Friday, February 27, 2015

Value of Education

     I think it is time for people to begin to re-think the whole process of education.  In terms of money spent and the results that are manifest, I come to the conclusion that about 80-90% of the time spent in school is a grand waste of time; and in fact, does little to nothing for the intellect of young people.  I also will go as far as saying that the education system in most cases makes students dumber than if they had just gone out into the workforce and acquired skill--developing their talents.  To have to sit in a classroom for 12 years and then go another 4 years to college or university seems to be a big waste of time and money.  At the end of the education, many are saddled with monstrous debt burdens with little in earnings to show for it.  Many are still living at home in their twenties and thirties with little hope for the future due to a tight job market.  Sixteen years of schooling is enough to drive anyone crazy given the low quality of education.  Many can't read or write properly and their math skills are lacking.  They haven't been prepared for the real world job market, nor have they been prepared to possibly start their own businesses.  Let's look at the facts about education as it stands today.

Government run psycho wards

     Most schools are run by the government, and that's bad news right from the start.  Most communists, socialists, fascists, and other "liberal" perverts seem to gravitate toward teaching. Even the so-call conservatives are just as bad because the underlying system is completely evil.  The government then sets these kinds of agendas, and then completely indoctrinates the young people into believing the most outlandish ideas by teaching their lies as truth.  A libtard has nothing to teach anyone because they come from a system or idea of government that has shown to be a proven failure.  Since the Bolshevik revolution, almost all of the world's governments has embraced communism.  Since they are proven failures, it is not much of a stretch to see that the reason these people gravitate to teaching is so they can be in a position of authority and few students question them.  These insane teachers inculcate such nonsense as "sexual" liberation, LGBT, evolution, and global warming.  A libtard is almost totally devoid of any morals, thus the young people are not taught what they need to know to become successful people.  A libtard is not capable of teaching anyone anything good.  Even if they teach some subjects correctly, their truths will come to distort and to cover-up their lies.  So, being educated by a group of communists is bad enough; but then, having to pay for it is even worse.  This is why I think schools should be shut down.  Their failure is self-evident.

Schools are a type of prison camp

     Ever since I can remember, in my early years I was constantly going to school.  I went to private schools so I was somewhat better off, but the brainwashing was present there too.  I don't see the point of any "school" unless real skills are being learned.  A real school should be allowed to open and then let the marketplace determine which school survives.  These would give the young people more of a chance to learn skills they can use and have good careers.  But to allow government to operate schools, colleges, and universities is a recipe for disaster.  The whole idea of the "State" is drummed into the young person's head; over and over, and unrelenting barrage of bullshit that is of no value.
Commie Core

     This so-called curriculum is nothing more than communist propaganda.  The worst part about public school is their collection of personal family information in the classroom.  I've had personal experience with this and I was flabbergasted that an essay one of my son's wrote showed how many guns were in the house.  Anyone who teaches in a public school is a jerk and should be ashamed of himself.  That may also apply to private school.  There will always be an economy as long as there are people on the earth, thus, it makes more sense to give the children skills that they can use in their chosen careers.  Commie Core (Common Core) is simply another way to twist and distort the minds of young people and it is another method of mental child abuse.

Lessons by Necessity 

     In my opinion, most of the real learning comes from on-the-job-training and from necessity.  If a man starts a business, he will have to learn the common business practices, establish a paper flow in his business, market his product or service, and then meet a payroll.  Little to none of  this is taught from the 12 grade or below.  Instead, stupid things like psychology, evolution, and sociology are taught which are pseudo-science.  No one needs psychology or sociology, but they do need to know how to make money.  Young people coming up are not taught how to make money and they was too much time in school learning nothing useful.  And that's the whole point of a communist school system, in that you weaken the young people so that they can be more easily controlled.


     In today's environment, it is much better to home-school the young children.  This way, the parents know how to keep them safe from the communist libtards.  Just remember, a libtard has nothing to teach anyone as they are useless people right down to their very core of existence.  These are the people who gave us communism, evolution, global warming, and other stupid ideas that have no basis in facts.  The home-schooler is not exposed to nonsense like that and it can go a long way to keep the child out of the clutches of the psycho-communists.

