Monday, June 20, 2016

Religion:Tolerating the Intolerable

     It is a natural reaction for people to be alert when around Muslims or followers of Islam.  It is not the religion of peace and neither are any of the other religions that I know.  Both the bible and the Quran or Koran are very violent writings not fit to be read by the sane mind.  I'm not going to document that last statement because I don't want that trash on my website.  Just type in the appropriate search term in your favorite search engine: "Violent writings of the Bible and Koran " and you get all of the evidence you need.  There are legitimate concerns of the people as the refugees are starting to pollute society with their religion and violent behavior.  But the government doesn't care and I believe that they are intentionally attempting to start another civil war by their religious race-baiting using Muslims, Christians, Jews, and other religions against each other.  The best way to get otherwise normal people to kill someone else is to tell them that God or Allah told them to do it.

Islam is being taught in the American public school system
     For those of you who care, your children are probably being taught Islam in the public school system.  Around 1997, my son came home and asked me about the "Haj."  The schools had him participating in Islamic religious rituals in 8th grade.  Recently, that same son told me that his children who were going to public school were taught that Islam is the "perfect" religion.
Obviously, this would be a problem for most "Christians" but they are so milk-toast that it probably doesn't make an impression on them.  But there has been a concerted effort by the government to push Islam on the public school system.  Anyone with any morals should never send their children to public school for this reason alone.

All religions are of the Devil
     Islam has nothing on the so-called "Christian" religions.  The Roman Catholic church is probably the worst except for Judaism itself.  In fact, there are a lot of writings on the internet that say that the Roman Catholic church actually started Islam through the evil works of the Jesuits.  Again, I'm not going to post that trash on my blog, but you can do a web search asking the question: Did the Catholic Church and the Jesuits start Islam?  There you can get all the opinions that you want but what I look for is the underlying Satanic principles in all religions.  To be clear, I believe in the God who created the heavens, the earth, and all that live in them.  But I do not believe in religion any longer as I use the natural law which God created.  The lowest common denominator of these evil religions is the oath in swearing allegiance to their "faith."  Swearing oaths take  God's name in vain and no one on earth should be swearing them.  I think religious writings are too dangerous to use and I see a lot of problems with all religions.  All I have to see is the type of people they produce.  Having gone to many "Christian" churches, I haven't found one which stayed with the biblical teachings.  That leads me to believe that all of the Christian faiths are either apostate or they are pagan, either way, they are useless.  I don't have a problem with any religion if they are true, but the problem is that all religious leaders lie.  And the lie is the main tool of the Devil.
     I sat down with the Quran-Koran and I stopped reading it as I found "cut off the heads of the infidels" quite offensive.  I refuse to put that kind of thing in my mind as I don't want to delude my own soul.  The religions are the main instrument in getting people to kill each other.

Religions violate the natural law
     Again, the primary tool of religions is the lie.  Once someone has the false information and they take action based on false information, then chaos follows.  All actions taken upon false information will never produce good results.  So the main tool of religions is the lie, and the biggest one is: "God said it," or "God said it to me...."  Then, they write down this garbage and point to the bible and say: "That's the word of God."  Again, Muslims have nothing on the Christians when it comes to bullshit.  Then, Christians are to believe that the bible is the word of God when the religious leaders change the contents of the bible via new versions or by simply removing those writings that they don't want.  
     Then there are the Jews or Judaism which is the basic Satanic foundation that Christians or gentiles use.  Islam is also an offshoot of Judaism.  All of these religions produce bad people who violate God's commandments on a regular basis.

Natural law is easier to use than religion
     The moral order is contained in nature and it can be said in a few sentences.  It would be stupid to worship a false God as there is no point in it.  It is wrong to take the name of God in vain (oath-taking) and it is important for children to respect their parents.  It is obvious that killing another man or woman by committing murder is wrong, yet the governments and the religions engage in murder every day.  Adultery and fornication are wrong along with homosexuality.  Given the fact that the governments support LGBT should tell anyone that these governments are demonic and Satanic.  It is always good procedure to never lie, steal, or covet anyone's property.  These are the main items which there are other laws that can be deduced by nature.  I believe that the natural moral order has enough that can be deduced by right reason and common sense that a man can live in prosperity and in peace if the natural moral order is followed.  Right and wrong can be known by using critical thinking.  There may be times where we are not sure, but using patience and proper reasoning will always get the correct answer.
     I believe that the religions of the world are there to cause trouble and not to solve any problems for mankind.  Take away religions and most of the wars would stop.
     Religion is stupid and intolerable.  I don't think God approves of any of it.  I used to be a "Christian" but I had never found a viable Christian church.  A group of religious beliefs that cannot support its own doctrine has to be false.  From the Roman Catholic church to the most fundamental church all have one thing in common: they lie.  To be a part of these groups will twist the mind and the soul.  Judaism, Islam, and Christianity are all evil in substance and the results of these groups are self-evident.  All of these religions are playing a dangerous game of "Follow the Idiot."   Instead of following God's natural laws, men want to follow idiots who cannot do them any good.  
     In using natural law, I don't get the clutter and inconsistencies that I received from religions.  Religions are places that cause trouble among men.  None of these religions should be tolerated by people using right reason and common sense.

Walter Allen Thompson has a new book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land

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  1. EstherBunnyBrownJune 22, 2016

    I have read, online, that another way to get someone to support anything detrimental would be surgical mutilation as a means of social control. Read some Kerth Barker, best known for his book Angelic Defenders & Demonic Abusers, for more details on that.

    On the other hand compare and contrast any church with the rex deus church.