Thursday, January 19, 2023

The “New World Order” is Collapsing


The “New World Order” is Collapsing

No matter how hard the advocates of the “new world order” try,  the end result will always be chaos and failure.  The “new world order” is a system of evil intended to defeat the natural order which the real God created.  Fortunately for all of us, this system is failing miserably.  The “new world order” will never destroy the natural order because it’s foundation is based on evil; which is weak and ineffective.

In my opinion, the main thing we have to remember is that when we do evil things, we’ll always get paid back.  The pay-back is worse than any benefit of the evil deed.  The natural order or natural law wins every time it is challenged.  The time frame may be slow but the pay-back will always manifest itself.  It is much better to make sure everything we do is in line with the natural order and we will see the benefits by getting good results on the things we do and say.  

I don’t see much of a purpose in trying to document every turd in the cesspool.  The problem with reading about the “new world order” is that fear and apprehension are put into our minds.  When we govern our lives under fear we will make big mistakes.  The results will always be bad.  I find it much easier to avoid the NWO and carry on with life in a more reasonable and virtuous manner.

I’m trying to use the natural order to judge my own thoughts and behavior rather than using some kind of manmade guidance.   I believe that we all have a latent knowledge of right and wrong; good and evil; so that our own gut or inner feelings will guide us to make the proper decision.  However, we do have a free will to do evil but the problem with that is the pay-back is horrible.  It is not worth it to do evil.  By using right reason and common sense we should be able to come up with a good answer on almost anything we consider.

We need to use our own thinking skills in order to abide in the natural order.  Just because something is written down and published doesn’t mean that it has any value.  We want to be able to discern truth from false; good from evil; and then make good choices.  It is simple.   If there is something that we don’t quite understand, then we should put it aside until we get the understanding.  In addition, it is important for us to be able to make a correction if we find out we have been wrong on any issue.  Make the adjustment to the truth, goodness and we’ll always get a better result.

The main thing to remember is that the “new world order” has no legitimate authority over anyone.  It uses fear and violence to get their way but there’s no real authority.  You can test this by asking a government official the following question: “What facts do you have that show that your laws apply to me?”  They can’t answer it correctly.  Whereas, the natural law applies to everyone the same way regardless of religion, culture, country, and race.

The collapsing of the “new world order” started when the idea began.  It can never be successful.  The “new world order” is a failure on such a grand scale it is difficult to comprehend.  However, by making better choices, we can avoid a lot of the chaos that is coming from the collapse.  I have been watching reports from all over the world, and I am able to see the collapse when it happens.  I look for major failures that are in the news and I attach those to the “new world order.”  When a man or woman is evil, it is self evident.  The evidence is in the bad results.  When a group of people do evil, the same thing happens; bad results.  The best thing that I know is to just sit back and separate from them.  Unfortunately, we’ll be watching the self-inflicted carnage that will be coming down upon their heads.  This collapse has been happening for a long time but most of us haven’t recognized it.  But now it is so obvious.

The “new world order” is a conscious evil that has been tempting mankind for thousands of years.  All men, women, and children are being tempted to do evil and many get caught up in the depravity.  In my opinion, the best way to fix that is to use your own mind and think things through more carefully instead of acting on false information.  Then make better choices.  Keep all of your choices within the natural order and your choice will work for you.  This will always work to the benefit of mankind.

Walter Allen Thompson has a book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land


  1. in what sense are they collapsing the problem is that it is always the same story with us how many civilizations have existed and they all ended in the same destruction the only ones that are not affected are the jews they are the only people that have existed for more than 5000 years

  2. What is currently happening is the result of not standing up for ourselves and standing by to see if this massacre ends miraculously. Nobody demands an account from them, most of them do not think it is hard for them to see reality, they have created a world of total impinity, this has happened since our creation because the true god of this world does not end this, why continue to torture us in this way unless Everything is a lie created by the Jews, both governments and institutions and all the religions that exist.

    1. I agree. Esau (jew) vs. Jacob-Israel (Goy/Gentile/White man)

  3. If a God created the world, then when we look around this world, we should see the nature of that God reflected. What do we see when we look around us? We see life struggling to survive from the suffering of others. Animals are forced to maim and eat other animals to stay alive. Eat or be eaten. This is the nature of God. When creationists preach that a perfect God created this world, they often ignore the fact that this creation is full of imperfections. Genetic mutations occur in plants and animals that cause disability, suffering and injustice. Take, for example, the child with mental retardation or the child born without limbs. If God is supposed to be so perfect, why did he create a potentially imperfect world? And some people are so naive as to believe that heaven will be perfect, when they can't even understand earth well!

    1. You sound like a gnostic. At the Great White Throne Judgement, you can tell God all about His imperfections.

    2. I don't understand Christians like you, who ignore the old testament where it clearly reflects how psychopathic and bloodthirsty that god is, the old testament was the first Bible and over time they created more to make it sound more pleasant, everything horrible that is embodied in that text, if Jesus Christ is a representation of Jehovah according to the trinity, it is clearly contradicting everything that we have been told about "god"

    3. If God , loves us and wants the best of each one of us, why doesn't he put an end to all this lie and this madness, why continue putting up with so much stupidity from those who control the world? Or could it be that religions were created to keep us in submission and see if God miraculously repairs this imperfect world?

