Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Pin the Communist Tail on the Jackass

     I was disgusted with the RNC for allowing a CEO of a major corporation come out as a homosexual.  The message there is that it is the fags that are holding an unusual amount of political power.  Remember, Abe Lincoln was a Republican and under his watch, the "Civil War" started and the eventual Reconstruction Acts changed the whole government which is the abomination that we have today.  While waving the flag of freedom and making people think that their vote counts, the RNC has shown that they are just as left wing as the DNC.  In fact, they are a bit more deceptive in that they look to be more conservative, but they are really socialist-communist-fascists.  And the reason is that at the end of the day, the tail on the jackass is communism and all of the pain and misery that it brings to society.  I haven't seen any candidate on either side address the true nature of the problem that plagues all Americans.  That problem is the communism that plagues the nation and holds back the potential of the people by reducing them to a state of economic and political slavery.
This form of slavery is evil and it is of the Devil.  And Mike Pence gave the Two-Fingered finger or the demonic hand signal called Baphomet.  The political and economic systems that we have today are of the Devil and they are a plague upon the land.

DNC is even worse
     Given some of the recent scandals involving the DNC and the leaks of the emails, this just adds yet another scandal to an already scandal-ridden candidate such as Hillary Clinton.  This should show voters from both sides just how much the political class hates them.  But these voters keep coming back for more.  If the people in the DNC were honorable, they would simply go home and take their name off of the voter registration roles.  This has shown just how corrupted the process really is and there's no fixing it.  And it is interesting to watch how the DNC leadership is glossing over the whole problem and they are lulling the voters right back into their Satanic stupor by continuing to make all of these stupid speeches that mean nothing but more communism.  Bernie Sanders actually requested that the people calm down.  He seems to be saying to them: just lay back and enjoy the screwing that we are giving you.  And it is remarkable in that the delegates are actually taking this shit from the DNC leadership.  All of this nonsense points to the lack of any moral leadership of either party.  So, don't expect anything to change much either way no matter who gets elected.

Democracy ensures that the worst people are elected
     When I look at the quality of the people in the government and running for office, I marvel at the idiocy of the process.  The "government" only wants more power and more money by stealing it from the American people.  These communists not only steal the money through income tax, they destroy the manufacturing and agricultural industries in favor of foreign countries.  The politicians are traitors to their own people.  But it is the democracy that gives the voters the illusion that their votes count for something when the evidence shows that these votes are just a wasted effort in futility.  The voters go through this every two years and they are doing the same things over and over again and they are still getting the same bad results.  Given what the DNC did to the voters of their party, I'm actually surprised that they put up with it.  Everyone who votes is partaking in a crooked and a rigged system that always allows the least qualified and the evilest people to take control over the government.
Truly, the DNC and RNC are just playing Pin the Communist Tail on the Jackass.  They are all liars and the people who tolerate these lies deserve what they get and it won't be good.  Communists are very violent and evil people who will use the chaos of the low morality to suit their own purposes.  The whole voting thing is a bad joke.

Walter Allen Thompson has a new book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land

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