Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Stupid has Strength in Numbers

It's easy to be stupid
     When we look at voting results, we see the idiocy of the people by the politicians and the religious they choose to follow.  The idiots mind is much easier to maintain because it takes little to no effort to be stupid.  To be smart take time and effort to learn those things that might actually be a benefit to a man.  But stupid is easy.  All it takes is to sit on one's fat ass and expect someone else to handle your problems.  A lawyer is a good example of this.  Christ has been reported as saying to them: "Woe unto you lawyers...." and he even called them "...a brood of vipers."  Now, isn't it stupid to have a viper or a poisonous snake handle your affairs or speak for you?  The reason lawyers are so successful is that they get the complete trust of their victim, and if the lawyer does a shitty job, the client goes to jail and not the lawyer.  If the client is really stupid, he may pay the lawyer millions of dollars for the privilege of going to prison.  This is one example of stupid.  But it would take an effort to learn the ins and outs of the court system and to learn to file their own paperwork.
     Usually, stupid people have bad grammar, spelling, and cannot write much past the level of Dick and Jane and see Spot run.  In my opinion, stupid is self-inflicted but with some effort,  it can be defeated.

Stupid cannot be fixed
     Stupid cannot be fixed.  Just like the comedian Ron White said:  "You can't fix stupid."  Most people would agree that a communist political and economic system is just plain stupid.  You can't fix it. I never thought that a comedian's words would ring so true.  Not even Donald Trump can fix a stupid government should he get elected.  Hillary and her husband is a part of the reasons why the government is stupid.  The government's stupidity is "forever."  But the idiots flock to the polls every few years to elect their dummies to represent them in a very stupid system.  In addition to being very stupid, the government is also very evil.  Again, stupid has its strength in numbers.

These are the stupid things people do to destroy their lives
  • Elect communists, socialists, and fascists into their governments
  • Tolerate communists, socialists, and fascists
  • Allow themselves to be persecuted by the LGBT movement
  • Allow their children to be influenced by LGBT
  • Purchase home which they do not really own
  • Engage in promiscuous sex
  • Allow themselves to be treated like animals in a zoo
  • Ruin their lives with divorce
  • Taking drugs and engaging in substance abuse
  • Putting tattoos on their bodies thus destroying their appearance
  • Making war
  • Running up debt
The list goes on and on but the common denominator is that these things take a little effort to do because they are stupid.  And this is why the governments and the religions like to keep people stupid.  If they keep them stupid with their idiotic lies, they can control them for their own purposes.

Take control of your life by not being stupid
     When making decisions, it is important to make the effort to not make stupid decisions.  Have the patience to wait and think something through.  I would have saved myself a lot of problems if I had only taken the time to think things through to their most sensible conclusions.

     Stupid people chose it for themselves and there's no other way to remedy stupid other than to separate from it.  All of us do stupid things because we haven't taken the time to use right reason and common sense.  By taking a little more time and thought we can all make better decisions for ourselves and our families.  Remember, it takes no effort to remain stupid.  In order to be good as something, takes time and patience to make it happen.
     The main thing to remember is that the people in political and religious circles will manipulate you by lies using your stupidity against you.

Walter Allen Thompson has a new book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land

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