Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Greedy Communist Pigs

     What is the point in knowing about all of the various conspiracy theories?  When all is said and done, the fact is that most if not all governments and religions are satanic.  OK, so we got that far, but what do we do with that information.  It isn't like we can just pack up and go to another planet; we cannot.  But what we can do is to minimize the effects of satanism by cutting it off and starving it, and letting it rot in its own corruption.
     The satanist is a greedy communist pig, and it may take may forms: socialism, communism, fascism, democracies, and republics.  And the characteristics of these kinds of governments is that they provide products and services at the point of a gun.  A man may find himself in the awkward position of having to pay a tax to provide abortions--and act that would be offensive to himself and to God.  The GCP (greedy communist pig) doesn't care about morals at all; they will put someone into a cage if they don't agree with them, and even kill them.  They pass laws that they themselves refuse to obey.
     Let's look at the characteristics of a satanist.
     First, all of what they produce is centered around evil.  When everything is screwed up; they like it.  They love it when someone hurts.  They enjoy your misery.  They celebrate your poverty.  They intentionally destroy the economy and take pleasure in the pain of the unemployed.  They do that because they are greedy communist pigs.  Satanists attempt to turn all of the natural law inside out and outside in, with no regard for the natural order that God has set forth.  The lie is the truth; the truth is a lie.  Up is down; down is up.  They enjoy the damage and chaos that comes with the many wars that they start.  They don't care about the people who do their fighting for them.  They always have some young person to do their dirty work.  They hate God, they hate you and me, and they hate the environment which they are continually destroying through "chemtrails" every day.
     A greedy communist pig is a liar.  He represents all that is wrong.  He hides behind black robes, he sprays incense around the church, and preaches obedience to God yet doesn't do it himself.  He doesn't even try.  He likes being a slave to Satan because his mind is hopelessly twisted.  He says that good is bad, and bad is good.  The greedy communist pig will tell any lie necessary to fulfill his agenda.  You can spot the liars: the one who constantly give us the "two-fingered finger."  Almost every well-known personality is subject to Satan.  Their mission in life is to destroy mankind.
     They even lie about the nature of men, women, and children.  They attempt to make them think that they are animals (human beings).  A satanist teaches "evolution" to children who have no way of opposing such a putrid thought.  The greedy communist pig treats people as if they were livestock who live to be fleeced for the rest of their lives.
     The greedy communist pig masquerades as a "patriot" but then stabs his supporters in the back.  That's because he is a liar.  The greedy communist pig accomplishes his dirty deeds by chronic lying.
If it is an organized group, they are most likely a bunch of greedy communist pigs.  If you want to know who they are, just watch the hand signals and look at their occult symbols.  Apparently, they do disclose who they are but most of us don't recognize their occult symbols nor do we stay away from their businesses.  We keep feeding the beast who is intent on eating us.
     The greedy communist pigs break every one of God's commandments.  The greedy communist pigs want to put the state as God.  The state can never be God, nor can the state oppose God's commandments.  It can try, but it will always get the same bad results.  They will kill your mother and your father, rape your daughter, abuse your children, send your young sons to war and then expect you to sing The Star Spangled Banner and give them half your income.
     The entire banking system is evil because of the use of usury and interest.  These things are forbidden in the scriptures.
     The communist pig only cares about death. Satan loves death.  He likes to kill millions of people.  The communist pig are the political and religious leaders  of the world.  Their loyalty is to Satan either directly or indirectly.  Their agenda is a proven failure and that agenda is only in place to serve the needs of chaos and disorder.  All political and religious leaders are failures; whether it be right or left, the end result is always a failure.  Any successes that we see comes from the ingenuity of the people and never from government and religion.
     It is important to stop feeding communist pigs.  Since the root of evil is Satan, one of the main conduits to the Evil One is the oath.  Stop swearing oaths or signing documents under the penalty of perjury.  An important component of satanic activity is the oath. Communism is just another name for feudalism or slavery.  A communist pig is essentially a slave trader; he's a statist.  I've written various articles on this, and I'll repeat it again; don't swear any oaths.  The oath is the path to satanic bondage and to slavery.  If you must deal with governments just don't swear any oaths as it should be against your religious or spiritual beliefs.
     Don't join the communist pigs.  While the pay and the employment seem to be steady, but it is a trap.  Very few people develop good skill sets that are transferable to the private marketplace.  Develop your skills outside of the greedy communist pigs.
     Don't vote for the greedy communist pigs.  This one is easy.  Why even listen to what any of them has to say because you know that they are lying and do not have anyone's best interests in mind.  Just go out and play golf, have a beer, play with your children--life is too short to be thinking about these monkeys.
     Don't listen to the media and read only those things that can produce or improve your good character.  Don't go to their movies, don't buy their music, and shut off the TV.  Anything that a greedy communist pig has to say is worthless, so there's no point in listening to them. Don't participate in their wars.  They have nothing to offer, and as I said before, their system is a proven failure. That dog won't hunt.
    Greedy communist pigs don't like God's commandments nor do they desire to stay within the natural law. Keeping these commandments and laws bring about a more peaceful life.  The greedy communist pigs want to make slaves out of everyone.  Don't help them to do it.  Don't get involved in any violence, live peacefully by not feeding the beast.  Just stand back and watch it rot in its own corruption.

Lipstick on the Communist Pig

Walter Allen Thompson has a new book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land



  1. "but what do we do with that information. It isn't like we can just pack up and go to another planet; we cannot. But what we can do is to minimize the effects of satanism by cutting it off and starving it, and letting it rot in it's own corruption"
    "Don't listen to the media and read only those things that can produce or improve your good character. Don't go to their movies, don't buy their music, and shut off the TV. Anything that a greedy communist pig has to say is worthless, so there's no point in listening to them."

    I wish it were possible to meet like minded people. It just doesn't seem to be that easy?

  2. The notion that communism is immoral is actually incorrect. I'm not a communist but have first hand experience with it from Romania. The communist party of Romania promoted and upheld traditional family values. Homosexuality and abortion were banned. Marriage, family and children were protected. Prostitution, pornography and public indecency were banned. Even premarital sex and extramarital sex were were explicitly discouraged. In fact, if a party member was caught cheating on his partner or got a divorce, he was expelled from the party. They understood that strong families and good social values maintained a cohesive and healthy society. The West couldn't tolerate Nicolae Ceaușescu because of this. When he paid off all national debt to the international banks and declared absolute national independence and sovereignty, they had to take him out in an orchestrated coup. My point is whats happening now in Western society is not communism; its much beyond any political or economic ideology, its simply pure evil devoid of any logical or functional systematic plan other than total destruction, suffering and disintegration.

    1. You have a few good points here but this so-called morality isn’t enough if the government is a bunch of oath-taking. The oath is the ticket to evil and it should be avoided. Communist governments continually lie and charge abusive taxes which is a form of slavery. There is no morality in the communist system; it is slavery.

  3. God is a filthy communist pig altogether.

  4. I’m assuming you mean the god of the buybull. The real God is the one who created everything and if we stay within the natural order then life is good.