Tuesday, December 6, 2016

PizzaGate and Fake News

     PizzaGate is real and there is a lot of circumstantial evidence to implicate a lot of "powerful" people who are involved.  I use the word "powerful" but the fact is that these are weak and immature people.  I lived in Southern California during the McMartin Pre-School incident and the same type of cover-up is being done now using the word "fake news" as was done in the McMartin case.  What is going on now is what some call a "citizen" investigation.  There are hundreds if not thousands of people who are doing their own research and they are working with some troubling evidence.  While this is just an investigation at this point, the facts are freaking out people who are looking into it.
     As with the McMartin case, the fact I've seen are enough to turn my stomach.  After looking at such material, I am convinced that there is a place called Hell, and these people who are involved are going to have a very hot afterlife.  I've never seen evil like this as during the McMartin case, we didn't have the internet to look things up.  Now, with the exposure of the Wikileaks emails, we can see that it is a big possibility that there is a very large child sex trafficking operations that may be global.  However, the main goal would be to make sure the children are safe from these people because the government isn't going to convict too many of their own perverts.

Fake news
     The MSM is claiming that the people who are investigating PizzaGate are proffering fake news.  When a group of people is investigating something it can only be fake news if the claims are untrue.
The main source of the evidence are the various emails that were "leaked" and they are extremely troubling in their Satanic content.  No one who is doing the investigation now saw this coming nor were they prepared for viewing the extremely perverse material.

Pizzagate investigation
     It is interesting that the MSM are trying to debunk the investigations as being fake news when fake news has been their product for many years.  The reaction of the MSM is giving the investigators more reason to believe something really evil is going on, not only in the United States but all over the world.  Even Joe Biggs from Infowars has had his hours cut back and it looks like he's being sanction by Alex Jones.  If there was nothing to these allegations, then why all of the fuss about doing an investigation.

Sex trafficking, sexual abuse, and cannibalism
     If the children are being used as a commodity for sex trafficking, then it would support my theory that the governments of the world should be completely abolished.  If people in the government think that child sexual abuse should be acceptable, then these governments would have no right to exist.  Nothing on earth matters if innocent and beautiful children are being subjected to this kind of evil.  This is why the pizzagate issue has grown to biblical proportions.  We cannot have a moral and stable society with these Satanic creeps holding the power of the government.  I have no idea where this all may lead, but I do know that the cover-up is about the same as the McMartin case.  Yes, they were acquitted but the reason was some of the government lawyers who withheld evidence.  This is typical of a coverup.  How many well-known people in the media are involved in the ritual sexual abuse of children.  Apparently, there is big money to be made in the trafficking of children and the hope for good results will be in keeping the children safe from these creeps.
     Once the children are horrifically abused, it appears that they are eaten by the perps.  That's a very convenient way to get rid of the evidence.  It also appears that many parents are selling their own children into these sex rings.  Again, it is the very low moral order that is responsible for this horror.

     At this point, this pizzagate is an investigation and I wouldn't want to falsely accuse anyone.  But Satanists have established their religion on the backs of innocent children.  It's no wonder witches were burned at the stake.
     I can only imagine the pain inflicted upon a little child and the damage done to them if they survive.  There is no society on earth that can survive this kind of evil.  This is worse than a nuclear attack as it infects the spiritual core of mankind in a very destructive way.
     I've posted some links at the bottom of this article.  The Ritual Abuse is a recap of the McMartin case, especially about the underground tunnels which are also mentioned in pizzzagate. The other is the testimony of a 15-year-old survivor of ritual abuse.
     This will be an excellent example of how the government and the MSM will go into full cover-up mode.  And the fact that they would cover up such heinous crimes against children really lets us know what they might do to us.

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