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Swear an Oath; Tell a Lie

Swear an Oath; Tell a Lie

     I've been thinking about the oath again, and one of the things that has crossed my mind is if a man takes an oath, is he not lying?  While he may have all the right intentions, how is it that he knows that he'll be able to keep the oath?  The answer is obvious.  He cannot know for sure whether or not he will keep it because he cannot accurately predict the future.  So when he takes an oath, he is lying.  There is no true oath that a man can lawfully take; they are all false.  So then a false oath is one taken by a man or woman, and they are false just by their very nature.  Only God, the Creator of the heavens and the earth can swear an oath.  A man who swears oaths is one who is attempting to usurp the authority of God Himself.  This of course is stupid, because the attempt to usurp His authority by swearing oaths is weak and dysfunctional.
     Why are the oaths used?  The intent of the oath, as all things that are against God, is to destroy mankind.  There is no other purpose for it.  The oath has a man violate God's law just by taking it.  The oath is an act of idolatry, and it is so commonplace, that its presence is hardly noticed.  Yet, it is present in almost all political and religious systems.  The only religious system that forbids it is true scriptural Christianity.
     The oath is the primary tool of antichrist to destroy mankind and ruin his life in so many ways.  It sets mankind upon the path of evil; disabling him from doing any good for himself because the oath is the oath of bondage.  it binds the soul to a bond; it is the worst thing a man can do to himself.  Those people in the United States, in the political system, who are on the "right" or on the "left" always speak about their oaths to the system.  What they do not realize is that the oath is the major component of death and hell.  The U.S. Constitution could have been written without the oath, but it was put in because those "founding fathers" were subject to antichrist and not the Jesus Christ (the Messiah) of the true scriptures.  Thus, the whole political and legal systems are bad religion rather than a type of politically system.  In this case, religion and politics are intimately intertwined by the oath; it is the common denominator when reduced to its lowest form of evil.
     Swearing oaths offends our Creator.  If there is a quick and easy way for a man to put himself in hell, the oath would be the primary tool to get the job done.  And this is why nothing good gets accomplished within the religious and political systems of the world who use the oath.  It is very clear in the Gospel of Matthew that a man is not to swear any oaths, yet this is done over and over again, everyday of the year.  Think about it, it would have been just as easy to write the Constitution without the oath.  If they wanted a system like the one they had, why use the oath?  I think this is the key to satanic "authority".  Evil comes from Satan, Satan is evil, Satan and his angels swore an oath to offend God, and the rest is history.  The oath is a symbol of fealty that binds a man to the authority of Satan.  This should explain why everything is so confused and chaotic in the world's religious and political systems.  Thus, the Constitution of the united States, using the oath, becomes a bankruptcy, tax, and slave document.  It is not the document of freedom so many people are led to believe.  And it is the oath that pushes it over the edge from being acceptable to God our Creator, to nothing more than a dysfunctional document founded upon the principles (or lack thereof) of Lucifer.
     The swearing of oaths is the major problem of man in keeping away from evil.  The remedy is quite simple: don't swear any more oaths.  This is what repentance and amending our lives is all about.  If most people would understand this, life in all countries would become more tolerable.  But under the oath, we subject ourselves to the most evil and decrepit existence that we can every imagine.  Because it sets the whole course of mankind upon the path of death and hell.  There is no other way to say it.  There is no virture in any oath taken by a man; only God the Creator has the capacity of taking an oath.
     There is no power for a man in taking an oath because it always leads to evil; destruction of his body and soul.  There is no other purpose in it.  The oath taking is designed to bring upon himself death and hell, and it does do a very efficacious job.  It is one of the easiest things to stop doing.  However, it would put the recalcitrant government and religious systems into utter chaos, as they are the ones who depend upon each and every one of us to becomes slaves to their stupid and feudal system of evil and debauchery.  Unfortunately, most of us do not know exactly how to extract ourselves from such a system.
     While we cannot stop other people from being stupid for swearing oaths, each one of us can manage our own behavior by simply refusing any form of oaths.
     Here are some of the consequences in the refusal of oaths.  You will be on the first step to repentance:
  • You will not be able to vote; as if it did any good to begin with.  You will stop offending God.
  • You will have to scratch off the "under the penalties of perjury" from any form such as a signature card at a bank.
  • Your life will get better in ways you would have never imagined.
  • Your soul will improve and heal from the spiritual rot of the oath.
  • You will acquire a better disposition and will build up your character.
  • It will set your life on a more reasonable course by being obedient to His commandments.
     by not swearing oaths, a man or woman will avoid a lot of misery from future torment because all sins have the payback from God.  The bond of slavery will be gone, and the peace and truth that comes with living within God's natural order will start to flourish in your life.  Of course, it is important to keep all of God's commandments, but for this article, the oath is the one thing that puts everything on the darkside.
     The oath has its place in the more capable hands of the God who created us, and not in the unfit hands of evil men.  In my opinion, a false oath is the one that is taken by a man; a valid oath is one that is performed by God.  Man cannot rise up to God's level because he is a created being.  But in order to live a godly life, the oath must be left behind.  Remember, if you decide to keep doing it, don't expect your life to get any better, because it won't.  But there is a profound inner peace when the oath is gone.  This is an outstanding way to begin to a complete repentance, and to start keeping His commandments.


Scripture references:

  • Matthew 5:33-37
  • James 5:12
  • Jeremiah 44:26
  • Zechariah 5:3
  • Zephaniah 1:3-5
  • The Didache*
  • Acts of Pilate a.k.a. the Gospel of Nicodemas*
*     These writings were included in the early Christian church and then removed from use.  There appears to be another oath within the Acts of Pilot which is odd because in the beginning of the piece, the Jews who were on the side of Jesus Christ said swearing oaths was unlawful for them.  If an oath was included in the writing, then it was probably inserted by an apostate.  Please note the words in The Didache: "Thou shalt not swear."


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  1. Thanks for these entries. Makes me think of the phrase "bless god" or "bless God" or "holiness to the lord"... they ring backwards to me.