Thursday, November 8, 2012

On Conspiracy Theories

     One of the things that I've noticed about conspiracy theories is that there is no end to it. 
Just when I think I've seen it all, something else comes up that's even worse.  For all of the conspiracy theories that I've seen, most of them are true but I suspect that the reality of them is much worse than what is disclosed.  Evil things have a way of lulling us all into a stupor and we seem to accept even the most outrageously evil conduct as normal.  We have the most evil, corrupted, psychotic, and mentally deranged miscreants controlling our "government."  If they ever tell the truth, it is only to further their evil agenda.

The purpose of evil..

     In order to understand what is going on, one needs to understand the purpose of evil.  And in many spiritual writings, it seems that the idea of evil is intended to offend God the creator and to destroy mankind.  In other words, anything that is deemed evil is specifically intended to to destroy mankind.  Government, being evil has no regard for the people who live under it.  It doesn't matter which government we are talking about; all of them are intended to be in complete conflict with the natural laws which the creator established with his wisdom.  Some people think our political leaders are stupid and inefficient and that they don't know what they are doing.  While that may be the case with some of them, the fact is that they know perfectly well what they are doing and the intent is do ruin the lives and to destroy as many people as possible.  The problems are put forth intentionally by the govtards and the religious people.  They both combine to make life as miserable as possible.  And there is a purpose in it.
     Evil weakens the mind, spirit, and body--even looking at it can be very unsettling.  Evil sets forth a spiritual and mental handicap that is difficult to overcome unless one is willing to override those things by intentionally avoiding them.  If a man wants a peaceful life it can be very difficult to avoid and separate from evil.  However, it can be done at the very least mentally, but physically, it is extremely difficult but possible without having to jump off the planet.
     Since it is my goal to improve my life rather than make it worse, I really do try to stay away from things that will get me in a bad position.  As a result of my efforts, I think I have been able to avoid and separate myself from things that will get me in trouble.
      When it comes to conspiracy theories, I know just enough to stay away from them and I have learned to separate my mind and spirit from such things.  Other people have written extensively about them, but I can't control what other people do, so I just have to focus on controlling what I do.  One of those things is that I don't pay anymore attention to these things because I can't do much about it.  But I can do something about how I live my own life.  That's the only thing that any of us can do.  Many of us teach good things but we get ignored, so we always have to maintain our own equanimity.  That's not always easy, but it can be done.

Warning signs:

     Rather than study conspiracy theories for the rest of my life, I look for the tell-tale signs of impending trouble.  I look for the following:
  • Satanic or occultic symbols:  Two-fingered finger, five pointed stars, masonic markings, swooshes, and a myriad of evil markings are available on the internet.  When I see any of these things on their advertising or media materials, I know that these people are not going to be ones that I am going to trust.  If they have these symbols, just know that you will get screwed at some point in the relationship.
  • Swearing Oaths: Anyone who believes in God the creator should never be swearing any oaths.  I've written three articles on this blog so you can find out the reasons why this is bad.  The main reason it is bad because no one has the ability to accurately predict the future 100% of the time, nor do they always know the truth of a matter.  Wherever you see the oath, you should know that there is nothing but trouble from that group or organization.
  • Religious Organizations: These are some of the worse groups you can participate in because they make claims that they cannot prove.  They don't operate under God's commandments or natural law, and they simply make up their doctrines as they go along.  Rather than listening to them, I would avoid these groups.  No matter what the religion may be, the fact is they don't even believe in their own writings because most of their leaders are liars.  Frankly, I don't think that God the creator is that stupid to come up with these religions.
     Just these three things can go a long way in helping a man or woman to avoid a lot of trouble.  Governments and religions are mostly based upon oaths, so you know that these are the kind of people you should avoid.  And this works well for me.  I don't need to clutter up my mind with needless turmoil by putting in senseless thoughts that go nowhere.  And evil is senseless.

Like the sinews of a dead man.....

