Friday, March 4, 2016

There Are Not Enough Drugs to Relieve the Pain of Socialism

     We can put this another way: "There are not enough drugs in the world to take away the pain of socialism."  With the advent of the brain-dead Bernie Sanders who is a self-proclaimed socialist running for President of the United States, the evil of such a political system is self-evident.  I believe that part of the reason people take drugs is that they think that by doing it, they will be able to take away the pain of whatever is bothering them.  I don't agree with taking drugs but I can understand why people do it when living in a socialist system.  Some people drink alcohol, some people smoke marijuana, some people shoot up heroin, or they may take meth.  The reason for this is to take away the pain of another experience.  The socialist political system is oppressive to good health and a stable mind.

Socialists are assholes
     Socialists are the type of people who love to spend "other peoples' money."  But worse than that, they are genocidal maniacs.  They love to destroy children and they love to ruin civilization in general.  This is what a socialist does and that's why they are complete assholes.  The only good socialist is one who stops being one.  Only a true asshole would attempt to usurp the authority of God in favor of socialism.  I believe that most people know there is something intrinsically wrong with society but they don't understand the problem due to their lack of a proper education.  Remember, the socialists in the school systems are not going to allow opposing points of view.  With society in such chaos, too many people are taking drugs seems to relieve the pain of socialism.  Drug taking does not relieve the problem but it makes it worse as it starts a process that goes in the wrong direction.  But the main common denominator is that socialists, liberals, progressives, and fascists are simply grand assholes of the new world order.  They are completely worthless to themselves and to their family and friends.  They defy the natural order of economics and politics and they are generally just a big pain-in-the-ass to people who believe in a free and moral society.  Given the fact that most people encounter this nonsense every day, it only follows that some people try to take drugs or drink liquor to relieve the pain of the socialism.  It is a failed philosophy and people who espouse it are crack-brained.

The United States is structurally socialist-communist-fascist
     In order to understand this properly, one must read The Communist Manifesto.  The real evidence for our socialist condition resides in the Ten Planks of the Communist Manifesto.  The young people who are going to college need to understand this in order to realize how they are getting brain-raped by the education system.  Again, there are not enough drugs in the world to take away the pain of this idiotic political and economic system.

People in government are the shit-people
     Govtards are the worst people in the world.  I actually tell govtards that they are communists and I don't think that they have any authority over anything.  Of course, whatever power they have comes from the infliction of violence upon the "unwashed" masses.  There aren't enough drugs to relieve the pain of communism.  Under the natural law, most people understand this but they can't quite put their finger on the problem.  They inherently know that something is wrong but they have no idea how to improve their own position in life.  And since socialism oppresses the family and the natural order, it's presence in any society should never be tolerated.  A socialist needs to stop being one.

Socialists have a low intellect
     It doesn't take a rocket scientist to understand that people don't like to give away the money that they earned.  Yet, as socialist will say that people need to pay "their fair share" for the good of the whole.  The problem is that this idea goes against the natural law and the way God created the world.  People are entitled to all of the  fruit of their labor, but under socialism, the state, STATE, or State has rights to a portion of a person's income.  The state always seems to go against the natural order.  And of course, there are no amount of drugs that will take away the pain of socialism.

How to get rid of socialism
     In order for society to work according to the natural law, there must be a moral society and until that happens, there will not be any meaningful correction.  Society would have to strip away the ten planks of The Communist Manifesto in order to restore a civil society.  Communism kills.  One way to do it is to get rid of any income tax as that is a major offense to the natural law that God created.
The central banking system has to be abolished and in its place would be a system of competing currencies.  Most of the federal and states "laws" would have to go and the real law--the natural law--would replace all written laws.  It is best to flush all of the turds down the toilet.  This would eliminate the need for the "very dumb government" that we have today.  There is never any authority of a government that has no moral foundation.  And with the current elections in mind, Bernie Sanders is a ridiculous candidate I've ever seen but at least, he's honest about his socialism.

The biggest lie
     The biggest lie is that this socialist system is a benefit to mankind.  It is not.  It is a system of tyranny and theft that should be abolished.  Drug taking is a bad byproduct of socialism.  If we can take away the socialism, then the drug taking might diminish.

Walter Allen Thompson has a new book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land


  1. One thing you did give me some insight into why people hate "socialism" so much. It's funny that you don't realise this, but it's all around you. The dreaded "socialists" you can thank for giving you the weekend, overtime pay and stopped kids from working in sweatshops to educate them instead. Police, Fire department, libraries, the internet. The US military is the largest "socialist program in the world. Highways, rails, airports. the internet. ALL "socialist" programs.

    It's not "other" peoples money, It's "OUR" money, money we pay in taxes. Free college is no more "FREE" than an aircraft carrier. We can choose to spend OUR money investing in our children & citizens, and get away from the corporate socialism that we currently have now.

    Going single-payer medicare-for-all healthcare system will save the US $5 -9trillion over 10 years. The entire rest of the world already does and it will save us a TON of money. another bonus is you won't have to worry about medical bankruptcy / losing your home, & health coverage when you or loved ones gets sick. We're the only nation who do not have universal healthcare and we pay the most of any counntry in the world for healthcare. It's completely foolish not to go this way.

    The US economy is what is know as "MIXED ECONOMY" , meaning it's a mixture of capitalism and socialism.

