Monday, November 3, 2014

Nature Always Recovers

If you look at the above photo, you can see the power of nature.  This insignificant weed plant has popped through the cement patio as if it wasn't even there.  While the concrete is strong and seemingly invincible, the concrete is no match for this little weed plant.  And to me it suggests that no matter what men and women want to do, nature will prevail over everything if given enough time.  And that there is no force on earth that can stop the natural forces that were created by God.  No one on the earth is exempt from the natural aspects of life.  We all breath the same air, drink the same water, and eat the same food.  While the styles may differ, the substance is always the same.  It is the natural law that possesses the power of life as God intended.  The natural forces should be an encouragement, especially those who are becoming depressed over the state of society today.

Natural laws are governed by the same power

Natural laws always trump man-made laws because they were established by the creator.  But with the availability of the various media, evil people try to overthrow the natural order and attempt to establish their perverted "new world order."  The cure from the disease of the new world order is a good healthy dose of God's world order.  The above photo is an excellent example of that, and it also demonstrates the futility of engaging in evil.  At the end of the day, the evil loses, even though they may think they are winning.  The problem is that evil has no place in the natural order, and it will eventually implode the whole political and religious systems.

The physical; the spiritual

There is no argument that the physical must reside within the natural order.  Our physical bodies are the same as every other man and woman in the basic function of life.  This cannot be changed as it is a part of the natural law.  While man can attempt to assist or destroy the natural life of a man, man cannot overpower the natural laws.  If a man abides outside of the natural law, he does harm to himself and others he encounters and eventually self-destructs.  The spiritual must also reside within the natural order.  While many will debate about religious or spiritual issues, there is only one truth and that truth is what must be discovered in order to learn to live within the spiritual-natural order.  This natural order was set up a certain way and no one, outside of God himself can change it.  Let's look at the feeble attempts to change the natural order.

Fornication and Homosexuality

The evidence in the natural order shows that homosexuality is not only unnatural, but it is evil.  It is never found in nature and the purpose of any kind of sex is primarily for the procreation of more people.
While sex may be a fun thing to do, the danger of it is that it is done in the wrong context of fornication.  The natural order for sexual activity is within a marriage between a man and a woman.  However, the fornicators and the homos attempt to destroy the proper order that God set forth and attempts to establish their perversion as some kind of "alternate" lifestyle.  The bad fruit of this kind of thinking is evident in society today.  Once society has been corrupted to the extent that we see today, it is obvious that the bad fruit of fornication (includes homosexuals) shows up in broken families.  The damage that is done to society, in general, is immeasurable.  Religions do not help as they partner with government to screw up the natural order.  The problem for them is that they may try to go against the natural order, but they will always fail.  Again, look at the cement on the photo.  It looks strong, but against a little weed created by God, it is nothing.

Natural order produces harmony within mankind

In order for a man to achieve happiness, he must stay within the natural order the way God created it. The various religions may have opinions about what is right and what is wrong, but the facts show that their is only one truth.  It is better for a man to learn how to think critically, and then learn how to properly apply the truth.  The truth will always stand against the lie.  Again, the lie is weak and it holds no value.  When pushed by the truth, the lie falls down in disorder.  Look at the above photo again.  Think of the cement as the lie and the weed as the truth.  The truth always prevails.  The way to a good life is always in truth and in honor.  However, the society in general, seems to be on the same level as Sodom and Gomorrah; maybe even worse.  The young people in the colleges and universities are not given any kind of moral instruction because the schools are not capable of it.  The natural law is in direct conflict with the state, State, or STATE.  The "United States" has the most hideous government and has spread the evil doctrines of communism all over the world. There aren't too many people in the world who would choose to be under the yoke of communism, and the idea of government in this fashion is a nightmare.  The State does not want a moral population; but rather, a sleazy collage of immature perverts to set a bad example on the rest of the young people.  I might suggest that one of the best ways to lose your mind is to go to college; unless of course you can actually learn something useful.  The other side of this is that by avoiding all of these unnatural traps, start thinking about your own benefit and judge your own actions by using the natural law.  When I am within those natural laws, I always do better.

Nature Always Recovers

The catastrophe of the new world order will be overcome by the natural order; the natural order always wins.  That's just how things are, so that when a man makes a good choice, he is farther ahead than the one who violates the natural law just to get along.  Rather than being depressed about all of the evil, make sure you do everything you can to get it out of your life.  Remember, the knowledge of evil is not wisdom.  It's good to know what to avoid, but after some basic knowledge, it does no good wallowing in the cesspool of the knowledge of evil.  God set forth his creation and nothing will be able to destroy it.  I think it is better to get on his side, than on the satanic.  The new world order freaks would like to have the people think that they are all powerful and that the "State" is their god.  That is so profoundly stupid that it is hardly worth mentioning.  However, by being more careful about our own choices will help us to exit out of the new world order into something much, much, better.

Walter Allen Thompson has a new book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land


  1. What happens if man attempts to change the very root of the natural order through genetic modification? And thereby making the wicked designs of men intrinsic.

    1. Man can attempt to "genetically modify" all he wants, the fact is that nature will also recover from it. Men in government and religious groups tend to want to become gods themselves, thus they produce insane theories and assumptions. Common sense and right reason can be achieved by critical thinking and less reliance upon "experts."

    2. @Al Thompson

      How does nature recover from that?

    3. Genetic splicing is an even less stable code than careless hybridization. Man proposes; nature disposes. GMO strains will not 'breed true', the DNA patterns will revert to stable configurations in time.

  2. Men, being small, have always attempted to 'enlarge' themselves- via self-deification ('God-Kings'), anthropomorphized false gods, or by vainglorious self-aggrandizations such as atheism, secular humanism, even 'AGW' hypotheses(deeming man the 'primum mobile' of climate).
    But despite this long history of conceits, one thing remains true- man is small.

  3. Actually, homosexuality can be found oftenly in nature, just as murder, cannibalism and killing the children. Doesn't make it normal though.