Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Of the Devil, For the Devil, and by the Devil

     The FBI director, James Comey, has just announced that Hillary Clinton will not be indicted regarding her email scandal.  Obviously, this decision was rigged from the beginning.  I heard one pundit state that the government intentionally dragged this out in order to torment the people.  They made it look like she may be indicted, but then at the last minute, they actually disclosed that the thing was fixed.  Bill Clinton met with Attorney General Loretta Lynch for thirty minutes a few days before Hillary was going to be questioned by the FBI.  My guess is that the pundit who said it was intended to be dragged out was to traumatize the American public, especially those who value the "rule of law"  was spot on in my opinion.  Remember, the main tool of the Devil is to lie, and there was no shortage of lies in this instance. Remember, the evil will not divide against itself, and this incident regarding the Clintons is a perfect example of it.  In fact, the federal government deserves no respect and it cannot be trusted with anything.  The federal government is completely immoral and it is evil on purpose.  It is there to conquer and confiscate and it has no interest in the welfare of the public-at-large.  This is why they lie, but this has been going on for at lease 240 years and it won't stop until the government is abolished or implodes under its own corruption.

The Constitution and oath-taking
     If any document has an oath attached to it, you can be sure it is going to fail to provide any benefits for the people.  Oath-taking is something I've commented on extensively on this blog.  There is nothing good about oath-taking and this is the primary reason for the failure of society in general.  To swear an oath puts an action on the dark side.  Anything that will follow the path of the oath is always going to have a bad result.  People who swear oaths are liars and Comey's remarks are a perfect example of that.  Just listening to what he had to say didn't make any sense.  But it doesn't matter because they will not divide against their own evil.
      The legal system, under the Constitution, is completely corrupted.  The so-called leaders of many decades ago are even more corrupted than the Clintons.  Back in the late 1860s and early 1870s they even got rid of the original 13th Amendment which stated that people with titles of nobility would cease to be citizens of the United States. (Notice on the link that the 14th Amendment was the one about involuntary servitude and slavery.) This would completely eliminate the esquire attorneys as they operate with the title of nobility called esquire.  The "emancipation" amendment was the original 14th Amendment.  They simply removed the original 13th Amendment, made the original 14th Amendment the 13th Amendment, and then put in the abomination called the 14th Amendment into place which completely restructured the government.  I suggest that the reader reread this carefully so that you understand it completely.  So you think Hillary Clinton is bad, she's just an amateur in comparison with the public officials that existed just after the Civil War.  In other words, the whole government is a complete fraud.  There was not constitutional convention and no public hearings in Congress to show this was what they were going to do.  So, when the powers-that-be don't like the laws, they just rewrite them and then use their counterfeits as law.  The government that we have today is a big fraud with no authority other than guns and ammo.  What Hillary Clinton did with the emails is really not a big deal in comparison with the shifting and counterfeiting of constitutional amendments.  But what else would anyone expect from a bunch of Satanists and freemasons?  Again, they lie.  They lie on the public record.  I've even seen them alter court transcripts to get the text to say what they want it to say.  This is called in court circles "sanitizing."

The government from hell
     Truly, the government is an institution that deserves no respect because they use the lie to manipulate the thinking of the people.  Little that they say is the truth, and even if they do tell the truth, it will be twisted to fit their own agenda.  No government under the natural law would be much better but there would have to be more moral people to make that happen.  So, as it stands, the government is so corrupted that I don't see how any honorable man or woman could work for such an evil organization.  The FBI director Comey destroyed any confidence that the people may have had in their government and that may be a good thing.  Now the public knows for sure it's crooked and this incident with the Clintons should remove all doubt.  It is truly a government of the Devil, for the Devil, and by the Devil.

Walter Allen Thompson has a new book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land

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