Saturday, July 9, 2016

Idiocy of Hillary Clinton's Racism

     I'm trying to ignore this election because no matter who gets elected, the government system will continue to be Satanic because of the communist foundation on which it sits.  However, I do read the Drudge Report so I clicked the link and I found this gem from the Hildebeast:

"I’m going to be talking to white people, we’re the ones who have to start listening to the legitimate cries coming from our African-American fellow citizens,”  Link is here

     The real problem here is that the communists in the government are trying to start a race war and this is why I call government: Evil on Purpose.  Most intelligent people are not  racists because no one can help with which race they happen to be.  Just because I'm a white person doesn't mean I'm a racists or that I dislike blacks.  I find it interesting that Hillary doesn't mention the Jewish slave traders who are still active today, only they don't do it with metal chains, but they do it with economic and political chains.  If there is any group of people who are truly racist, it would be the communist Jews.  And the reason is that they consider anyone who is not a Jew an animal or a beast.  They don't consider the non-Jew to be men, women, and children.  And Jews appear to be the most prolific hate group in the world, yet few people dare to criticize them.  The communist Jews have infected the whole world with their globalist communism and slave-trading.  And they hide behind the so-called "racism" directed towards Jews.  The resentment comes from the communist system being imposed upon everyone.  Karl Marx was a Talmudic Jew; Communism is the Jew's gift to the world.  They did it; they own it.  Communism is a system of slavery and every nation of the world has it.  Communism must be taken apart and flushed down the toilet.

The real racists
     The real racists in this instance are the govtards who are fulminating racial hatred in the black community.  And, it is the racist music producers who have help to destroy the minds of young black people with the filthy music genre called "rap."  Many of them are Jewish producers.  They are there to destroy the minds of the young people with their claptrap that is called entertainment.  You don't see Hillary criticising the Jew of the entertainment world.  The rap music is filthy and rotten to the bone and I wish I had never heard any of it.  If there is one thing I could point to that has ruined the black race is the entertainment industry.  And it is the communist mindset that ruins society in general.  They use racism as a tool for their own advantage.

Purpose of communism, socialism, and fascism
     The purpose of these evil systems is to destroy mankind and the civilization in which he lives.  The communists try to control everything but they will be the ultimate losers.  No one does well working for the Devil or Lucifer.  They are all destined for failure and a communist, socialist, or fascist is a traitor to God, their race, their families, their friends, and they are traitors even to themselves.  And at this time it is the racist idea that is being used as a tool to start problems.

Start the problem; come in with the solution
      What Hillary Clinton is doing is helping to cause chaos and civil unrest by causing the problem and then eventually coming in with the solution.  This is the usual mode of operation of the communists.  As you watch the Dallas shooting events, the reporting is all over the place in terms of the details and participants in the events.  But in looking at the big picture, we can see that the purpose of it is to stir racial hatred and a hell on earth.

Remarks by Hillary are racist to the core
     There is nothing more racist that to point the blame to white people when it was a black man who allegedly shot the cops in Dallas.  But that doesn't matter because the whole point of her remarks is to stir the shit-pot between blacks and whites.  The only white people who stir the crap are the communists.  Remember, a communist is essentially a slaver because they want everyone to pay them for their evil deeds.  A leftist is a communist, a liberal is a communist, a Democrat is a communist, a Republican is a communist, and Hillary is a communist.  These racial outbursts are because of communism which is instigating the whole mess.  No one should pay any attention to these things because they aren't getting all of the facts.  It will be a few weeks before all the facts are known, but it is Hillary's racist remarks that are truly disgusting to hear.  I don't need to listen to the grievances of black people.  The black people need to stop listening to communists, libtards, and progressives.  Black people shouldn't listen to any of this nonsense as no communist government is going to help them.  Black people will always be used as a social battering ram for the communists to cause social chaos.  Life is difficult enough without having to deal with an idiot like Hillary Clinton.
     No one should listen to any of the political class as they are all corrupted to the core.  They will bring to you a false hope because their real god is the Devil and not the God who created the heavens and the earth.


Walter Allen Thompson has a new book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land


  1. You got a twisted view of religion. I suppose you think you have no creator. you destroy your own soul you do the devil's work. I'm glad I muted you.

  2. I stated that there is a God who created everything. I believe in God but not any religion. These religions cause more problems than they are worth.