Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Natural Law Doesn't Need Religious Doctrine

     One of the reasons I am attracted to the idea of using the natural law is that it doesn't need religious doctrines.  When thinking about God, most people think about God in the context of the Bible, Quran, or some other religious writing.  My background is in Christianity and one of my frustrations is that I couldn't find any "Christian" church that wasn't evil.  I also noticed that many of the earlier Christian writings had more emphasis on the commandments, natural law, and morality.  These writing were a great help at first, but then I realized that this is information that I inherently knew; like an instinct.  Which brought me to the point of seeing that the existence of God doesn't depend upon any writing.  The one who created us is the same for everyone and religion doesn't have anything to do with the existence of God.

The God who created us
     God is the one who created the heavens and the earth and all that is within it.  The evidence for the existence of God is self-evident in the creation.  Just the observation of how things work is plenty of evidence of the presence of a very powerful person.  I don't think it is possible for any of the things we see to come from nothing all by itself or by evolution.  Thus, the only God that is important is the one who created everything and the rest of the religious writings may or may not be true.

Which religion is the true religion?
     In my opinion, I'll have to say that none of them are worth the time spent in trying to study and understand them.  There are too many contradictions in writings and there are no contradictions in nature.  The natural order is there to be observed and all of us see the same things.  It is true that some of us might have a different perspective or understanding but there is only one truth.  The truth is what it is and it cannot be denied.

Religion attempts to modify reality
     This is where the most damage is done.  I've spent almost thirty years studying the bible and depending upon which version is being used, there are some major problems that would give the reader a pause and wonder how such an error could occur.  Obviously, in my opinion, these errors were set in place to accommodate an evil agenda and then make it look like it came from God.  And example of this would be the use of usury or payment of interest on loans.
     Usury has always been used to mean interest.  It wasn't until modern times that the definition was changed to have the word mean "excessive interest."  The problem with this is that the scriptures have always taught that usury is evil.  However, in Deuteronomy 20:20 it states that a Jew may lend money to a "stranger" (probably intended to be goyim) but not to a "brother" which seems to mean another Jew.  However, usury has always been considered stealing and stealing goes against the natural law.  The banks are comprised of communist Jews their goyim lackeys.  Banks engage in usury which is responsible for most of the world's financial problems.  Most of the wars are caused by bankers who engage in usury.  This is a perfect case where the Talmudic Jews appear to have modified the Torah to make usury look legitimate.  This type of thing sets the stage for more and more social chaos.

Belief in God and the natural law doesn't need religion
     In my opinion, religion is as useless as voting for the slavemasters.  God is who he is and he doesn't need religion to verify his own existence.  God exists independently from religion.  I haven't found one religion that doesn't have some form of Luciferian doctrines.  And it is very difficult when reading religious writings where the lies end and the truth begins.  If mankind was able to solve a major problem in society, it would be to disregard and abolish all of the religions and just use the natural law.  The nice part about natural law is that it cannot be counterfeited.

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Walter Allen Thompson has a new book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land

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  1. Al, I always read your posts, enthusiastic to learn what you mean by Natural Law, but I always come away unsatisfied. Do you have a post where you comprehensively describe Natural Law? If not, I'm sure readers will be interested if you coul create such a post.