Thursday, July 28, 2016

How Voters Get the Shaft

     One thing I recommend that people to is to get very suspicious when they see any contradiction in any kind of doctrine or statement of belief.  Since I consider voting to be a waste of time and effort, I don't seem to be as aggravated by the idiocy of the candidates.  But voters, really do think that they can make a difference by taking the time to cast their ballots every few years.  But the end result is always going to be bad because the same idiotic policies will be deployed no matter who becomes president.
      Most people don't realize this but the United States as understood by the US Code is a corporation and we don't really know who are the stockholders. Think of  this arrangement as a corporate screwing service inflicted upon the general public as a government.  Every few years, voters bend over and grab their ankles and basically say to the govtards: Do it to me again!  And of course, the government comes back and gives them what they want; another good screwing.  And the reason for this is that the political and economic systems are based upon Satanic principles which manifest themselves in communism.  This communist system is the same old bullshit that has gone on for thousands of years but totally explained in Karl Marx's The Communist Manifesto.  These communist principles are the whole infrastructure of the government but most people wouldn't call or even think of themselves as communists.  But to run for political office, a person is going to be a communist no matter what he thinks about the issue.  To support communist doctrine and then expect everyone else to go along with it is wrong, but it seems as if people just don't "get it."

Donald Trump and the RNC
     I was enjoying Trump's comments about the trade agreements such as TTP, WTO, and NAFTA.  However, Trump then turns around and picks Mike Pence as his VP running mate who supports these trade abominations.  Obviously, there's something wrong here for an intelligent voter.  This is giving mixed signals as to where he's going  as a candidate and possibly becoming president.
     Then there is the issue of him funding his own campaign.  I heard him say on numerous occasions that he's rich and will fund his own campaign, and at the same time, he was asking for donations on his website.  And now, he is attempting to raise money for the fall election.  If he has 10 billion dollars, why is he asking for money when he said he was so rich and didn't need the money?
     The main thing to watch for with these candidates is to watch for the lies.  And the lies are exposed in the contradictions.  My take on Trump is that while I liked what he said about these trade deals being so bad and destroying the manufacturing base, his choice of Mike Pence as a running mate gives me the impression that Trump may be playing the public and will, later on, screw the worker yet again by not doing anything significant to remedy the problem.  Mike Pence is the puke in the punchbowl.

Bernie Sanders and the DNC
     Leave it to a communist Jew Sanders to screw his supporters. Anyone who claims to be a socialist, liberal, or a progressive is a communist.  And the DNC chairman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, another communist Jew, took the fall for the email and then took another job with Hillary Clinton. Karl Marx, the author of the Communist Manifesto was also a Jew.  Do you see the pattern?  The problem isn't the race; the problem is the communism.    He could have made quite a floor fight out of the Clinton nomination, especially with the leaks of the hacked emails of the DNC.  It appears that no injustice is enough for this political system to have true ethical standards.
     It shows that the game is rigged and it is crooked and there's nothing that can fix it.  The party system has been around for a long time and it is a proven failure.  So the people don't really choose their candidates; the powers-that-be do that and each candidate will dance to their tune.  No matter what candidate is chosen, the communism stays within the government.

The lie is the main tool of Satanic deception
     I cannot over-emphasize enough the power of the lie when used by political hacks on both sides.  They will tell lies and then when they are caught in the lie, they will double-down and then lie again.  The best way to preserve your mind is to never listen to any of these clowns for any reason.  They all will try to get the voters' hopes up and then dash them to the ground when they get elected.  If people don't listen to them, then the bullshit will never enter into their minds.  The MSM will support the lies and it doesn't make any sense to listen to them or try to learn anything from them.  Everything they do is a lie.   Remember, you'll know when they are lying when they are moving their lips.  The liar is a mental abuser.  Think of the liar as a mental rapist and you'll get a better picture of how they are so evil.
     And it this so-called democracy, it isn't really who does the voting for which candidate, it is who counts the votes and who sets the rules.  The rules make come and go but it appears that the voting and election process is crooked.  Even if the voting was honest and fair, democracy is a rotten system that ensures that only the worst people will get elected.  Most people don't take the time an effort to learn about the political issues of the day so most voters are extremely uninformed.  And to go along with that, the candidates are almost as bad.  The end result is that the "government" will have evil people who don't give a rat's ass about anything other than their own money and power.

Is government really necessary?
     War has been the continuing by-product of the Constitution of the United States.  For the last 240 years, I counted about 152 wars with millions of lives lost on both sides.  War is the failure of democracy and maybe it would be better to operate under the natural law than be subject to flaming idiots who get other people killed for no good reason.  The government today steals over 50% of a man's paycheck thereby creating a slave system that produces misery rather than a wholesome and peaceful life.  The "government" is useless and it takes the joy out of life.  I think it is better if the socialists want that kind of government, they should organize it themselves and then have people voluntarily join.  I don't think there would be many takers, but they could develop their own socialist society and leave the rest of us alone.  But communists and socialists are violent people who want to enslave others into their repugnant socialist system.  To that end, a government isn't necessary, unless we want to have endless war, social unrest, government thievery, kidnap, and murder.  If this is what we want then democracy is a great way of providing the endless bullshit.  Remember, democracy is three wolves and a sheep deciding what's for dinner.  I believe we should all rely on natural law which is always more consistent and understood.

Voters always get the shaft
     It really doesn't matter which political party of which we are speaking, they all are crooked and corrupted to the core and voting is a massive waste of time.  These candidates lie, lie, and then double down on the lie.  And as a result, no voter can make an informed choice based upon false information.

How to Rig an Election

Walter Allen Thompson has a new book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land

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