Monday, February 15, 2016

Hatred is the Main Component of the New World Order

     One of the main components of the "new world order" is the hatred communists, socialists, libtards, progressives, and fascists have for other people.  For simplicity, let's call them commie turds. They have no love or compassion for anyone but themselves.  They have the most perverted sense of authority and they push their nonsense upon all of those who do not resist.  These people are the most worthless groups of people known to mankind.

Moral people seem to be at a disadvantage
     I would like people to think about this question:  What facts do you have or show that any government in the world has the authority to kill, murder, steal, extort, and brutalize anyone?  If I decided to get a group of people together and then steal the fruit of the labor of other people, then we would be thieves and thugs.  However, as soon as the word "government" is attached to the act, somehow people think that it has authority.  People who are moral people have a difficult time relating to this because they think that the government has this authority.  They trust the government to "do the right thing" when none of it has any authority.  The only offense that can come against anyone is the usual lying, stealing, murder, and adultery which would violate the natural law.  Many people think it is moral to support the government, even though its actions are obviously evil.  The problem is that moral people don't seem to question the morality itself.  All morality must be tested against the natural law to see whether something is right or wrong.  Religion does have some good things but they are just as corrupted as the governments as they add to the immoral condition of society.  I can't think of one religion that has any value and their writings are so inconsistent that it is difficult to know what is true and what is false.  The nonsense of the commie turds becomes more difficult to discern if they mask their religion with a lot of the truth.

High moral standards are the key to a better society
     Without higher moral standards there will be even more hatred.  The commie turds hate God; hate men, hate women, and they especially hate children.  Men and woman should be bringing joy to each other and the exchange of love between to married people and their children is important in order to have a stable and happy society.  Commie turds hate your happiness.  Commie turds hate your children and they show it by teaching your children perverse ideas.  Commie turds love it when you cannot support your own family.  They like it when you lose your job.  Commie turds love to abort the children in the womb.  Commie turds are a pathetic bunch of libtard bastards from hell.
     The commie turd doesn't have to be one.  It is remarkably easy to turn one's condition around and starting to act like intelligent adults.  A commie turd perverts everything to their own destruction.  So, even for a commie turd there is nothing of any value in his belief system.  Everything he lives for is to be promoting hatred for himself and others. The higher moral standards will eliminate the hatred by modifying the behavior to conform to the natural law or the commandments that conform to the natural law.

Using natural law
     Using the natural law is easy and all it takes is to use some common sense and I'll briefly go through some of them.
  • Idolatry: don't worship a false god.  The only god that matters is the God that created the heavens and the earth.  There is no benefit to worshiping multiple gods.  In my view, there are so many religions that I'm of the opinion that they are all useless.
  • Swearing oaths:  Another way of saying it is taking the Lord's name in vain.  I've written a lot about swearing oaths and this is one of the major problems in society today. (Do a search on this blog for swearing oaths and you'll see all of the various articles.)
  • Honoring mother and father:  They are the ones who provided a home and took care of you so it is important to respect them.   Parents must also bear the responsibility of bringing up their children in a good moral framework.
  • Cannot commit murder:  Obviously, this is important and this is why the governments have no authority.  They cannot contain themselves and they routinely murder millions of people in the name of whatever nation-state they represent.  This is an abomination and it shouldn't be tolerated.
  • Lying is forbidden:  The lie is the primary satanic tool for mind-bending in order to promote the "new world order."  There is no limit to the lies.  Lying is dangerous because it gives the hearer bad information.  If a man takes action on the bad information, then he will have bad results.
  • Adultery and fornication:  These two things are major problems that need to be fixed.  Young people should be married at an earlier age and men should have something going for them by the time they are 16 in terms of making a living in order to support a family.  Sex, without the benefit of marriage, will always get bad results.                                                                             
     There are many other "natural laws" that can be observed through using common sense and right reason.  These laws promote love and compassion for others.   However, it is the of the commie turds that must be avoided.  To be blunt, the commie turds hate everything that is good.  Deep down inside their decrepit souls, they are losers and they know it.  It is just a matter of time before they destroy society with their hatred.  I enjoyed raising my children and having a nice family and that is more important than any socialist agenda that is centered around hatred, bigotry, and moral insanity.


  1. In one of Justin Deschamp's interpretations of the Gaia Portal posts, he has the following advice and I quote:

    "Consider that hatred, intolerance, bigotry, and aggressive behavior, in general; all cause the bearer emotional disturbances that lead to mental and physical disease. If you hate someone or something long enough, it will eat away at your sense of peace and happiness, reducing you to a shell of your former self."