    4. even animals live better than us they are not so idiots predators have a limit they do respect the natural order but what happens to us we keep making the same mistakes over and over again


  4. If there is no God, we are talking about nothing and wasting our time. If there is a God, it behooves us as His Creation to ask Him for help in discerning what is going on down here on earth.
    The correct posture, therefore, would not be the raising of a fist in the face of God and declaiming about how unrighteous He is and how cruel and indeed, ignorant.
    The correct stance would be none at all but rather a self-prostration in awe and wonder of His Creation and that He has shared it with us and if we dare, that we may commune with Him and He with us.
    The first step would be to beg His forgiveness for our evil presumptions about Him and ourselves.
    Have you ever read the Book of Job?
    Once you have learned the fear of God, which is devotion and awe, you will stop your childish whining and listen to what He has to say. To you. Only He can make you wise. Until then, your complaining is comparable to a blaring brass, loud noising - devoid of comprehension.

    Why do you assume that I am not familiar with the "old" testament, much less read it? Do you not know that there is nothing old or new but rather only the Law of God is everlasting? He does not change.
    I know that you have not read the Bible at all but are going on hearsay. If you had read the Bible, you would understand who the real culprit of mankind´s misery really is: man himself. You would realize that the root cause of injustice is the pride of man´s own heart, which he vaunts against His maker, who is the Law, which we have been made to believe is bad by the wicked sons of Belial who currently rule over us and this entire realm we call "earth".
    Rebellion against God is the source of all suffering. You, like the majority of the godless, have confused the facts of cause and effect. You put yourself on the throne and God beneath you. Woe, woe, woe.
    Do you realize that the original sin of man was eating the Fruit of his own Tree? Adam did not eat an apple. He ate the Fruit of his own Tree, his first-born son with Eve. Child sacrifice and cannibalism is known as "Baal Worship" in the Bible, which is called throughout, the abomination of desolation. Why do you think Roe Vs. Wade is the centerpiece of lawlessness in America? Why do the wicked only have bloodshed on their minds?
    Bloodshed and torture are perpetrated by mankind, not God, in whose Image we are made.
    If you are really interested in learning the Truth, you must first humble yourself, repent and ask the Almighty God, Father, Creator and Messiah to forgive and create in you a new heart and mind, in order to first get wisdom and understanding.
    Until then, be still and know, that HE is God.

  5. I have to disagree with this post.

    I used to believe that the Book of revelation was a farce....but I have learned some things.

    The greatest point to understand is Ephesians 6:12.

    “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”

    Now, anyone truly obeying God will know that this verse is 100% true. You will receive attacks from the enemy and be assured that higher spiritual powers are at work against you. Anyone who has not experienced this is living according to the will of the enemy. There are no exceptions.

    The next eye-opener for me was in 2020 when I realized that the "mark of the beast" is a real thing. What has been "administered" is the abomination of desolation...and anyone who took it will pay a very high price...and they will see this very soon.

    Unfortunately, Walter, your entire first paragraph is flawed:

    "No matter how hard the advocates of the “new world order” try, the end result will always be chaos and failure. The “new world order” is a system of evil intended to defeat the natural order which the real God created. Fortunately for all of us, this system is failing miserably. The “new world order” will never destroy the natural order because it’s foundation is based on evil; which is weak and ineffective."

    The fact is that the NWO "has" been given God try and test the saints. But only for a time.

    Things are going to get orders of magnitude worse before they get better. And they will only get better via supernatural intervention from God.

    You are running out of time to learn these profound truths, my friend. Humble your heart, change your perceptions, and Wake up while you can.

    1. Truly, how is it possible to trust a book like the Bible that has been altered all this time? It's unbelievable that they put their faith in a god they've never seen, met, or spoken to in person, or even know how they think or act. If the NWO has received the authority of the Jews who control the world, the worst of all this is that they are using the Holy Bible to bring their messiah and exterminate all non-Jews in addition to inheriting the promised land.

    2. It is incredible the power that the religions that were created by the Jews have to numb their minds just look at the answers they give they do not know what is happening in the real world

    3. I was once a fool somewhat like you. However, The Most High saw fit to show me truth. Even if there were no Bible...there is indeed The Creator. And there are indeed creations higher than man, and some of those are incarnate evil. True revelation of truth can only come to a person if they are literally ON THEIR KNEES in full submission to the Highest of all "beings"...who is is the CREATOR OF ALL SOULS AND OF THE UNIVERSE.

      Since you have wasted your lifetime in not seeking this truth...and not being humble enough...the Lord is going to make all of these truths manifest to you. The devil and his armies are going to come to the earth--in the flesh--and be tangible in your life. This will happen soon. will believe in God, and seek HIS protection. The world as you know it will soon change.

  6. AnonymousJune 18, 2023

    The New World Order is chaos and death and destruction so that the solution can be offerred which is Israel running the whole world and every country dissolved, land will be providences of Israel not individual countries. So the New World Order is right on track and doing perfectly. You must have had a different notion of what a New World Order would be, thinking that there would be order and there will not be until the Jews Military takes control and then there will be a global new order run by Jews via the Military they own world wide......

    1. Zionists you mean, unless you are unaware of the reality of who they are. PAGANS ,Khazars.who adopted judaism in 740 AD..They hide behind the CLOAK OF JEW YET ARE NOT... Revelations 2:9

  7. The powers to be have always been in control and still are. The thing is that since the c-hoax everything is becoming more clear for the citizens. Once you're awakened you can never go back and from then you see through all their agenda's.

    We know for sure that politicians, multinationals and the media are in bed together and they make our lives miserable. Not one problem get solved. Instead they create problems every day.

    In Belgium we just learned that there is 1 company is placing all the ANPR cameras in Flanders. They cash in all the fines. They have all our data. No problem with privacy for our rulers. Plus they get 50% of all the money from the fines. No the government doesn't use the money to better the roads, bike paths or anything else. No they just cash in. There was 1 article about that in one newspaper. It should have been the news of the day. But no. Keep the people dumb and so they can do what they want. It so sickening. And then they tell us that it is for our own safety. Just like with the vax.