Monday, February 5, 2018

Losing My Best Friend

     Losing a dog is very traumatic and my case is no exception.  This little guy was called Spot and he was a blue-eyed Boston Terrier.  He was a very loving and kind dog.  He had a terminal case of cancer and he died on my bed at 10:10AM on 11-2-17 after a long fight to keep him alive.  He was such a source of joy and comfort that I had a difficult time keeping myself together.  However, I also felt a lot of happiness and honor to have been his friend and I'll never forget him.  In fact, if there is a heaven for dogs, I hope I'll be able to be there with him when it is my turn to depart this world.

Like getting hit by a freight train
     When Spot died, I couldn't believe the feelings that I had.  There was not only the horrible grief; but also, the joy that I had because he was my best friend.  At the dog park, he thought he owned the place and he barked incessantly at the other dogs.  He would chase the other big dogs and they would run from him.  However, every so often, the big dog would turn on him and he would yield to him.  One large dog had enough of Spot's shit that he put is mouth on Spot's back.  Spot never bothered that dog again.  Dog's seem to have their peaceful way of sorting things out.  They get in little spats but they will usually handle it among themselves.  Losing a pet like Spot was like getting hit by a freight train.

Do dogs have spirits?
     When he died, I could still feel his presence.  The night after he died, I thought I heard him shaking his head with his ears flapping.  I was thinking that he was still hanging around in his spirit because I could feel the comfort of his presence.  It was an odd experience.  It was like having two opposite emotions at the same time: 1. the despair of losing such a nice animal, and 2. the joy of having such a great dog.  I believe that dogs do have spirits, but obviously, I cannot prove it but I can sense it around me.

Spot saved me
     Around the time of December, 2016, I was going into my apartment and all of a sudden Spot lunges at someone who was standing right behind me.  Spot was a tough guy.  I'm assuming this person was a mugger or troublemaker of some kind and he ran out of the apartment complex through the bushes.  It was very weird.  But Spot took control over the situation and got rid of the guy.  With a dog like him, you don't need a bodyguard.

Great memories
     When I was living in the mountains in 2012 we were walking on a trail and Spot saw a deer.  This is a dog who starts to breath hard at other types of animals.  He chased the deer down the hill and onto the railroad tracks.  The last I saw him was him and the deer running at full speed right down the middle of the tracks.  I tried to find him and I looked for over an hour and I couldn't find him.  I was very upset and despondent that I might have lost him.  Then, I walked back home and there he was sitting at the front door waiting for me to come home.

Good judge of character
     Spot was always a friendly dog but he had a very good asshole detector.  He could tell if certain people were not to his liking and he would get in their path and start barking.  This came in very handy by alerting me to someone who might not be a nice person.  Most dogs have this ability but some are better than others and Spot was one of the best.

Full of love
     This dog had a great heart as do most dogs.  He always leaned into me when I was sitting or lying down.  He loved to have his tummy rubbed and he got that from me right up until he died.  And he loved women.  He would jump up and try to lick the woman's face which was a bit annoying but I don't remember him doing that to men.

God's consolation prize?
     Dogs are a great improvement in most people's lives.  In my case, I couldn't imagine my life without having a dog.  Someone once said: "If you want true love, then get a dog."  There is a lot of truth to that statement because dogs don't seem to be subject to evil inclinations as most people.  Thus, when all else fails, the love of a dog saves a man's life and gives him a purpose.  While I'm still sad that I lost Spot, I feel like it was an honor for me to have had him as a true friend and I will keep all of the great memories for the rest of my life.

I Wish I Had a Woman as Nice as My Dog 

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