Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Islam Taught in Public Schools

     Way back in 1997 a very disturbing incident happened involving my older son.  He was being taught the "Haj" and they were imitating that religious ritual.  I wonder why this was going on but I just wanted to get him out of that school before they really screwed him up.  Now, his children are being taught that "Islam is the perfect religion."  I've done a search on this subject and I see that many people are concerned about this but don't really understand what is going on.

Has the government been taken over by Islam?
     The religious people are the most disgusting perverts and intolerable assholes the world has ever known.  Islam is no exception.  Islam belongs to people mostly in the Middle East, but it has spread quite prolifically within the last twenty years.  I've asked writers from other websites about this and I haven't received any answers so I'll come up with my own theory.

Will Islam start the next civil war?
     The only reason to teach Islam in the public schools is to turn the children's minds into the acceptance of Islam.  Islam is a very aggressive religion that does not tolerate the infidels; i.e. non-believers in Allah or Islam.  Most people in the United States identify with Christianity but it seems as though there is not much opposition to the teaching of Islam in the public schools.  With the refugees coming in from various places, I can see that an eventual civil war may take place which is being instigated by the governments; both state and federal.  American troops would probably be unwilling to shoot their own people but the Muslims have no problem with that.  As you can see, Muslims are just like any other religious group and if you disagree with their version of God, they will kill you.  These refugees, mostly men of a young age, will be more than willing to kill as many Americans because someone will tell them that Allah told them to do it.

Has Islam taken over the United States government?
     There's a reason Obama or Clinton won't use the words "radical Islamic" extremists.  They are afraid of something.  Could it be that the plan of this nation government is to convert everyone over to Islam?  If they are teaching this religion in the public schools, the only reason would be to twist the minds of the young people.  When the timing is right, the country could explode into a civil war that no one wants.  Why do members of other religions object?  My guess is that Judaism, Islam, and Christianity are based upon the same Abrahamic foundation which may or may not be true.  Given the poor quality of people within these religions, I can see why these other religions don't object.  Because they are cut out of the cloth of the Abrahamic foundation which unfortunately has not produced good results in world history.

Children should be homeschooled and people should separate from religion 
     After spending 25 years reading the Bible and other religious material, it is my opinion that people should separate from religion until they can find out the truth.  The truth will not be residing in any religion.  I still believe in God but I don't trust any religion as they are liars and they are deceitful.  This is also why children should be homeschooled.  Given the recent terrorist events throughout the world, it seems to me that all religions are culpable and the Muslims may be the cannon fodder for other religions in any coming civil war.  In other words, the Muslims will get screwed by being used by other religions.  I think it is best to just stay away from all of this nonsense if for no other reason than to preserve your sanity.

     I'm putting out this theory because I'm basing it on what I can readily see.  If anyone has more information as to why Islam is being taught in the public school system, I would greatly appreciate it.  Please leave your comments in the comment section at the bottom of this article.  I moderate the comments, so I would like to have any other information on this subject matter.  If you don't want me to publish your comment, please put "Don't Post" and I will not post it.

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