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Is the Rule of Law Dead?

     When people talk about the rule of law, they are usually thinking about man-made laws which are instituted by the people who exercise the most violence in order to get the rest of the public to submit.  It has always been like this in my lifetime and it doesn't seem to get any better.  And maybe it isn't useful to expect that someone will come along and fix the problem.   After all, if someone does come along claiming to "fix it" will have to exercise the same acts of violence as the people that came before him.  Man-made laws don't seem to have any other authority over people other than their ability to kill or imprison someone because they disagree with the govtards.  The government and the religions that support them are evil.  They only care about two things: conquest and confiscation.  All political power comes from conquest.  The government is just another extension of military tactics designed to take the power of freedom away from every man, woman, and child.  And the type of people who are a part of the government are the most talentless thugs, homosexuals, child molesters, rapists, transgenders, and everything else that is bad about society.  These types of people are the government.  I suspect it has been this way from the beginning.  It is only recently, with the availability of more information that we are finding that the governments and the religions are complete frauds.

The rule of man
     In his desire to play god, mankind has formed governments because they do not want to put their confidence in the natural law which God created.  This fictional law is nothing more that a group opinion about what is right and what is wrong.  When these laws are written down in the respective countries' constitutions, we find that rarely are these laws delivered fairly nor are they consistent with the natural law.  These laws may even be inconsistent with their constitutions.  And in very bad cases, the governments ignore their own laws when a particular situation needs to be addressed within the current political situation.
     The income tax is a perfect example of  government lawlessness.  No man should have any amount of money taken from him that was earned by his own labor.  A man only has his own ability to labor and he is entitled to the fruit of that labor.  The can be observed in the natural law.  Anything less than this is slavery.  Even if the amount of the tax was a penny, the tax itself goes against the natural law.  If it is immoral to steal, then it is immoral to extort an income tax.  The government has no right to tax a man from his labor.  But these governments make the people think that they have to "pay their fair share."   If people wish to pay the tax then there's nothing to stop them, but if people don't want to pay an income tax, then they should be left alone.  Income tax is slavery, it is a tax that puts all people in the position of being slaves to the state.  Even to this day, the government will not disclose the taxing statute that shows that an income tax applies to anyone.  The problem is that the government has no power to steal other than resorting to violence.

The rule of God is easier to understand
     When I look at the creation and all of the good things God has provided for all of us, it demonstrates that if we as men and women stay within the natural order, our lives will be more prosperous and free from the nonsense of the government.  Natural law trumps man-made laws.  Ultimately, all things must conform to the natural law or they will be destroyed.  That's just the way God created it so there isn't any point if working against it.  It makes more sense to work with it and forget about the nonsense of man-made ideas that don't conform to the natural law.  When we live our lives with the natural law, we become happier and can do the things that we want within those boundaries.

Satanic ideas break away from the natural law
     Evil thoughts turn into evil deeds and it is important to control the mind and not allow it to go down into the cesspool of Satanism.  The people who work for the governments actually are working for the Satanic system.  (If you don't think the government system is Satanic, just look at my article on the Child Protection Services.) Any government that demands oath-taking and income tax is communist and Satanic.  The people who work for the government are the biggest problem because they help to give the evil life.  These governments all over the world would have no power if the public at large used common sense and right reason.  It is the people themselves who feed their own slavery even while their slave masters tell them they are freemen.  Freedom is not allowed in man-made systems.  The predominant system of today is "democracy" which is just a mask for the communist system.  The voting part gives the people the idea that they have some kind of choice when it comes to the government.  However, history has proven that those men who are elected as president always support the desires of the political class and not those of the people.

The rule of law was never alive
     One of the things that most people don't realize is that there is no such thing as the "rule of law" as practiced with man-made laws.  I've seen judges lie directly to defendants and juries in order to get the outcome that they want.  I think of man-made laws more as company policies designed to maximize profits.  If you take the time to look up any government agency of your choice, you see that they will be listed as "privately held company".  You can see three of them listed at the end of this article.  I am puzzled as to why they aren't listed as government agencies.  I actually asked a federal prosecutor, what is the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and he refused to answer.  He actually said: "I don't have to answer that."  I just wanted to see what entity was coming against me.
     I think that there is no law outside of the natural law and anything that attempts to usurp the natural law is a fraud.  This is probably why voting doesn't work because the political systems of the world are frauds upon the people.  The governments exercise conquest and then confiscation under the political system called communism.  The style of government in the United States is fascist and military.  Remember, fascism is a style of communism.  The communists allow capitalism to a certain extent, otherwise, there would be nothing to steal.  Because communism is not a productive political system.  However, the parasite needs the host to survive and that's why it appears that we have freedom when the opposite is true.
     What we think is the government, it is actually a corporation that establishes policies which they like to call "law."  So the next question should be: "What facts do you have that these laws or policies apply to anyone?"  I think using the natural law is a better choice and will circumvent this kind of nonsense.  What's nice about using the natural law on a daily basis is that it is difficult to mess it up.
Sure, I might not understand certain things, but the natural law is always consistent and dependable.  And just to be very clear, the natural law does not include evolution as that is one of the biggest frauds in the world.

The Authority of Natural Law

Walter Allen Thompson has a new book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land

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Congress the United States

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Congress United States
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Supreme Court Of The United States

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Supreme Court Of The United States
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United States Department Of State

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United States Department Of State
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