Saturday, September 13, 2014

Going Beyond God's Authority

Commandments and natural law
It only makes common sense that government and religion should stay within the commandments and the natural law.  If a government goes beyond that authority, then that government has no lawful authority.  The commandments conflated with the natural law are the elements of good behavior and those virtuous actions should be aspired to by all of mankind.  The real problems occur when governments go so far beyond God's commandments and natural law, that the government itself is lawless.  Most of can see through right reason and common sense that there is only one God and the rules of living are the same for everyone.  Today's religions reflect the idiocy of governments, and in some cases they are just as bad if not worse.

Constitutions and codes
Most governments have constitutions and codes which they violate constantly which results in a major credibility problem.  Constitutions and codes have no authority over anyone unless it fits in with the natural laws.  If the codes deal with actual injuries such as murders, then it would have authority.  But the fact is that anyone with the knowledge of that event would be in a position of authority to chase down the murderer and try him for the crime.  However, the numerous violations of codes hold no authority because most of the time they do not deal with a crime against God or other men, women, and children.

The government and religions have no authority to gather armies and then invade other people in other countries.  Those people who "serve" in these armies are murderers.  Did any of these military people ask themselves whether by joining the military, they might be lead to commit murders?  It's one thing to have a military or militia for self-defense, but it another when the military moves upon other people of other nations and then bombs the crap out of them for no good reason.  Once any military operation goes beyond self-defense, it has lost its authority because all they will accomplish is the murder of innocent men, women, and children.  In order to justify the abomination of war, they will say that "God is on our side" when the natural law shows that war is a completely unsatisfactory way to solve problems.  The only justification for the exercise of any violence is in self-defense.  War solves nothing and sets itself up for yet more wars.

Today we have an insane government which steals from its people, and promotes the most disgusting lack of morality that it can't be taken seriously anymore.  This government doesn't have any authority over anyone; it never had it in the first place.  It has persecuted moral people throughout the centuries and the various religions go along with it so that they can get their tax exemptions.  Thus, if the governments and religions go beyond God's authority then both of them are completely unnecessary and they should be abolished and replaced with nothing.

Who will build the roads?
Somebody else will build them and the funding will be different.  But to have a criminal organization build the roads is like saying: Slavery is bad but who will pick the cotton?  The government goes beyond their authority when it forcibly makes people pay money in the form of taxes.  They do this with the threat of jail, prison time, or even death.  To forcibly require people to pay money over to the state is a slave system.  All of mankind is entitled to the fruit of all of his labor.  That's the way God's natural law is established, and to tax a man is the same as stealing from him.  If any project cannot be voluntarily funded, then it probably doesn't need to exist.  The current government supports this view if only by the evidence of its belligerence.  If more men and women kept their own money, they could afford to provide for themselves the services such as fire departments, security, parks, or whatever.  But to confiscate over 50% of the income of anyone is simply a communist slave tax that exists completely outside of the natural order that was set up by the creator.  But any percentage is still slavery.  If the tax was only .5% it would still be wrong.  When it comes to a man's labor, he has the right to keep it all.  Any government who believes that a man must pay over money from his labor is simply a retarded communist organization.

Beyond the authority of the natural law
What's nice in thinking about natural law is that it is usually very clear and it applies to everyone the same way.  We know that if we do the wrong thing we will hurt ourselves.  The problem with people today, including myself, is that we continually expose ourselves to bad things and we hurt our own minds in the process.  We also hurt ourselves.  Look at all of the problems with GMO foods.  Crazy scientists continually want to change the natural order.  Proper science would be to observe the natural order and work with it; and not against it.  But true to the satanic idiocy that many scientists seem to show, they are really thinking that they can become gods themselves.  That's why scientists think they have authority when they do not.  There is no evidence in the natural law of evolution, but this crack-brain theory is taught in most schools, colleges, and universities. It is an attempt to get people to think that they are just animals or just another species.  This is another attempt to overthrow the natural order.  The attempt to go beyond what God created will bring upon mankind an almost complete disintegration of a civilized society.  Notice that when we all have gone to the movies, our minds are continually manipulated to accept the evilest and obscene ideas which are completely anti-social.  Again, the best thing to do is to simply separate from the evil ideas and work within God's commandments and the natural order.

Natural law doesn't change
The natural order is what it is and there's no man that can alter it.  Nature will respond to anything in its own way.  There is no power coming from mankind that is going to improve what God created.
I don't believe that there's any modern religion which conforms to the commandments and the natural law.  This might help explain why there seems to never be any improvement of the condition of mankind.  The whole thrust of the "new world order" is to glorify death and hell, which is something that goes against the intentions of the creator.  There is no writing that can change this order.  Any writing that reflects truth is always worthwhile; however, writings have to be tested with right reason and common sense.  The safe zone is the natural law and God's commandments.  This always works to the benefit of mankind and there's really no dispute about it.  The religious people cannot improve upon it, no matter how hard they try.

Going beyond the natural order has no benefit to mankind.  Government and religion go beyond that natural order, thus there is no profit in either one.  Even if someone can make the case on the benefits of government and religion, just the fact that these entities start many wars, kill and torture millions of people, steal the fruit of their labor, and teach their children the most absurd doctrines that come from the pit of hell.  Thus, it only makes good sense to me for any man, woman, or child to stay within the natural order and to separate from the "new world order."   The new world order is a guaranteed failure that will collapse in its own feculent way.  There is a good incentive in following the commandments and the natural order because the application of them will serve the benefit of mankind, and not some group of thugs and liars.

Authority of Natural Law

Walter Allen Thompson has a new book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land

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