Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Free Baby Holm Part 2

[Danielle Holm visiting her baby son. She gets only 2 hours a week visitations since he was born on October 10, 2016]

The Department of Human Resources of Alabama kidnapped Baby Holm on Oct 11th, 2016.  He was born on the 10th and while Danielle was breastfeeding the baby, the DHR literally took the baby from his mother's breast and then put him in foster care.  All children need to be with their natural mothers unless there is evidence of extreme abuse.  Anything called government should never be involved in family issues.  As of this writing, 01/24/17, this baby remains in foster care and the facts show there was no reason for the DHR to kidnap this beautiful child.  I have seen and heard enough to know that there was no "probable cause" and the taking of the child was not a valid cause of action.

Battle between natural law and man-made law
     The natural law shows us that a young child is always better off with the mother and father.  And unless there are extreme circumstances, he is never to be removed or taken from the custody of his mother and father.  However, the STATE, State, or state wants to usurp the natural order and place its own laws over and above the natural law.  This seems to be happening all over the country and even the world.  It appears that the so-called government is acting as a child trafficking operation with nothing but the vilest intentions for the children.  The people who work for these government operations are the feculent and morally retarded miscreants the world has ever known.  No matter what form of government people have chosen, no one has the right to overthrow the natural law and that is what is happening here.  There is no excuse for it.

Torture for the mother, father, and the child
     The assholes at the DHR are continuing to justify their actions without any basis in either the natural law or in man-made law.  The facts show that they kidnapped this child. Of course, they use a bunch of lame excuses to make it look like the Holm family is unfit to have the child.  The reality is that the DHR is making a hell on earth for Holm family.   In the above photo, Danielle gets to hold her child for 2 hours per week until the idiots decide what they are going to do with this case.  The child suffers because he is not being breastfed and he's not getting the closeness that comes with being a newborn.  This intimacy is important for both the mother and the child for bonding.  The DHR of the State of Alabama has taken that away from him.  Of course, the mother is constantly worried about the child's safety.  All agencies of the government who engage in these stupid services should be abolished immediately.  There is nothing but evil coming from them and this is going to cause even more social problems if this problem is not properly addressed.

This happens quite frequently
     If this case wasn't bad enough, I found more cases with similar facts:

  • Mostly poor white families are attacked
  • Flimsy trail of evidence
  • No court order for pick-up; CPS or DHR just does it in some cases
  • Sanitizing court transcripts
  • Falsifying evidence
   The legal abuses go on and on but the main thing to realize is that the DHR and agencies like them are evil, they are liars, they are crooks, and they are cheats.  That is who they are and that's how they roll.  But this is what we should always expect from a bunch of libtard politicians whose only concern is the money that they bring into their agency.

Government is the primary domestic terrorists
     Agencies such as these must be abolished.  There cannot be any such thing as these immoral people having the monopoly on the use of violence.  The people in the government are just as responsible to act in a fashion that is right and moral; however, they are the worst kind of domestic terrorists this nation has ever known.  People are not the slaves of the government.

The child must be returned to his mother now
     The Sheriff of Calhoun county, Matthew Wade, where the baby was kidnapped can stop this whole fiasco.  As the lead "law enforcement" officer in that county, he can simply order the baby to be returned to his mother and father.

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Walter Allen Thompson has a new book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land


  1. In PA, they now forcibly take newborn's blood for DNA (much like when you are booked for a crime!!!!!????). I wanted to refuse (it never happened with my older kids), but being as none of my kids (most,now adults) have ever been vaccinated per religious reasons, our Homeopathic MD advised us to allow the DNA to be taken, as to not "suffer repercussions from the state." Our MD was implying - such as what happened with this family. Prayers to the mom. I wonder, did the state vaccinate the child against the parents wishes? Because that is what this is about, yes? Refusing and refuting vaccinations?

  2. So demonic, heartbreaking. They are on my daily prayer list. Wish there was a way to re post on my Google+ page.