    Feel the BERN!

    1. You'll feel the "Bern" but you won't like it. Socialism and taxation as we know it today is just organized theft. The money the people pay in income taxes just goes to the interest on the government debt. Google Grace Commission Report. Income tax is the second plank of the Communist Manifesto. If you want to practice communism then why don't you take a nice Cuban vacation? Socialism is a fail political and economical system and all you have to do is to look at it to see it for what it is--a big failure. The central banking system is another profound failure that is ready to collapse. The only reason capitalism is allowed is because if it wasn't there'd be nothing to steal.

    2. "The money the people pay in income taxes just goes to the interest on the government debt."

      That is completely b.s. Where did you get that from? NO. The reality is that in 2015, the interest payments on the national debt claimed $223 billion, or only about 6 percent of the budget. << did yo get that SIX PERCENT!

      Where does the rest go?? Find out by looking..[don't just take some right-wing a.m. radio host word for it or whoever has programmed your mind with this extreme, biased ,binary thinking]

      Why is it always Cuba? That is an authoritarian government, very poor example. Or Venezuela? Nah man, A much much fairer model would be, you guessed it, Demark, Sweden, Switzerland. Failures?? Why don't you go take a nice vacation there and see the HELL for yourself?! ;)

      It's not central banking or government or socialism that is the problem, it is corruption. Systemic corruption. It's always existed & it's always a back an forth battle... not sure what the solution will be BUT as far as I know....

      ...., right now, there is only 1 prominent politician that is standing up to and calling out the entire system: who is calling the corruption on Wall Street, the Media & Establishment Politics. That is calling for the disastrous war on drugs to end (to begin to treat addiction as a medical issue, not a criminal one)& for the end of mass incarceration. That is calling for De-militarizing our police forces, for the breaking up the banks. Calling for to prosecution of banksters & ceo for their criminal behaviour. Calling to get money out of politics, calling for a national voting holiday & to make it much easier for all citizens to vote & is calling for Publicly Financed Elections......

      There is only one person & that is Bernie Sanders.

      He is not financed by any big money. Only people & worker unions, with an average contribution of $27. He is not beholden to the bankers. He has put them on notice. But you didn't know any of this, because you think he was sent by the devil. smh.

      Bernie is a good, honest and decent man. He is the "New Deal" 2016. It's called progressivism NOT communism, look up the difference sometime.

    3. 2014 US Taxpayer receipt. See how your taxes are being spent. (look at the net interest payments = 9.07% not 100% like you are trying to claim.) Myth busted.

    4. What facts do you have that anyone has the authority to impose communism or socialism on anyone?

      Nothing good comes from socialism as it is a system of theft. It is the modern slave system and everyone gets the shaft.

    5. What facts do have that any laws be created?? What's wrong with using taxes to create things that benefit society? You failed to address any points I've brought up. You failed to create any sort an logical argument. HOw can you even say that "Nothing goods comes out of"?? Plenty on good thing created through "socialism" things like ROADS, RAILS, HOSPITALS, FIRE PROTECTION SERVICE, POLICE, MILITARY DEFENSE, the INTERNET that you write this drivel on. I could go on and on... You completely fail to understand even what it is you criticize. You have failed.... don't forget Ayn Rand lived her last years off of "social security" (what a leech;)

    6. Taxing is not theft, FACT is, it's the LAW. The LAW as authorized by the Constitution of the United States. The Taxing and Spending Clause, Article I, Section 8, Clause 1 of the United States Constitution, grants the federal government of the United States its power of taxation. While authorizing Congress to levy taxes, this clause permits the levying of taxes for two purposes only: to pay the debts of the United States, and to provide for the common defense and general welfare of the United States. Taken together, these purposes have traditionally been held to imply and to constitute the federal government's taxing and spending power.

      What Democratic Socialism is the opposite of "trickle down" economics (man, talk about theft!) THat has been a completely failed theory, we're still waiting for that trickle. Sorry we all know it's never happening. So now, Instead of helping the top, we the People CHOOSE, through Democracy (for the people , by the People) how WE want to spent. Which is to help the bottom instead. Not the Top. AND Rebuild the our infrastructure, back to the envy of the world, not last place like we are in everything -(except locking up the most people and paying the most for healthcare) . Don't you get it, when everyone does better. Less poverty would be such a blessing to our society.

      Remember this, NO rich man ever got rich with out the system, they owe the system. Everyone must pay back ESPECIALLY the RICHest.. when your tax goes up 5% and you're rich as fuck, who cares, you're still rich as fuck,,BUT maybe some baby is not starving any longer.

      And if you didn't know, the US has the highest childhood poverty rate in the industrialized world (something else we're #1 at), yet were supposedly the richest country in the history of the world. Oh that right BUT the TOP 20 richest American has more wealth the bottom 150,000,000 people. Did you get that? 20 have more that 150Million. Our citizens need a leg up, we havent had a raise in 30 years! The rich got there's oh and did they got theres good. Well the People aren't down, no , we choose something else. To take take care of our base. and the old relic like you will have to get dragged along.. Oh the horrors of health coverage....

    7. Taxing is just another word for theft. You still didn't answer my last question. What facts do you have that socialists have any authority to impose any laws on the general public? What facts do you have that the constitution applies to anyone?