Wednesday, September 5, 2012

My Dog Spot

     As opposed to people, I have never met a dog I didn't like.  My dog Spot is the newest addition to my household.  Even the most decrepit dog will have better manners than most people.
    I first met Spot when he was my son's dog and I took care of  him for a couple of weeks.  I became immediately attached to him because he is so friendly.  He is a Boston Terrier, but because he has blue eyes, he doesn't make the cut from the American Kennel Club.  But as most dogs are, he is a lot of fun, and like many women aren't, he is very affectionate. 
     One of the things I like about Spot is that he isn't a psycho.  Yes, he loves to chase the deer out in the woods.  He seems to have been born to run and he does it like a gazelle; never seen anything quite like it.  We'll go out into the woods and he looks for anything to chase.  He always comes back when I call him, but I do worry a little when he's off the leash.  One time he took off and I couldn't see where he was going, then all of a sudden he comes running back with a pit bull chasing him.  I got in between him and the pit bull and I calmed both of them down.  Even a pit bull doesn't want any trouble and I was able to control the situation.  Unlike many people, Spot doesn't try to make me miserable, but he goes out of his way to make sure that I know that he loves me.
     Everyone I meet likes my dogs.  If I were to get remarried again, I would like to have a woman that everyone likes.  I hate to be comparing my dogs with the current crop of women, but I can't help myself.  I've never had either one of my dogs bitch (no pun intended) me out.  My dogs are well behaved and considerate to me.  Yeah, they get a little crazy every once and awhile, but most of the time they are just a lot of fun.  My dogs love me and I love them.  If I wasn't around, they would love whoever owned them.  That kind of unconditional love should be with men and women because we were made to live that way.  None of this is possible without God.
     I met a man last night who has not had a real home for 19 years.  He says he is 32 years old and has been on the road all that time.  He has a small little dog who follows him around wherever he goes.  His dog even stands guard over his gear.  But it is the dog who gets him through the sometimes very lonely existence.
     God must have provided these creatures to substitute for some of the horrible people that we have to endure.  And while I do like cats, dogs are my favorite.  I cannot imagine why anyone would not like dogs.
     My dog Spot is peaceful, with little to no drama.  My other dog, Angel, is happy with the new addition (she has no choice).  But there's a special bond that is present between man and dog that has probably been their since the creation.  It is hard to explain, but it is always present and it is a delightful experience. Dogs are a gift from God, which goes to show that within  his natural order, everything is the way it is supposed to be. It is happy, content, and without drama.  The relationship between a man and his dog is quite remarkable.  The relationship between men and women should be at least just as good if not better.
     I think the reason is that unlike mankind, dogs don't commit sins, nor do they have the capacity to do evil.  Whereas, people who are born with a free will are continually tempted with and confronted by evil.  Most people today don't have the capacity to defend themselves against it.  They just open themselves up to whatever nonsense that comes along, and then they wonder why their lives are so miserable.
     Now, don't get me wrong, Spot is far from being a genius.  A couple of months ago, he ate a fish hook which cost me money to have taken out.  But he's a nice dog and very friendly; fun to be with.  What's nice about this is that most people I've met will say the same thing about their dogs.  Almost everyone loves their dogs.  Sometimes the conditions of nature will teach us some lessons about how to live happily within God's World Order, everything works very nicely; take out God's World Order, and there's nothing but trouble.  I prefer God's World Order.

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