Saturday, November 3, 2012

The Value of Government

     I want to take a look at the economic value of what we know of government, and see if it is a good deal.  Economically speaking, is it worth the amount of money that we all put into it?  Does it give use value for the dollar spent?
     We'll be looking at this question from a perspective of a working family, mostly from the middle class, but also, from the perspective of someone who is considered rich in economic standards.  I won't be talking about the moral character of government because I've done that elsewhere on this blog.  I want to focus this as much as I can upon economic common sense if there is any left.
     Many years ago, I figured out that after taxes, anyone who made over $50,000.00 would have a total tax liability of around 63%.  These included:
  • Income tax: 28-33%
  • Social Security tax: 6.5 to 15.3%
  • State Income tax: 9%
  • Unemployment insurance (tax)just under 1% per employee
  • Property tax: Variable Depending on the value of a home.  8%(I'm going to use)
  • Excise tax..especially on gasoline: Combined state and federal .601per gallon 15gals per week   so on an income of 50 grand the tax just on gasoline runs about .0093756 or almost 1% just on gasoline alone.
  •  Sales tax:  Now about 8.75% in California
     If I use the highest numbers possible, I come out with about 76% of earnings going to taxes.  Obviously, depending upon income and expenditures, this figure can fluctuate.  Actually, my figure of 63% may be conservative.  Either way, these are just ballpark figures.  
     But the question is this:
  •  Is the government system that we have in place today worth the 63% of income?
  •  Is the Democratic and Republican parties worth 63% of your income? 
  •  Is the United States Congress and Senate worth 63% of your income?
  •  Is the US military worth 63% of your income, especially if you've had your limbs blown off in a war in some God forsaken land?
  • Is being sprayed with chemicals (chemtrails) worth 63% of your income?
  • Is being felt up and being sexually molested by the TSA worth the 63% of your income.
  • Was losing our manufacturing and agricultural base with trade agreements like NAFTA and TTP worth 63% of your income?
  • Is the high unemployment rate worth 63% of your income?
  • Is the judicial system of abject slavery worth 63% of your income.
  • Was "Fast and Furious" worth 63% of your income?
  • Is the pathetic public school system worth 63% of your income?
  • Was Waco and Ruby Ridge worth 63% of your income?
  • Was Bill Clinton and Monica worth 63% of your income?
  • Were all of the calculated wars worth 63% of your income?
  • Was George W. Bush worth 63% of your income?
  • Is the police brutality in the streets worth 63% of your income?
  • Is the communist economic system worth 63% of your income?
  • Are any of the candidates running for President worth 63% of your income?
     The results cannot be disputed.  I'm sitting here trying to find something good to say about our government but I can't.  Everything it touches turns into excrement.  Is it worth the money?  Can we do better?  I'm sure it is possible but it is a matter of choice.  No matter what the government does, you have to ask yourself: Is this worth 63% of my income?

Walter Allen Thompson has a new book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land

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