Monday, September 24, 2012

The Dangers of Lying

     One of the most evil things a man can do is to lie.  The reason is because a lie distorts the thinking and the ultimate actions of the person who hears it.  If I tell a lie to a man, just the damage the lie does to the one who hears it is almost unspeakable.  Some of the things I have encountered recently has given me pause because I'm thinking that the ultimate mind-control weapon is the lie.  Politicians, religious people, business people, and many people from all walks of life rely on the lie to get people to do things that they wouldn't normally do.  And that is why it is so evil as it breaks God's commandments and it also breaks the natural law.  Twisting another man's mind is very evil and should always be avoided.
     With the political system going through its election cycle, each candidate goes through the motions of thinking that the people are going to have their say as to how will be their leaders.  However, instead of that, the voters are choosing who are going to be their slave-masters.  It's pathetic because the act of voting makes them think that they are free and they have a choice; when the reality is that they are slaves and are choosing their massas.  The lie is that government, especially the one here in the United States makes people think they are free when they are not.  This is how the lie is used to control the thoughts and the actions of the people.  They use lies and deceit to make people do what they normally wouldn't.
     A good example of how government uses the lie is the release of Barack Obama's birth certificate.  Anyone who has used graphics software knows that the multi layered image released by the White House is a fake and a fraud.  Millions upon millions thought the matter was settled.  The problem is that it is impossible for that image to reflect the true document.  Thus, Obama lied, the person who manipulated the image lied, and the staff at the White House who posted it lied.  But in their world, lying is the normal course of action.  They lie as a matter of policy.  The problem is that they are going mad doing this to themselves and the people who have to listen to this drivel.  My main point here is that millions and millions of people have had their minds intentionally distorted by the lie.  The counterfeit was so bad that I think it was done on purpose to taunt those who were trying to get to the truth.  Is it a fraudulent birth certificate?  If it is, what is anyone going to do about it?  These liars do it "in your face."  And now, if anyone questions it, they'll double down on the lie just to drive home their point.  So my thinking is to never allow their crap into my mind again.  I can't believe anything they say, nor do I want to.
     Another example is when a person goes into a courtroom.  The paperwork is all lies: from the beginning, to the middle, through the end.  Nothing but unadulterated bull excrement and gibberish.  The reason is simple.  When anyone gets a presentment in court it will read: JOHN DOE and then in the body of the fraudulent presentment you'll see John Doe.  I have asked courts and DAs to explain why they can't write according the the rules of English grammar, and even asked one how could they pass law school with that kind of English?  The problem is that the documents lie to the person who hears or reads it.  Can't ask the jerk in the black robe because he is as psycho as the people who wrote it.  So normal men and women really don't have a clue as to how to proceed because they are confronted by lying paperwork and lying lawyers and judges.  Christ was correct when he called them "a brood of vipers."  A viper is a poisonous snake which aptly reflects who these people are and the Satan they serve.  There is no good reason to ever associate with anyone of them for any reason.  Sometimes we are drawn into a proceeding, but the main thing to understand that the legal process is and always has been about upholding the lie.  Any legal proceeding is actually a satanic religious ritual which is idolatry.  When a man speaks to a liar, he will never understand it because the information is bogus.
     When I associate with a liar, I always get my head twisted.  I'm thinking one thing, when another is true.  Since I don't like to be lied to, so now I simply try to stay away from them and I don't listen to what they have to say any longer.  I could care less what a liar has to say.  If they are under an oath, they are liars.  It makes no difference what the subject matter is, if a man or woman is lying, then nothing they say means anything and should be discarded as rubbish. 
     It is the same thing when we ingest lies from the various media sources.  One should always test the validity of the information before putting it into the mind as truth.  One of the best ways I've found is to simply unplug the TV, radio, and limit the use of the internet.  Anything that is written down should be always suspect of its veracity.  Even those things which are supposedly seen on a video should always be suspect.  Remember, if you are going to believe and use information, I would think that it would be helpful to know whether or not it is true.
  •  Double check all information for contradictions.  If you find contradictions, just know that you will need to have the truthful information before you proceed to take any action.
  •  Consider the source of the information.  Even sources that aren't reliable will sometime dispense the truth.  Take the time to do the research to make sure you have all the facts.
  • Decide whether something is a fact or is it an opinion.  Truth relates to facts; whereas, an opinion may or may not be true.  If it is a fact then use it accordingly.
  • I would avoid fiction readings.  Some things are so close to being the truth, but it is my opinion that reading fiction distorts the mind.  Think about it, when an author labels it fiction (I've done this), he's telling you that the story isn't true.  If it isn't true, then why consider it?  There isn't really any information that is going to edify you in any way.  The problem is that fictions still depend upon the truth, shaded with BS.  Even if you know it's fiction, as a whole, it is still poppycock.  Why put nonsense in your mind?
  • Do not associate with people who are known liars.  It has been my experience that they are completely undependable and they aren't really good company.  I don't like being around them, and I save myself a bunch of grief by avoiding them.
     Lies do not have any beneficial effect on anyone and I suppose that's why it is a commandment.   God knows just how dangerous the lie is and it is important that we make sure that nothing but the truth comes out of our mouths.  People who lie are impossible to deal with in any sane manner.  Every interaction with a liar will profit nothing, will be good for nothing, and will be a complete waste of time.

