Thursday, September 3, 2020

Is the Mask the Mark of the Beast?

I look at the Bible as a writing that is similar in nature to the Protocols of Zion.  It is there as a disclosure of how the evil ones are going to destroy mankind and everything that is good about life.
In my 25+ years of reading it, I am now able to say that I do believe that it is a warning and not necessarily the word of the real God.  I have no use for any religion because I can see the bad results that they produce and it is getting worse every day.  I want to discuss the mask.

In the Book of Revelation it talks about the mark of the beast and that anyone who does not take the mark may not buy or sell.  Many people today are being threatened with not being able to shop in a store unless they are wearing their mask.  It has been my experience that when I go shopping I never get stopped or bothered any longer about wearing a mask.  I hate going shopping watching the stupid people walk around with the masks.  This is probably going to be a precursor to the mandatory vaccines which people will be required to take if they want to go about their business normally.  Of course, the mask is evil and it should never be worn.  The mask violates the natural law and those people who wear masks are distorting what the real God created.  They are continually presenting themselves in a lie.  Their presentation of themselves is a lie and nothing good will come from it.

When I go to the store, I really get infuriated.  There is always a lot to know about another man or woman by looking at their face.  You especially can tell what kind of mood they are in or whether they are happy or sad.  With the mask, that is gone.  Talking to someone with a mask is hopeless and I don’t like talking to them.

People who wear these masks are participating in the most egregious frauds in the history of mankind.  The purpose is to demoralize the people so that they will take the evil vaccine.  If this happens, thousands of people will either die or get deathly ill from the vaccines.  And it will be the mask wearers who are helping the most retarded government on the face of the earth, destroy our lives as we once knew it.

In conclusion, at the very least the mask is a precursor to the “mark of the beast.”  Vaccines may have other things in them to help trace people.  I’m not sure if that stuff is true but if it is, it just adds more credibility to the mask being a type of “mark of the beast.”  The medical reasons for the mask is just a smokescreen for the really bad demonic activity of the mask and vaccines.  If you’re wearing the mask, then you’re a part of the problem.  Nothing will go well for the people who cower in fear of authorities.  They have no moral or legal authority to mandate masks or vaccines.


Walter Allen Thompson has a book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land 


  1. My friend, there is a high degree of probability that the "vaccine"--which WILL be mandatory very soon--is the MOTB.

    I am no youngster and I have heard every variation of MOTB theory throughout the years, but I am absolutely convinced that this "vaccine" is IT.

    Did you know that this is an experimental mRNA technology which has never been used on humans before? This is like no "vaccine" that has ever been used in the history of the world.

    Do you know about "quantum dot tatoos" and the company Moderna?

    Do you know about the "Luciferase" enzyme that it will be using to MODIFY YOUR DNA?

    Did you hear Trump say that the military would be administering it "in a very powerful manner?"

    I suggest to all that don't know...that you shift your research and dig in on this. If you take this so-called vaccine, it might be the worst decision you will ever make in your lifetime.

    In my opinion, a wise man would die before taking it.

    It's shocking how many people are not aware of this information.

    To start, look up Dr. Carrie Madej's now-viral video....before it gets deleted.

    These YT channles also talk about it: Pastor JD Farag, Richie From Boston, Potters Clay...and many others.

    Look up the video "Quantum Dots - RFID Tattoos & The Coming Mark." It was released in April.

    No Walter, the mask is not the MOTB. It is simply a conditioning tool in this mass psychological warfare operation--satanic at its root--because the souls in this world (most of them) will submit to ANYTHING except God. The mask is an occult ritual, and is symbolic of complete submission, and shows the evil principalities how effective their fear-mongering has beeen via the mass-media empire which they wield like a weapon.

    But you better be aware of the damned vaccine that's coming!


  2. Most places of employment require workers to wear masks. At will employment policy gives employers the ability to discharge employees that do not comply and wear a mask. An employee can be fired for any reason, at any time. Stores require customers to wear masks or they are told to leave the premises. It is criminal trespass if people do not leave when told to by management and can be arrested. I'm not seeing any lawsuits that are tackling these issues in my area. Most attorneys probably feel they may face disbarment if they don't go along to get along.

  3. I have a mask. I cut a slit under the nose and a hole for my mouth. It's not perfect, but, nobody has objected. For some reason, it gets bunched up under my nose when I ride the bus.

    The vaccine is the best candidate to be MOTB, so far. What really matters is what you believe it is.