Monday, May 1, 2023

Natural Order Defeats the New World Order


Natural World Order Defeats the New World Order

One of the things that I find remarkable is the power of the natural law or the natural order has over the current “new world order.”  There is really no comparison and the simplicity of the natural order is startling.  Yes, it can be complicated for our understanding, but it is relatively easy to use once a man knows the difference between the natural and the man-made laws.  It is like knowing the difference from right and wrong; good and evil, by understanding that it doesn’t need to be written down.  All of mankind has this knowledge through the creator; the real God.  We all were born with this knowledge but through incessant indoctrination by governments and religions, all of us have been put in at a disadvantage as we have been constantly lied to throughout our whole lives.  On the other hand, the natural law and natural order remains the same and it is very consistent as to how it works.

  In my observations, they work perfectly and all we have to do is to comply with it in order to have a happy and peaceful life.  We have been given a free will which means we can do evil, but we all will be paid back for it accordingly.  It is much easier to do the right thing in the beginning and not have to expect the bad result later.  Unfortunately, if we’ve been lied to and we were drawn into some evil activity, we will still get the bad result.  So, we should always be careful about what we do and who we associate with so that we can stay on the good side of everything.  This will provide true happiness.  There is no happiness in evil.

Fix yourself first

It is always easier to point at the flaws of other people, and it’s another thing to make an honest and objective evaluation on oneself.  But the idea here is to judge yourself by virtue  and morality and then abide in those guidelines.  Try and make the effort to never do anything that is evil.  The results will speak for themselves.  There will always be a good outcome when abiding in the natural morality of life.  But when we do evil, we get bad results and make our lives more difficult.  But when we do good, we set an example for others to follow.  Observers will see the good results.

Avoid groups

One frustrating problem is trying to start groups or joining groups only to find they are filled with traitors.  If you do join a group everyone in it should watch their backs.  Remember, there is no oath-taker in any organization that is going to be of any benefit to mankind.  Groups that indulge in oath-taking are worthless and the results can be seen by simple observation. The natural world order will destroy the new world order and I think we are starting to see it.  There’s nothing we should do but to stay within the natural world order and take care of our families.


There is no value to the new world order that is going to be of any benefit mankind.  It is a game for losers.  Even the “winners” or the “powers that be” are also the losers.  No one can establish an evil system without ultimately being a loser.  No one is going to be happy within a new world order.  These communist systems have failed in the past and will fail in the future.  There is nothing to look forward to in the new world order.  Only the natural world order will benefit mankind because it always produces good results when the natural law is obeyed.

Walter Allen Thompson has a book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land


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