The Lie Doesn't Work for Good

Walter Allen Thompson has a new book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land


  1. Guy Reid-BrownSeptember 25, 2012

    Excellent - very important! A person's Race, Religion (or lack of it) or Creed are all far less important than whether they are Liars or Truthers. A Truthteller is always Gold, wherever they are coming from. Being caught out in a Lie should, of course, debar anyone from holding any sort of Public office at all. That isn't going to happen, and as none of us have much power over anything except ourselves, we should use that power over ourselves to always tell the truth. Lying to oneself is all-pernicious too, of course. Anyone who will kill an innocent/ innocents for a belief system know they are wrong already, unconsciously. They kill to paradoxically uphold their own conviction which they don’t really have and are terrified of losing. They can’t bear the idea of anybody thinking differently. If people didn't lie to themselves and other people, none of this would happen.

    We could and should learn a lot from the Animal Kingdom, a concept which some of the pieces put up here has addressed of course.

  2. you said "One should always test the validity of the information before putting it into the mind as truth. One of the best ways I've found is to simply unplug the TV, radio, and limit the use of the internet. wouldnt that also include your "INTERNET SITE AND THE INFORMATION YOU ARE POSTING ON IT" i mean in reality how do we know anything you are saying is true? that is the definition of hypocrisy. you cant have it one way without the other... if we should limit the use the internet. then that by all means says to limit your site along with all the rest!!!! because I dont personally know you. so how do i know your not one of the corporation formerly known as the government disinformation specialist?? maybe you should rethink some of what you posted on your site. because if we limit the use of the internet then in reality you're wasting your time posting all of this because by your own words. WE SHOULDNT BELIEVE ANYTHING ANYONE SAYS!!!!!!

  3. yes dumping fiction is important.

  4. pierre said...
    truth first, consequences later, subject to the do no harm, law of good intentions.
    simple really.

  5. No, I will still continue reading fiction and I will never dump it. What you wrote about fiction, is jut utterly ridiculous. Jokes are also, mostly fiction (you will never meet Chinese, American and Russian walk into the bar, at the same time) so, we reject them as well? THE FUCK?!
    Yes, a fiction that pretends to make reality claims is very dangerous (like religious books), but not other kinds of fiction. So, reject all literature, just because it is fiction? Congratulations, you have destroyed 90% of man's culture. Here is nice articel why fiction is important. While you're continue soaking how fiction is a lie, I will be enjoying reading Terry Pratchett, and stories about boy made out of rubber who travels aroung the World.

    1. Fiction is not the truth. That's the problem. While you won't "dump it" then it looks to me that you're hooked on bullshit. It it does appear that 90% of man's culture is bullshit. Bullshit is bullshit and you can't deny it. You don't want to dump your bullshit instead of reading something more intelligent.

  6. Lying can be really dangerous; it can lead to all sorts of ugly things, such as cheating, stealing, and even jail time. Remember, the truth never stays buried for long; as you keep telling lies, the truth will soon be revealed and people will not trust you.