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Richard Michael Simkanin: Dead in Prison 12-28-2010

     I was shocked when I was informed that Richard had passed away.  I was in the middle of answering a letter he had sent to me in November.  We were both a part of the "tax protester" movement and both of us appeared in the USA Today Ad regarding the fraud of the income tax along with three or four other men.  I actually met Dick at a meeting in Arlington Virginia in February of 2001.  Both of us gave speeches regarding the problem with the income tax and that we as "employers" were not required to withhold funds from our workers' paychecks.  Dick went to prison around the end of 2003 if I remember correctly, and I went to prison in May of 2005.
     Dick was one of the nicest men I've ever known.  He had a great sense of duty to the truth and he was always respectful of other peoples' views, even if he disagreed with them.  He also had a great sense of humor.  Both of us trusted the system.  We had faith in a system that we thought were governed by a certain set of laws and moral principles; we were wrong.  In both cases, exculpatory evidence was withheld from the jury to insure our convictions.  In my case, I remember standing in front of a judge showing how the income tax was repealed in 1939, yet when I brought this up I was told that I had to pay my taxes.  So much for the written law.
     One thing Dick said to me in a letter that cut to the heart was the following: "Please don't send anything about mainstream Christianity.  It's been so watered down it's actually reverted back to paganism.  I read your article about "Idiot", it was good and it fits today's Christian."  The reason why it cut to the heart is because I agreed with him.  Having spent time reading the Bible for over 25 years it is my conclusion that what is being passed off as Christianity is nothing more than paganism.  The Christianity part is the "sheep's clothing" on the wolf. ( The article Dick was referring to is: How Did We Become Such Idiots?" which is posted here on this blog, and a .pdf version is posted on   Those who call themselves "Christians" don't act like Christians nor do they want to do much to improve their behavior.
     The reason for this is simple.  There are only two ways a man can go:  either it is going to be God's way, which is God's world order, or it is going to be Satan's way, which is the "new world order".  New world order is just another name for Satanism.  What Dick and I didn't understand was that the government and religious systems are essentially the same thing, just the flavor is different.  So we both jumped into the cesspool thinking we could do some good with it, when in fact, all we did was to destroy our families and businesses.  Dick had a $5,000,000 plastic extruding company, and I had a more modest aviation flight bag manufacturing company which grossed over $1,000,000 in its best year.  Between the two of us, we had about 50+ people working at any one time.  Both Dick and I became divorced from our wives over this, and my marriage of 32 years broke under the pressure of the battle with the "government".  I think our problem was that we just couldn't fix stupid; we couldn't fix evil.  Stupid and evil are the essential ingredients of a government that is completely outside of God's laws.  So, nothing good happens when they do anything.  And seeing how it was operating under Bush and now Obama, the end result is stupid and evil.
     I understand that the Feds buried him as no one from his family claimed his body.  The "patriot" movement ran scared and were more trouble than anything else.  It provided a false hope, a false hope of some kind of remedy under a system that is completely on the dark side.  You see, Dick was still in prison because some wing-nut provided to him some papers to file in the court, and as a result, he got another seven years for violating supervised release.  So that makes me think that this could have been done to him on purpose.  Anyone who thinks that the U.S. Constitution is a document of freedom is either naive or just stupid; maybe both.  There is no law other than Smith and Wesson 101.  This country does not have a true body of law that can be used.  I suspect that the reason for that lies with the use of the oath.
     But what I come away with in my relationship as a friend of Richard Simkanin, is that this was a man who I had a lot of respect for and I felt honored that we were both friends.  He had the courage of his convictions and he actually acted upon them.  While I didn't always agree with him, he was a man who believed in getting to the truth.  Eventually, we both were able to come to the same conclusions on many things.  And when he called today's "Christians" pagans, he hit the mark right on the spot.  Richard will be missed by a few of us and will be remembered by a few of us and I was very happy to be able to call him my friend.

Walter Allen Thompson

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  1. I just researched the case of dick simkanin. Im 37 years old, I dont know much about tax laws, but i had the privilige of being incarcerated at the jail unit of FMC fort worth during his trial. He gave me the book, the monster at jekyll island, im sure i spelled that wrong. he told me alot about his case, told me to invest in gold! Theres never been a man has foretold me more stuff that would happen in the future then he. I was 24 wasnt sure if i believed everything, he told me but everything was true. One thing i dont see mentioned was his first trial, the one that ended in a hung jury. he told me 10 out of 12 jurors sided with him, but that the goverment always put "Ringers" on a jury in a case of this magnitude. he also told me about the second trial, that Mcbride, who happened to be my judge, railroaded all of his attorneys attemps in the second trial, being that he already knew where they were going. I meant to write him and thank him for everything he educated me on, but i just learned he died. I feel very sorry that this man had to die for doing something that i truly feel he was right about, do to unjust judicial prosecution. Oh yeah he said the offered him two years after the first trial which he had already done, which he turned down to be a martyr. Thel Renfro 98801-079