Sunday, March 20, 2016

Solving Problems with the Natural Law

     When it comes to following the governments and the religions, I am always frustrated with all of the inconsistencies.  The governments make rules and regulations which they themselves break and the religions lay out doctrines which may or may not be true.  I've been blogging for over six years and I am noticing that the articles that I write about the natural law seem to get the most reads and comments.  I have found that by understanding the natural law, I am able to get better results in my own life with little to no drama.  Natural law is not a theory as some people would like to call it.  But is the direct result of God's creation and it cannot be overthrown.  Sure, it could be misunderstood, and I don't claim to know everything about it.  But I do know that mankind has attempted to overthrow God's world order and establish the idiotic "new world order."  The insanity of tracking such nonsense became very frustrating for me.
     I have found that many writings are inconsistent with the established natural order and this causes a multitude of problems.  Problems cannot be solved based upon false information.  A liar has nothing of value to say.  Because, even if he says the truth, it is difficult to figure out where the lies begin and where they end.

Starting over
     What I am doing now is to keep my mind open for anything that is true and then use that information to make sure I have the proper understanding.  If I don't understand something, I will put it aside until I am able to make a good judgment based upon right reason and common sense.  I don't have any problems challenging long-held beliefs; because a belief is just that, a belief.  But is the belief grounded in facts?  Is there enough evidence to support the belief?  It is frightening that much of what we all believe is the result of what we learned as children and young adults wasn't true or the information was tainted by someone else's agenda.  Most of the false information comes from the government and the religion.  The styles may change from one to the other, but the facts show that they are inconsistent and that they are deliberate liars.  The people who control the system are chronic liars so they cannot be trusted.  This is why I use the natural law and the commandments which are in harmony with the natural law as my guide and as my knowledge of right and wrong.

What is a fact?
     A fact is a truth. The facts or the truth is the state of the case.  A fact is not guided by an opinion as it stands on its own.  Thus, the facts need to be gathered first before a truthful conclusion can be formed.  The best method to do this is by asking: who, what, when, where, why, and how.  Here's a courtroom example: "What facts to you have that show that the vehicle code applies to me?"  Surprisingly, in most cases, this question cannot or will not be truthfully answered by any judge.  I did this on a traffic ticket and they dismissed the case.  The truthful answer would be: We don't have any authority over you but we do have a gun pointed at you so you damn well better do what we say or else.  The authority of all governments and religions is violence which obviously goes against the natural order or natural law.  Most governments are communistic in nature and nothing really good comes from any government which is founded upon oath-taking and communism, and this is an observable fact.  The laws of nature are facts and there's no arguing with it.  If the Congress of the United States passed a law that suspended the law of gravity, do you really think nature would care?  The natural law doesn't care what any group of men say.  It is what it is and it doesn't depend upon mankind to define itself.  And that's a fact.  Rather than look to man-made institutions, I think it is better to rely upon God's natural laws in order to know what is truly right and wrong.

The governments and the religions that violate the natural order are a fraud
     Since the lie is the main weapon against mankind, the governments and the religions consistently lie to their people in order to set forth their agenda.   I have saved myself a lot of time by separating from these two things as much as possible.  I have concluded that it is a complete waste of time to be involved in either of these two things: government and religion.  I have had better results in making my own judgments based on the natural order and using the commandments that are in harmony with the natural order.  I make better decisions and I keep myself out of trouble.  People cannot make good decisions based upon fraudulent information.  And most people don't want to make the effort to discover the truth, because, without it, all thoughts and actions based upon lies will be for nothing good.

The natural law cannot be overthrown
     Nature and all it contains is the direct result of the creator.  And we are born with the knowledge of right and wrong.  It is like a latent knowledge and the soul is governed by the conscience.  Once the conscience is offended, it torments the man or woman constantly.  The discipline of the conscience is impossible to avoid.  People should take heed of their conscience when considering getting involved in something that they should not do.

Asking the obvious questions before taking action
     I believe that the natural law that was formed by the creator is the one that should be used as it cannot be modified or counterfeited.  When considering anything, I think the best course of action is to ask yourself: "Is my action conforming to the natural law or natural order?"  If it doesn't conform, it is best to avoid it.  This is too easy.  I don't need to dress up in any robes and do laps around any church or temple to know whether my decision is good or bad.  I don't need to read any books to know the difference.  While some writings can be helpful, is seems that they are laced with errant information.  Reading such material can cause a lot of confusion.  However, in just using the natural law as the foundation of life, I think I can come up with the correct answer if I am approaching the situation honestly.  I am a lot happier using the natural law as I use it to solve any problems that I encounter.

Walter Allen Thompson has a new book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land

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