Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Allah Ordered It?

     It has been reported a woman in Moscow cut off the head of a four-year-old boy and wandered through the streets of the city for over 20 minutes carrying the head of her victim.  She was entrusted with the care of the little boy and she claims that Allah told her to kill him.  Click here for the story.   Few MSM networks have aired the story and there's no shortage of videos on Youtube.  Perhaps because the MSM has their collective noses up Islam's butts, they don't want to offend the Muslims.
     Over the past few years, I have increasingly been disgusted with religions.  All of them pull certain doctrines out of nowhere and then say "God or Allah told me to do it."  The fact is that the creator would never issue an order to destroy that which he himself created.  And this is the danger of religions.  It gives the people excuses to do any evil thing and then say "Allah ordered it."  Islam seems to be the most violent in today's world, but the violence is also within other religions: Judaism, Christianity, Hindu, and many others.  I don't think that these religions reflect the will of God in any way.  Most of these religions are rooted in freemasonry and oath-taking which I have
     In this case, a poor mother and father will have to live the rest of their lives knowing that their son was brutally attacked and murdered by some crackpot religious person.

God didn't say it
     I've studied religion for most of my life.  I was raised as a Roman Catholic and after almost 30 years of studying the bible, I've realized that I can't prove anything by pointing to a writing, other than the writing itself.  I really have no idea who wrote it, where is was written, what was the true intent, and how it came to be.  None of it is first-hand information unless it is combined with the natural law.  The only thing I know is that these religious writings may or may not be true, but I have no way to judge their veracity.  I think it is wise to tell any religious leader who makes the claim "God ordered it" or "God said it" to prove that God said it.  Too many leaders in Islam are sending young men and women to their deaths by saying that "God ordered it" when God did no such thing.  God wouldn't contradict his own commandment against murder, which is also observable in the natural law.

Religions want people to check in their brains at the door of the church, mosque, or temple
     Religious leaders will constantly try to brain-rape their members to believe the most outlandish things.  And again, they do it by saying something like: "It's God's will."  It is only obvious that if someone does something that doesn't violate the natural law which is the real commandments, then it would indeed be in line with God's will.  But as soon as one group starts to be turned against another then that appears to be Satan's will and not the creator's.  And the only way to determine that is to match up the action that is being promoted and then line it up with the natural law.  All contradictions should be avoided and the people who promote the nonsense should not have their ideas entertained by anyone.
     If it were me, I would not believe anyone who tells me that "God said it."  When I hear that I completely shut it out of my mind as complete poppycock.  Another one is from Islam: "Kill the infidels."  Again, this is just old time brainwashing with no truth behind it.  I am appalled at all of the beheadings going on in the Middle East and the problem with this idea comes from Islam and religion in general.  It's always the jerk that said: "God said it."  My response is this: bullshit.

Walter Allen Thompson has a new book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land

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