Show me the law."  These questions are ignored by public officials and most people who have to go to trial will go through hell trying to defend themselves.  At one point, Mike asked one agent and he said: "The code is applicable because it is the law."  Of course, there were no facts to show how it was applicable.  There were no facts to show why it was applicable.  And there was no law that was shown that imposed an income tax on Mike Fitzpatrick.

No life in an immoral society:

Mike Fitzpatrick was intimidated by the judge and Mike did not do a good job in defending himself.  However, even at that, he didn't deserve the upcoming prison sentence that will be imposed on him in May 2013.  He faces up to 14 years for violating a law that either doesn't exist or that is not disclosed. I found this court process extremely disgusting but I was not surprised.  The end result of this is that if there is no moral component to government, then there is no future for anyone.  I look at this at I marvel at the audacity of these people in "government."  This violates God's commandments and it also violates the natural order.  The people in government, in my opinion, are simply crazy psychopaths; without a moral structure, anything goes.  There will be severe problems if this continues.  We will not have to wait until we die to go to hell, we'll be already there.  And the most demented part of all of this is that they enjoy everyone's pain.  The government enjoys killing people and the government enjoys stealing their substance.  The government is the false god of mankind.  And the reason is that there is "no moral component."  The government's end goal is to destroy everything that is good about mankind.  Animals get better treatment than people in their demented world.  And I'm not talking about the US government, all of them are garbage.  It is amazing to me that the most corrupted wack jobs lead entire nations into delusion and chaos.

What's next for Mike?

Because I was able to stay with Mike and his family, it's my opinion that he is going to miss a lot.  He has a beautiful and graceful wife and two lovely daughters and they will have to make it in the world without him.  He will probably never see them get married or see his grandchildren for a long time.  He will lose his business contacts and many of his friends and family will abandon him.  As he is 51 years old now, he will be around 62 when he gets out.  That is a very difficult age to start over.  Plus, his wife Shannon said that she will be without her best friend which is her husband.  Mike has an acute form of diabetes and the proper medications for him will be difficult in prison.  All of this because he dared to ask the question: "What facts do you have that show that the codes apply to me?"  This is an essential element to any crime and he was ignored by the judge, prosecutor, and witnesses.  He was steamrolled into a conviction of a law that wasn't disclosed or doesn't exist.

No life without morals...

There is no life worth having without good moral principles.  What I saw last week was a profound example of how corrupted the court system has become.  Perhaps it has always been that way.  Between the new age freaks, freemasons, and psychotic religious groups--the moral structure of all nations have been deluded into complete evil.  Governments treat their people as if they were livestock.  Without a good moral structure, government will continue to be a plague upon mankind.

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Walter Allen Thompson is the author of The Grace of Repentance: Keeping God's Commandments.


  1. This is exactly what's happening my friend in the world today when it comes to the income tax you are the Corporation and they treat you like a godless Corporation had you would chose to be a true threat to society you would have gotten less time but because people. Challenge the status quo they're giving more time to be made examples of just like Erwin just like yourself and just like many more prisons are not just for you will people for anyone who challenges the status quo.

  2. If the gov't. spent the money on necessary things I would have no trouble paying the tax. Most of us know the whole setup is wrong. Paying the tax is agreeing to the evil agenda. If more people were willing to suffer for what they believe in, things would change. But if you suggest to someone who is complaining to just quit paying they reply "I would lose everything". They are picking us off a few at a time.

    The main problem is this will go on for years unless something drastic happens. It will have to be a natural disaster as Americans are too soft to do anything until absolutely necessary.

  3. You guys need to read THE ERRANT SOVEREIGN'S HANDBOOK by Augustus Blackstone. The only way to win in court is not to go to court - all summons are an "invitation" you can refuse them ~

  4. AnonymousMay 12, 2013

    I concur with Anonymous above. The fact that Mike was in court to begin with means that he agreed he was the "person" being charged on the paperwork, i.e his name in capital letters which is a corporate fiction and not a flesh-and-blood man. At that point he admitted to being a corporate creation of the state and all that was left to determine at that point was whether or not he jumped through all the right hoops to please his corporate masters... which of course he didn't do by not filing. It's amazing that people are still using this "show me the law" argument 30 years later. There is no law involved, just contracts.

  5. The idea that going into a court is voluntary or that it is a contract is utter nonsense. It is never, and never will be a contract in the lawful meaning of the term. You might want to call it a forced contract which is no contract at all because compliance with any of the terms is always under duress. I tried to "unvolunteer" and got chased up the freeway by the feds and the CHP. I figured that would a good time to try out the "contract" nonsense. I almost believed it myself. But since they arrested me, it proves that it isn't a contract. The fact is that the government is run by a bunch of thugs and nothing good comes from them. If it is anything, it is a slave system. Contracts? Never.

  6. Could make a difference for this man?

  7. He's now deceased. Passed away oct 2016 in Las Vegas Nevada.

  8. He's now deceased. Passed away oct 2016 in Las Vegas Nevada.

  9. Hi, so in researching my grandfather, who has the freemason symbol on his tombstone, I have found my path led to you and this note I feel compelled to write. I read your comment from "Freemasons Control the US Justice System" and have to say that it is my current struggle with the School District that has over the past 4 years, proven to exhibit the exact same "ACT" and it has become such an obvious and expected display in its allowance of such behavior upon my sons, one in particular who is now 15 years old, that is identical in every aspect you noted in your comment. It has become my lifes passion to stand for those youth easily stepped on and subjected to bullcrap that others are not. Yet now my battle has become to find Justice to clear my sons names and the extroardinaryily awdacious labeling of behavior problem that has been allowed to befall his innocent mind. Malice is something I have always been incapable of holding onto for anyone and it is a trait my son Jason has gained as his struggle against injustice, prejudice, inequality, and hate started at an early age. So as I know I am correct in saying, that facts show that the same unjust manipulation of the innocent has become occurring within our schools and is being supported by not only their District Offices, but is being supported also by the County Departments of Education. This is my life and now I am finding that it is a disease that we must join together to rid ourselves of. I fear nor love no one as high as GOD. I am a warrior for God and a sister of Jesus. My heart is incapable of malice yet courageous in its trust of Gods plan. There is a storm coming and as loca as I may seem in saying, facts show that standing together will ensure this hate ends at our gate......xxxxJ