Sunday, December 4, 2016

Pizzagate, Satanism, Complete Corruption

     There is a very evil scandal that is simmering under the surface of the mainstream media.  It's called Pizzagate and it is some of the most awful material I've ever had to deal with since the McMartin Preschool incident in the 1980s.  Everyone can look up #pizzagate and get all of the information that they need.  This scandal was started as a hack of John Podesta's emails, who of course was the campaign chairman of Hillary Clinton.  The emails suggest a large ring of child sex trafficking, child sexual abuse, Satanic rituals, and cannibalism.  I have a fairly thick skin, but the information is so rotten, that it has shaken me to the core.  The Satanic rituals involving young children and even small babies are so bad that people have a difficult time accepting the facts.  I don't know any facts other than what I have read.  Assuming that the information is true, this society is in for some real trouble.  Again, I don't want to put this information on my blog as it is too evil for me to post, but I want to suggest how we all got to the point and suggest some ways we can overcome the problem.

Satanism is the root of the problem
     People have been worshipping the devil or lucifer for thousands of years.  Whether you believe them or not, the fact is that they believe it and they act upon that belief.  The idea of Satanism is to destroy mankind and any good thing that God has created.  The end result of Satanism is hatred, death, and hell.  And the ultimate in evil is the abuse of little children for the pleasure of the perverts.  The perverts think that by abusing the children and drinking their blood, that they will be able to live longer than most people.  They are after the young blood and they take joy in the pain and suffering of these children.  It is important for every parent to be aware of this problem and be extra careful who is around their children.  However, some of the problems are in areas people don't want to address and I'll go through them here.

The government is completely Satanic
     The governments of the world are like a group of gang-bangers who torment the peaceful people of the world.  In order to join the government, people must swear oaths of loyalty to them and the oath is the opening for demonic activity.  My saying is this: "Swear an oath; go to hell."  The oath is the doorway to hell, and if you don't believe me just look at all of the governments of the world and you will see that they are filled with sex traffickers, perverts, homosexuals, fornicators, child molesters, and even cannibals.  These governments have no right to exist but it is our low moral standards that seem to feed these evil governments.  I have repeatedly warned people about the oath and Satanism and they don't seem to get it.  It's one thing to know the problem of sex trafficking but it is another to understand what causes it.  It is the disobedience of God's commandments and his natural law that causes all of the problems.  The government operates outside of the natural law and so the child molesting is the bad result of the government's evil doings.

Religion is the product of Satan
     When I was a Christian, I was always puzzled as to why all of the Christian churches I attended were so corrupted.  The bible would teach one thing but then they would do something else.  I was raised a Roman Catholic and then I studied every other denomination and they were all corrupted.  None of them produced the results of a group of people that should have high moral standards.  I found that the pastors lied, committed child abuse, cheated on their wives, and when I would confront them on their error they would just walk away or tell me that they would get back to me.  They never did.  My conclusion is that I don't think God is that stupid to come up with doctrines of these churches.  And if you follow the history, you can see that there are some very bad results and the system of Satanism is communism.  All of the countries of the world are communist.  They are unfit to exist.
     Many people consider Judaism a Satanic cult.  Christianity is built upon Judaism so it would make sense that it too is Satanic.  I think of Christianity as Judaism for gentiles.  The Roman Catholic church was created around the third century and their doctrines parallel paganism.  I remember asking myself the question: How could a corrupted church like the Roman Catholics come up with a clean set of scriptures?  They can't and they wouldn't.  The proceeding churches use many different translations with different doctrines.  The main problem I have with these religions is that they do not reflect the natural law that God created.  It only makes sense to me to worship the God who created everything and not worship a counterfeit.  Every time I went to church I always got the nagging feeling from my conscience that I shouldn't be there.  I stopped going to church and eventually decided that God is real and the rules of life are in a natural law.  Nature is not a god but it is the creation of God and there is a natural order by which we all should be living.  If we break that natural law we will always bring trouble for ourselves.  Once I started using the natural law then my life felt normal and in its proper place.  The natural law is so much easier to use and it doesn't need to be written down.  We all were born with a latent knowledge of right and wrong.  The main problem is that the governments and the religions confuse everything.
     But the worse flaw in the religions is the child abuse.  The Roman Catholic church is a hotbed of pedophilia and the evil of it is legendary.  Anyone who puts their young children in a Catholic organization is asking for trouble and heartbreak.  It is much easier to keep the children away from these groups as they are not of God but of Lucifer.  No church is a safe place to leave your children nor are they safe places to attend.  Many of these churches operate on oath taking, especially the Catholic church.  And it is not just the Catholics.  All of them that call themselves Christians have severe doctrinal problems.  While the bible has a lot of truth to it, it is peppered with contradictions and outright lies.  The bible is produced from the minds of men written down, whereas, the natural law is easily observable and there are no contradictions; it is the same for everyone.

The evil of child abuse
     Child abuse is the worst thing that can happen to anyone.  All of the evil of our lives must be put aside as all of the sins open the door to hell.  The governments who do not address this problem have no authority for anything.  If they cover-up the problem, they are just as bad as the perps.  I strongly suggest that those who can handle this study take an interest to help solve the problem.  This cannot be allowed to continue.

Understanding Jurisdiction (Oaths)
Google and Youtube #pizzagate for information
Canons and Decrees of the Council of Trent 1545 AD (This is still valid church doctrine.  Do a word search of "oath" and you'll see that they are oath takers.  This is one of the sources of Satanism.)
Stop Swearing Oaths

Walter Allen Thompson has a new book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land


  1. All too true mate...
    Natural law unifies all religions & all sciences into one framework. I guess that's why they hate it so much...

  2. The way to overcome darkness, has always been the same turn the light on.

  3. Using the King James Bible, please document the contradictions and outright lies that you claim to see in that book...

    1. The biggest and most important contradictions in the Bible is regarding Christ's admonition not to swear any oaths. Matt 5:33-37 Then there is Paul the Apostle who is swearing oaths in various Epistles. My count is 5 times: Romans 1:9; 2 Corinthians 1:23; Philippians 1:8; Galatians 1:20; 1 Thes 2:10 If Paul was taught directly by Jesus Christ, then he wouldn't be swearing oaths. The problem with the bible is it was written mostly by Jews who have a different agenda than the God who created everything. In this instance oath-taking is a Satanic ritual done by Jews and Masonic types. All of the religions of today engage in some form of it and it is evil to the core. Oath-taking is a Satanic ritual that is idolatry. There's more but this is the most important one. I don't trust writings any longer for any information about God. That information can be observed within the natural law that he created. It is easier to learn and it gets better results. I've written a lot of articles on this blog about oath-taking and it is the most important thing not to do.