Friday, August 3, 2012

Don't Shoot! I'll Pay

     The idea that a product or a service should be delivered at the point of a gun is absolutely absurd and it violates God's commandments and the natural law.  Governments and most religions instigate the most evil conditions upon mankind because of the fact that they are evil; they are the products of Satan.  This may sound harsh, but it is a fact and it is difficult to point to the benefits to any government of the world.  All are so corrupted, that it would take a lifetime just to document a few of them.  If nature behaved in such a fashion, there would be complete chaos and nothing would work.  But mankind thinks he can alter God's natural order and benefit from it.  Any government that is founded upon the oath is evil and it will never produce anything good; just misery.  They will deliver their products and services to the public under the direct threat of violence.  Violence is always the enforcer of choice of a Luciferian government.  If anyone disagrees with them, they are either destroyed in some fashion or put in a cage.
     Some will say that government is a necessary evil.  They are actually acknowledging the fact that government is evil, but evil is never necessary.  The problem is that most everyone in the world is not getting any moral training because that is not the intent of government and religion.  The true intent of these organizations is the destruction of mankind.  They are there to screw with your mind and if you don't like it, they could shoot you.  If you pay them, they might not shoot you because they want your money, so that they can keep destroying more people.  Just ask any man who has been the victim of family court, and you will see the complete injustice of it.  But that is true for any court.
     The real battle that is going on is also spiritual.  There is always the choice between good and evil and that is the key for a man having a free will.  If the good is chosen, a man's life is much easier and joyful; if he does evil, his life becomes extremely difficult.  So then if a government requires a payment enforceable at the point of a gun, then it is satanic.  I should be able to choose which organizations that I wish to support without the threat of pepper spray, taser, or shot in the back.  There are a lot of things that most people in the "United States" pay for that are not necessary nor are they wanted in any form.  The only reason they pay for them is the threat of being shot or put in a cage.  This is a government by violence, for violence, and of violence.  Violence is the key to enforcement of governments.  And it really isn't much different from one country to the other; the substance is the same but the technique or style is different.
     The problem with the way I used to look at government and religion is that I thought that there was some good in them.  That yes, some people are crooked, but there are still some good people in them and I always hoped for the best.  Now, after experiencing the dregs of the leadership in both, it is my conclusion that members of these groups; especially the leaders are going to hell if they don't repent.  The reason for it is that these groups of people are founded upon the oath which resides on the dark side.  No one can do any good with evil.  No good can spring from evil.  A bad tree cannot bring forth good fruit.  But like many other people, I thought there was some good in these organizations, but I no longer think that.  So, in order to preserve my own sanity, I have tried to withdraw from that to the extent possible.  I haven't figured out how to go find another suitable planet, so I'm stuck here for now.
     One of the first steps I've taken is to withdraw from the various media.  I read just enough to know what is going on. The key here is to cut off the lies that enter into your mind.  The lie is the key to effective brainwashing.  A good defensive strategy is to simply cut off all media garbage.  Most of what we hear in the media are either not true or highly inaccurate.  If we actually believe any of it, we will make very bad decisions and we'll have a false sense of security.
      One of the things I've noticed in the last few years is the level of violence coming from the police against regular men, women, and children.  Their arrogance is detestable and they are getting more and more brutal as they attempt to hold together their evil system of psycho-governance.
This is your new world order.  The preferred way would be to establish God's world order by obeying his commandments and the natural law.  This would work much better.  However, until the mind and heart actually recognize that the state is good for nothing, this condition will always continue.
     Just like the body, the mind will be affected by what is being put in it.  The state fills up the children with so much trash, it is amazing that the kids are functional at all.  Thus, no state is better than government as we know it.  They've had over 6000 years of written history to prove that a system of government that is not in line with God's commandments or the natural law is no service to anyone.  They've had 6000 years of history to prove that they are an abject failure of the lowest order.  Once the violence starts, the system is a failure.  And it is ludicrous to think that violence is inevitable.  The problem is that government and religion sow the seeds of discord through their psycho organizations.  If someone disagrees with them; no problem, they just shoot them or put them in a cage. Don't shoot!  I'll pay.  How pathetic.

Walter Allen Thompson has a new book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land


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