Thursday, March 31, 2016

Trump on Abortion: He Got It Right The First Time

     Yesterday, Donald Trump said that if the government outlawed abortion there would need to be "some kind of punishment" for breaking the law.  It seems as if everyone on all sides are going into fits and even The Donald himself seems to be backpedaling on his original comments.  In my opinion, he's correct if someone wants to accept the authority of government in the first place.  I'm not an admirer of government so I'm going to approach this according to the natural law.  I could care less what is legal or illegal.

Abortion is murder
     In observing the progression of the development of babies, anyone can see that by pulling out the embryo or fetus is murder.  The body inside of the woman is not the woman's but it is the body of the baby.  Under the natural law, that baby has a right to live.  The mother who may want an abortion is stuck with it and she should have thought about the consequences of fornicating in the first place.  Of course, if there were higher moral values, then there would not be a problem as few women would not be having unwanted pregnancies. The people involved in any abortion should be treated as murderers.

Sex outside of marriage is the demonic bait
     Fornication is the main cause of the alleged need for abortions.  And sex outside of marriage is extremely destructive.  What is important is to prevent the temptation for abortion by eliminating the reason for it.  Young people have become over sexualized and the idea of waiting until marriage to have sex seems to be an odd idea.  But all of the old traditional values regarding marriage and sex have been taken down to its lowest common denominator and it will take down civilization if it isn't corrected.  Fornication isn't worth the pain of having an abortion.

Legal vs. Lawful 
     The idea of legal means within the boundaries of the governing authority, whereas, lawful would be according to the natural law.  Legal is only good if it matches the natural law.  While it may be legal to have an abortion, it is unlawful to actually do it.  Murder is murder and there's no getting around it and this should never be debated.  There is no argument, and the way I saw Trump explain himself sounded completely rational to me.  The problem is that the media is hyperventilating because his views don't conform to the communist-libtard agenda of mass murder within the "United States."  Trump got it right this time and I hate to see him backoff from his original statement.

Fornication is Destruction of the Soul

Walter Allen Thompson has a new book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land


  1. I'm kind a confused here. So, you agree that overseuxaliation is bad, yet you hate libtards. Yet, today it's not christians who usually fight against, oversexualization, but these libtards or Social Justice Warrior, if you will. They are cosntantly complaing that woman on the cover of some magazin has too big boobs or butt. They are the ones cosntantly complain, when there appears sexy woman on TV. So,you agree with them on this issue, but you hate them?

  2. I don't spend time hating people. I might disagree with them, but I don't exercise hatred. Hatred is a very destructive emotion. You're missing the point that abortion is murder and it is devastating to society. Abortion goes against the natural law and any idiot can see and understand it.