Thursday, February 11, 2016

IRS: Rotten Customer Service

      I had to laugh when I saw an article in the Washington Examiner that says that the Commissioner of the IRS blames rotten customer service and data hacks on Obamacare.  I want to address the idea that the IRS has "customers."

"Customer" is a euphemism for "slave"
    The idea that anyone who is a "taxpayer" is a customer is laughable.  Since when did anyone go to the IRS and purchase anything?  Now, it could be said that those people who would like to get financially fornicated can go to the IRS and get the shaft.  However, in keeping up with the times, they do have a self-screwing form called a tax return. Think of it as something like the self-check-out lanes in Walmart.   The "customer" can then fill out the form and send in whatever amount he thinks "purchased" from the IRS.  In order to fill out the form, a "customer" must sign under the "Penalties of perjury" which violates God's commandments by taking the Lord's name in vain.

National loans from the Federal Reserve
     In order to have currency to use the Federal Reserve Bank provides for money but they charge interest.  In my opinion, the idea of the IRS customer is similar to a loan customer.  He takes out the loan and then pays interest.  After all, when you have money in your pocket, they are in reality debt notes.  In order for having the privilege of using their money they charge interest; and that's how we become customers.  The problem is that the people are paying interest on money that Federal Reserve bank pulled out of their collective asses.  All of the money that the "taxpayer" pays goes for interest on the national debt. This was well-documented during the Reagan administration by the Grace Commission.  Click here for the PDF.  Because people accept their money in the debt notes produced by the Federal Reserve, I suppose that's the IRS feels that the "taxpayer" is a customer.  But really, who would consider themselves a customer of the IRS?  My guess is that is why so many politicians say that the income tax is voluntary because people choose to use their debt notes.

No other options available
     When there is a monopoly on currencies, the ones who own the monopoly are the real rulers of the political roost.  If there were a legitimate alternative to using FRNs (Federal Reserve Notes) then they might have a point.  But they never disclose any terms or conditions when using FRNs.  Essentially, the IRS is a fraud and it should be abolished along with the Federal Reserve Bank.  In addition, the use of interest and usury has to also be abolished.  We can either have a failed system based on communist principles or we can have a successful economy without usury.  The income tax is a forced payment of interest on the money the Fed created out of thin air.  That's my opinion as to how people become "customers" of the IRS.

Income Tax Repealed

Walter Allen Thompson has a new book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land

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