     Evil has no strength, nor does it have any power.  One of my favorite passages from the Shepherd of Hermas says the following:  "Believe, therefore, on God, ye who by reason of your sins have despaired of your life, and are adding to your sins, and weighing down your life; for if ye turn unto the Lord with your whole heart, and work righteousness the remaining days of your life, and serve Him rightly according to His will, He will give healing to your former sins, and ye shall have power to master the works of the devil. But of the threatening of the devil fear not at all; for he is unstrung, like the sinews of a dead man."  Evil people are nothing, they live for nothing, and there is no good in them because they refuse to abide in the natural order.  Notice how the devil is described as unstrung.  The activities that we follow in studying conspiracies are as the "sinews of a dead man."  There is nothing for us to desire or want with people like this.  We can't control their lives as they are free to chose the evil.  The results of evil are self-evident; chaos and destruction.

Scuba diving the cesspool
      So my thinking here is that we need to know enough to stay away from it, but we don't need to scuba dive in the cesspool. We don't have to know every piece of crap that the new world order psychos put forth.  I believe that separation and avoidance are the best ways of getting rid of these kind of people.  There really isn't any point in even speaking with them because they have no intention of learning any common sense or any virtue.  Their lives are wasted on destroying other people and they take their joy in ruining the lives of other because that's just who they are and they won't change.  Some may, but most will not repent.  So, it is important to separate out and avoid them as much as possible.  I believe that the reality of the conspiracies are much worse than what we see described on various websites and blogs.  But you can control what goes into your own mind and your own behavior.  This is where the real battle lies.  The temptation of evil is there, but we still chose our own course.  Choosing good over evil will always get better results.

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  1. Thank you thank you thank you

  2. AnonymousJuly 25, 2013

    Good article, but, if nobody studied any of these conspiracy theories or symbols or occultism, nobody would know what they are...I would rather be aware than not. I learned a lot from Henry Makow and even Jeff Rense and Alex Jones, David Icke, the Illuminati News, Educate Yourself with Ken Adachi, News With Views, World Net Daily, etc.

    I would have never learned about AGENDA 21-ICLEI-the U.N., the CLUB of ROME or the ROTHSCHILDS, the UN-FEDERAL RESERVE and the Rockefellers...I wouldn't have learned that there are Satanic cults out there like Anton Le Vay and the like or the Bohemian Club.

    I wouldn't have learned about WEATHER TAMPERING via CHEM TRAILs and HAARP so now, while the FAKE ENVIRONMENTALISM via AGENDA 21-ICLEI always cry about GLOBAL WARMING and CLIMATE CHANGE, they Never mention about Weather Tampering.

    I would have never leaned about Project BlueBeam either.

    Or the NORTH AMERICAN UNION, the SPP and RECONQUISTA-AZTLAN on which the NAU-SPP is about MERGING Canada, the USA and Mexico together and RECONQUISTA-AZTLAN is about reclaiming the former Mexican territory ranging from the states of CA to CO-TX and this is being piggybacked onto the NAU-SPP....This is why U.S.A. Borders are left Unsecured and U.S.A. Immigration laws are Unenforced and why U.S.A. Politicians of BOTH PARTIES refuse to recognize the sovereignity of the USA and its citizenry and whey they so strongly BROWN-NOSE the Hispanic-Latino Demographic and ILLEGAL ALIENS and Greedy Biz-Corp World and LA RAZA who all demand that U.S.A. Borders are left Unsecured and U.S.A. Immigration laws are Unenforced

    So, think what you like about people like me, but when I go through these Conspiracy Websites, I do try to warn others about what is going on and I write our worthless Politicans often to try and oppose all this.

    I know this is an old article, but I thought I'd try responding anyway.

  3. Once we become aware of all the symbols we would find that there is no place to go , for they are everywhere . I used to think that Maine was a great place to live , but its just as wicked as the rest of the world . The whole human race seam's to be under Satan's control , that being said , Santa is an anagram for Satan . So take your children and let them sit on Satan's lap . Yes , we have all done such things , but we must wake up . Let us remember , there is one God and father of all , who is over all , IN all and THROUGH all (read that again) and we receive grace by the gifts of Christ . That's right , if the Holy Ghost wasn't in you , you wouldn't be reading this for you would be dead . I heard Billy Graham once saying we would see on a big screen all of our sin's , that's a carnal mind for you , and you think he's saved ? So , what I've just told you , we should not be calling the Pope Holy father , we should not be calling anyone Rabbi , this is a statute/precept of God's Law and in breaking that Law it is sin . The article and comments are all good but, we all have a problem . Let us seek the truth because we have not been told the truth !