College and University

     It was my unfortunate experience in college that I was subjected to the rehash of courses I took in high school.  So again, my time was being wasted learning garbage that I had no interest.  At the college age, students need to learn skills that will make them money.  They need to build their skills so that they can support their own families.  So, unless they are doing that, college and universities are another grand waste of time and money.
     I remember many years ago I wanted to become an airline pilot.  So the most obvious thing I did was to go to a flight school and learn how to fly an airplane.  I did that over 50 years ago.  But the problem I had was that I had to get a 4 year degree in order to be considered to be hired by the airlines.  My thinking was this:  What is the relationship of having a college degree and flying airliners?  I can understand an aeronautical degree perhaps, but that wasn't required.  We just had to have a 4 year degree in something.  However, submitting myself to unrelenting mental torture of college and university was too much for me to bear, and I gleefully left the campus one day and never looked back.  I never became an airline pilot.

Value of Education-Skills Pay the Bills

     I have seen throughout my years that a man's skills determines how he is going to do in the prevailing economy.  Everyone has different talents and inclinations, so it is important to focus on those things which will allow the man to earn a good living.  With all the available computer methods to learn, it almost makes school itself obsolete.  Public schools should go the way of the buggy whip.
They are more destructive than constructive and it doesn't make any sense for young children to have to endure these prison camp type environments.  Instead, they should be able to grow up in a nice healthy environment close to their parents and let the parents do what is right for their children.
     I've seen time and time again where people have become successful without a college degree.  I've seen men with only a 5th grade education be successful and productive in their lives.  It's because they are willing to learn by necessity.
     I met a young man who did not have much of a formal education but he knew how to design on computers and landed himself a high paying job with a mobile software company.  He told me that he learned how to code from friends of his and he kept working on his skills until he reached a level where he could get a good job.
     Education should be more relevant to the real world.  As it stands now, education is nothing more than a communist training camp which is a horrible fate for any young person.
     Looking back, I really didn't like school at all but I did enjoy learning useful things.  I made the best of if for as long as I could tolerate the nonsense, but it came to a point to where I didn't want to listen to stupid subjects as evolution, communism, socialism, fascism, or any other useless topics.  I simply walked off the campus never to listen to that garbage again.
     By the time a child finishes college or university, they have logged in at least 16 years.  If the kid is 22 years old, he only had about 6 years of peace and quiet at home with his mom or dad.  School is too disruptive and it is anti-social.  It pushes trashy subjects on the children which most people do not want, but for some reason they tolerate libtards for some unknown reason.  And this is the reason I think public and most private schools should be abolished.  And in their place, there should be a more efficient system to develop the talents and the skills at an earlier age so that they can move on with their lives.  I think this would be better than sitting in a prison camp environment and just waiting to be released.
     Remember, there is no value in learning things wrong no matter how much you paid for it.  You became dumber or less intelligent because you learned things that are not true.  There is no value in falsehoods.

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Walter Allen Thompson is the author of The Grace of Repentance: Keeping God's Commandments



  1. Excellent. True!

  2. I think that compulsory mass schooling is toxic. Warehousing children for years, isolating them from their families and neighbours and not letting them follow their natural inclinations is inhumane. If you want to rear healthy well-adjusted children homeschool them. A friend of mine was homeschooled because of remoteness. Her mother gave her and her siblings lessons in the mornings and the children were free to roam wild for the rest of the day. She was the most intelligent and well-read woman I ever knew.

    Have you read John Taylor Gatto's books? ("The Underground History of American Education" and "Weapons of Mass Instruction" inter alia). He said, "that, by nature of the profession, educators teach 7 lessons: confusion, class position, indifference, emotional dependency, intellectual dependency, provisional self-esteem, and a lack of privacy." Wonderful stuff.

    Ps. I don't understand the comment options.

    1. Thanks for your comment. After I'm done reading the first book you mentioned I will post the link as it is available as a .pdf file on a Google search. All comments are moderated by me before they are posted.