Saturday, June 25, 2016

Vulgar Western Dog Owners

     I ran across a disgusting article about Iranian "authorities" taking dogs away from Iranian families because some local official says that it is "haram" to keep and care for a dog.  I was told once by a man I worked with who was from Morocco; he said that the dogs usually will bark at Arabs.  Dogs can pick up on assholes almost instantaneously.  My dog is especially good at it and he keeps people away from me that he doesn't like.  But Iranian "authorities" need to find something else better to do than to persecute dog owners.

Dogs are better behaved than people, especially rag heads
     One has to be a real dip-shit not to be liked by any dog.  Dogs are the most friendly creatures on earth, but it does make sense to me that the Arabs or Muslims don't like them.  Obviously, according to this article, there are a lot of Arabs and Muslims who do love dogs but they have to put up with the religious authorities governing every aspect of their lives.  This needs to stop. The govtards from all over the world should have shock collars put on them and when they get out of line, they should be zapped and then sent to Cuba.  A dog will generally love anyone and that is a great gift from God to have a nice dog as a companion.  In a world full of religious assholes, a dog is a nice change from the evil people.

Quality of a dog's behavior
     Every dog I've had always loved me.  I can tell.  It's the little things that a dog does that let you know that they love you.  When I'm driving my car, he sits on the center divider and leans into me, or he sits on the floor with part of his body on top of my foot if I'm sitting at the computer.  I remember a man saying: "If you want true love, get a dog."  He is correct, a dog will give a man or woman unconditional love.  This idiot Iranian official has put these families through hell by taking away their dogs.  People love their dogs, as they provide something that most people cannot give anymore, and that is love.  You'll never see a dog strapping a bomb on himself and then going into a group and blowing himself up.  But you will certainly see a lot of that done by the idiot ragheads.  They think they'll go to heaven and get seven virgins when they will probably go to hell instead.

Islam is just a nasty version of Judaism
     Islam is a very nasty religion that has its roots in Judaism. There are very violent threats against the "infidels"; cutting off their heads.  Of course, I don't like any religion because I think the leaders are a bunch of creeps that need adult supervision.   In addition, there are a lot of Satanists and Freemasons involved in these religions.  It doesn't matter which one we're talking about: Judaism, Islam, or Christianity.  These religions as they stand today serve the principles of Satan and not of God.  It's best to preserve one's mind and separate from them before they drive a person into utter madness.  This example of stealing a family's dog is a perfect example of the evil of the government and the religion.

The purpose of evil
     The whole purpose of evil people is to destroy the joy of living of other people.  That is the intent of the governments and the religions.  They want to take everything that is worth living for and then corrupting it for their own advantage.  This is why people all over the world hate their governments and they think that their public officials are always full of crap.  This incident of stealing the family dog is a perfect example of the idiocy of government and religion.

I Wish I Had a Woman as Nice as My Dog

Walter Allen Thompson has a new book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land

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  1. EstherBunnyBrownAugust 22, 2016

    Here's what this website says about dogs in Islam. I wouldn't be surprised if that view is of a minority, at least for some time.