Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Twisted Sexuality

     Twisted sexuality is a major problem in society and the start of it is fornication.  Fornication means having sex with someone other than your husband or wife.  Many couples think there nothing wrong with having sex before marriage and I believe it is evil and it destroys the relationship between a potential husband and wife. The biggest problem is that fornication will lead to other sexual problems.  I've gone over this in other articles which I am posting at the end of this article.
     In looking at society today, we see a blind acceptance of homosexuality.  Homosexuality is just another way to fornicate but it is just as bad and doesn't even follow the physical natural order.  The body was not made for that kind of sexual activity.  What's even worse is that the ratio of young boys being sexually abused by gay men is about 150:1  In other words, a queer may molest around 150 boys in his lifetime.  With the recent exposure of the Pizzagate issue, we are seeing how common it is for the people in the political class to engage in sexual abuse of children.  There is no right to be a homosexual.  A man can choose to be a homo but he will pay the price for the bad decision.
    However, the biggest problem which is fueled by twisted sexuality is pedophilia.  This is the natural outcropping of sexual immorality.  By discarding morality, the society today doesn't have the proper moral guidelines.  All of the various media promotes promiscuity to the extent that young people don't think there's anything wrong with fornication.  Then they may try homosexuality and it will degrade further into child abuse.  Pedophilia can also involve murder and cannibalism.  Yes, this is disgusting.  But the facts are showing that there's no good thing that comes from twisted sexuality.
And in recent weeks, after the disclosing of the Podesta emails, there seems to be some evidence of a horrific ring of pedos that is worldwide.
     Here is an example of just how twisted this gets.  TwitterPedos  This is why I find faggots or queers to be a disgusting bunch of miscreants.  There's no excuse for this and it is going to lead to a complete breakdown in society.

Fornication is Destruction of the Soul
Pedophilia More Common Among Gays

Walter Allen Thompson has a new book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land


  1. Sex was given to us as a necessity to procreate. God then gave us "the gift" of making it physically pleasurable (or should be, when the "energy" is right). We, humanity, have taken something which should have been reserved as a sacrament, and have rather replaced it as a "common" given. Therein which lies the problem.

    (I'm not sure I'm wording this as I wish.....need. more. coffee.)

    1. Sucks to see earth still have stupid people like you. Homosexuality has always been part of nature and existed long before Christianity was created. But Ofc, typical theists don't know that. Going around inserting dumb views, lies and stupid bigotry with no facts. If homosexuality is not part of nature, it would have disappeared long ago due to evolution. Geez, religious people are stupid. Religion is full of bullshit, no wonder atheism is constantly on the rise. As people get smarter and wiser, they abandon stupidity. No wonder the religions wants to take over the public schools. People getting smarter is their biggest fear. After all, the dumber the people, the easier they are to be controlled like bunch of puppets.
      I pity you losers.

    2. Ofc dumb people like you still exist on earth. What a shame. Homosexuality has always been part of nature. In fact, it existed long before Christianity was created. But Ofc, dumb religious people don't know that. Going around spreading hate, lies, stupidity and bigotry is what they are best at.
      Geez religious folks are stupid. No wonder atheism is on the constant rise. As people get smarter, they abandon stupidity. Religion's biggest fear, people getting smarter. After all, the dumber the people, the easier they are to be controlled. I pity you pathetic folks.