Friday, September 28, 2012

The Lies of Fiction

     I had written an article here on The Dangers of Lying, and I made the remark that written fictions are just another form of lying.  The reason is simple.  Fictions are intentionally written in order to take away the anchor of truth which would give value to the reader's efforts, which allows the writer to make up just about anything he wants.  Once the fiction is completed, what you have is a piece of work that is complete poppycock.  If the writing isn't true, then it is a lie.  Some will say that as long as it is disclosed as a fiction, then it is proper to write it.  The problem I see, if one follows the logic, is that it would also be proper to lie as long as it is disclosed that it is a lie.  I see no difference between the two.  And I'm afraid that all of us have been subject to our intellects being compromised by the lies of fiction.
     After writing my first book, I understood just how easy it would be to put in some lies and then disguise them with the truth.  And since my book is regarding spiritual issues, I became aware of how easy it would be to manipulate readers with lies.  I was almost shocked.
     A few years ago, I was reading in the Book of Enoch which essentially said that it wasn't God's intention to have mankind confirm his faith with paper and ink.  I was impressed with what I read.  I'm not sure it is true, but it does make sense.  It is just too easy to counterfeit things  writing, so then some other form of information should always go along with written information.
     The only way I know how to arrive at the truth is to have a proper set of facts to go along with what is being written.  What facts support any conclusion?  It is impossible for a fiction to confirm any facts.  The reason is that it was intentionally written as a fiction and the value of the information is of no consequence and of no benefit to the reader.  Some say it is entertaining, some may say that it stimulates the imagination.  However, my thinking is that fictions probably do more harm to the intellects of people throughout the world due to the fact that fictions are lies.
     How can a lie benefit anyone?  If I tell the most simple lie, it will distort the mind of the reader or he that heard the lie.  And as a result of continual lying from politicians, religious people, and many others from all walks of life, the people who hear these lies and act upon them are dumber than they were before they heard the lie.  Just listening to politicians and religious preachers can lower one's IQ
at least 30 points.  I suppose that the lie is the most useful and successful tool of those who engage in mind control.
     I do not enjoy listening to the news anymore because I realize that I am being programmed into someone's agenda.  So it serves no purpose to listen to material that is not truthful.  Since fiction is not the truth, fiction is not something that I read mostly because I don't find things that are not true interesting.  I also don't want my mind twisted. The constant intake of lies has a damaging effect each person who hears these lies.  Liars get you to think one way when you should be thinking some other way which would be truthful.
     A fiction is not the state of the case; it is a state of confusion.  Especially, those fictions which include a lot of truthful information.  But that truthful information is then twisted to the whim of the author.  The author has no rules other than what his mind can make up out of thin air.  The person who reads the fiction then becomes less intelligent or dumber for reading the stupid writing.  Fiction sells because almost anyone with the average IQ of a plant can read and enjoy a lie.  Intellectually, I think that the reader suffers from the lie as it distorts his critical thinking.  It might stimulate one's imagination, but ultimately the fiction destructively twists the mind and upsets the soul.
     If a fiction is not true, then what is it?  It isn't a mistake because someone purposely wrote it.  In my view, writing fiction is just another way of lying.  I can't call it anything else.  But the bad part about it is that the people who read it are now dumber than they were before they read the wretched piece of work.
     Just to show how stupid fiction is let's consider the idea of "science fiction."  When I see those two words together, it is almost as absurd as the words "good lawyer."  Here is the definition of science from "a branch of knowledge or study dealing with a body of facts or truths systematically arranged and showing the operation of general laws: the mathematical sciences."  Science fiction is a contradiction of words and it is completely worthless; it distorts the mind.  Even the science we see today such as "global warming" or evolution are not based upon facts or truths, but it is based upon presumptive evidence with no facts.  If evidence used is a presumption, it usually means there are no facts.
     Without facts and truth, the mind does not operate to its fullest extent and ability.  Why would I ever want to waste my time reading things that I know are not true.  How dumb is that? 

Walter Allen Thompson is the author of The Grace of Repentance: Keeping God's Commandments


  1. Would Jesus' parables be considered fiction? Fiction can bring out truth for those that maybe are not ready for the blunt force of direct truth. Isn't this why C.S. Lewis also wrote his works?

    How do you know when you have truthful facts? How do you know if historical facts have not been tampered with? How do you know if the Bible or other ancient works are true or are early frauds?

    What is it that we can know? We can know that we don't know. We can know what tests true from empirical experience. But the highest order is we can know what is true directly from g-d himself.

  2. I sell used cars for a living. Customers almost universally disbelieve my statements about the car. I tell the truth but they hear what they want to hear. When I get upset with them because they don't believe what I said they seem to be shocked. There is an old saying in the business that buyers are liars. I get to see people at their very worst. They assume I am a lying dirt bag and they can just let it rip with their lies and bad attitudes. I try to make it a policy not to say much to the buyer because they interpret my words wrongly so often. I don't want to give the bad attitudes and lies space in my brain so I am considered not nice by many liars who are buyers. However when that truthful customer walks in I can tell in a moment I have a real person to engage. Then I am willing to talk at more length and give them the benefit of my knowledge about cars and deals.

    You might wonder how I can keep a job with this attitude. Well I can't but I have my own small business and it is nice to be free of the liars and their nasty attitudes. I believe we all should be honest, upright, and God fearing to become the man God wants us to be.

  3. So,you hate all ficiton stories, of any author,whether Twain, Dostoevskij, Tolstoj, London, Lewis, Tolkien or authors you like because they are lies?