Monday, February 1, 2016

Mark Dice Demonstrates Voter Stupidity

     Here is a reason to question the value of democracy or even a republican form of government.  Mark Dice, a comedian from San Diego, went out on the street to ask for signatures in support for Karl Marx to be the nominee for Hillary Clinton's vice presidential candidate, people just signed the petition as it was a normal course of action. 
      For those of you who don't know, Karl Marx was the author of The Communist Manifesto.  The man has been dead since 1888.  Talk about stupid.  On the surface it was funny, but when I thought about it, it does show that the people are not just too stupid to be of any value to themselves and to society.  Each one of these people are so uninformed that they really shouldn't vote and this is the problem with choosing leaders by this system.  To make things even worse, this is done with secret ballots.  My thinking is that people should have their votes published to make sure they got counted properly.  Then, if the candidate who wins and then goes on to be a liar, the people who didn't vote for the schmuck should be able to sue those voters who put the idiot in office in the first place.  I. have no confidence in the government system any longer.  And voting seems to condone the evil.  This video very pointedly  shows just how idiotic the democratic system and that the worst voters can set the course of history.


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